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Mobile apps testing process


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Mobile apps testing process

  1. 1. Types of Testing User Interface Testing 1. Testing Color scheme 2. Testing Menu styles 3. Testing Consistency of UI over various Devices Performance & Stress Testing Functional Testing 1. Testing Mobile Application in Low resources (Memory/Space) Mobile 1. Testing core functionality. 2. Testing Behavior of mobile Application Testing website when many mobile user 2. Testing Mobile App Major testing types as per specification simultaneously access mobile website Usability Testing 1. Testing usability aspects of Mobile Apps 1MobiMedia Confidential MobiMedia
  2. 2. Some other key testing types Testing for Compatibility - Testing the compatibility of your application with native device features (i.e. To make sure your application is not hampering native device functionality) Interruption Testing (Voice Calls, SMS, Charger, Low memory Notification) while application is running. Low Network/No Network case Testing: – Application behavior when there is no network coverage or Low network strength. 2MobiMedia Confidential MobiMedia