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The Real Value of Online Influence Tools: The Figaro Conference, London 12th July 2012


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The slides from the Figaro Conference "dissecting" the value of online influence tools, presented by Karl Havard, TBG Digital, on 12th July 2012 at the Royal College of Physicians

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The Real Value of Online Influence Tools: The Figaro Conference, London 12th July 2012

  1. 1. Online Influence: © 2012 TBG Digital
  2. 2. The “Science of Influence”@KarlHavard © 2012 TBG Digital @TBGDigital
  3. 3. Definition of Influence It is believed #socialmedia activity by some, influences the actions of others@KarlHavard © 2012 TBG Digital @TBGDigital
  4. 4. Enter….@KarlHavard © 2012 TBG Digital @TBGDigital
  5. 5. But let’s be honest... #imho It’s all utter, utter *$&*!@KarlHavard © 2012 TBG Digital @TBGDigital
  6. 6. Three Reasons1.They don’t measure true influence • They stroke egos…sometimes incorrectly2.It’s a self fulfilling prophecy • Random topics of “influence”3.They can be gamed@KarlHavard © 2012 TBG Digital @TBGDigital
  7. 7. The two current front runners…@KarlHavard © 2012 TBG Digital @TBGDigital
  8. 8. Who’s More Influential? US President Mother Mons†er@KarlHavard © 2012 TBG Digital @TBGDigital
  9. 9. Who’s More Influential? CEO Facebook Ex-Footballer@KarlHavard © 2012 TBG Digital @TBGDigital
  10. 10. Who’s More Influential? Lord Sugar A Meerkat@KarlHavard © 2012 TBG Digital @TBGDigital
  11. 11. And who is the most “Influential” of all?@KarlHavard © 2012 TBG Digital @TBGDigital
  12. 12. Credible?@KarlHavard © 2012 TBG Digital @TBGDigital
  13. 13. “Influence” Personality Profile.@KarlHavard © 2012 TBG Digital @TBGDigital
  14. 14. Let’s look at a “Pundit”@KarlHavard © 2012 TBG Digital @TBGDigital
  15. 15. @KarlHavard © 2012 TBG Digital @TBGDigital
  16. 16. Anyone know what happened here? Fabrice Muamba Collapsed@KarlHavard © 2012 TBG Digital @TBGDigital
  17. 17. But let’s reward Chet instead… Let’s make Chet the best dressed, nastiest piece of work on the web@KarlHavard © 2012 TBG Digital @TBGDigital
  18. 18. Why?@KarlHavard © 2012 TBG Digital @TBGDigital
  19. 19. Here’s Another Thing…@KarlHavard © 2012 TBG Digital @TBGDigital
  20. 20. Influential on specific subjects… © 2012 TBG Digital @TBGDigital
  21. 21. How to become influential about “Bacon” The “Customer Journey” Enter some random jokes in here from lots Enter some random jokes in here from lots Enter other people…jokes in here from lots of some random Enter other people…jokes in here from lots of some random of other people… of other people… I’ve just had a lovely cup of tea with a bacon sandwich….best way to start a Sunday Bacon Bacon Ha! For some reason @Klout thinks I’m influential about bacon!! I’ve just given +K to @JustinBieber on @Klout about Bacon Bacon MEDIUM Bacon@KarlHavard © 2012 TBG Digital @TBGDigital
  22. 22. That’s why.@KarlHavard © 2012 TBG Digital @TBGDigital
  23. 23. Social Networks Facilitate The Need to be Recognised “Twittering stems from a lack of identity. It’s a constant update of who you are, what you are, where you are. Nobody would Twitter if they had a strong sense of Identity” Oliver James, Clinical Psychologist “Twitter is like a giant baby monitor. The person writing wants to be at the forefront of your mind, nothing more.” Alain de Botton, Author of Status Anxiety“Using Twitter suggests a level of insecurity whereby, unless peoplerecognise you, you cease to exist.” Dr David Lewis, Cognitive Neuropsychologist@KarlHavard © 2012 TBG Digital @TBGDigital
  24. 24. So… #imhoThese tools don’t measure true influence, they measure… …interaction …volume …source…and maybe how far & fast “noise” travels@KarlHavard © 2012 TBG Digital @TBGDigital
  25. 25. Influence Online…from a brand & consumer perspective #wordofmouth that leads to conversions #wordofmouth from people you trust@KarlHavard © 2012 TBG Digital @TBGDigital
  26. 26. It’s about the groundswell of real people Audience Mix Value GroundswellPositive influence enhances value… …loyalty, advocacy and conversions@KarlHavard © 2012 TBG Digital @TBGDigital
  27. 27. A Final Thought For the non-celebrity: It has been mathematically proven: Klout Score Busy-ness Your Klout Score is inversely proportional to how busy you are.@KarlHavard © 2012 TBG Digital @TBGDigital
  28. 28. Klouchebag Karl Havard Strategy Director TBG Digital tbgdigital.comector : : : : : : I don’t really use this @KarlHavard © 2012 TBG Digital @TBGDigital