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How to use Asana as management tool


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Many of us face problem in managing team tasks and to assign tasks to them.
Asana solve this problem in very easy way.

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How to use Asana as management tool

  1. 1. Asma Ramadan
  2. 2. Is the ultimate task management tool. It allow to you to share plan , organize and track progress of the tasks that each member is working on.  Its free up 30 users  You can create more than one workplace and each workspace contain 30 users
  3. 3. Asana is the perfect tool to organize your self and other members in your team/department .  Asana allow you: I. Assign tasks to yourself. II. Assign tasks to other team member III. Schedule the time hour by hour IV. Organize the task depend on Workspace, Project , task , tags and people 
  4. 4. Asana allow to you : i. See the tasks of the other members in the team. ii. See the archived tasks anytime iii. Asana send reminder to email about the task to remind you about pending task iv. Marked the task as important, done and edit the time of it 
  5. 5.     Asana allow you to assign task for today , upcoming , later So any time you enter Asana you know which task you have to work on today ,what upcoming task and the later task You can move the task from today to upcoming or to later just by drag and drop. You can integrate your calendar with Asana.
  6. 6. 1- The best way to organize your work is the break down the tasks to small pieces I. This allow you to : II. 1- Track the work in better way III. 2- Help you know the time you need for each task. IV. 3- Know problems incurred while working.
  7. 7. 2- Asana allow to you send the task via your Email which mean that you can assign task to you and other member without open app page. How I can assign task via Email?  1- Open your email  2- Create new email  3- write the email address for the member you want to assign task for then write the following email   Example : ,
  8. 8. 3- Asana allow to you attach files .  That’s help you to share files with members in same place. 4- Add tags to your Task  That’s help you sort the tasks by tags and know the main words your working on in this task.  Ex: CV , HRMS , N2V  5- separate tasks to projects which will help you to organize the task in more efficient way.