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Chapter 1 learning standards


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Chapter 1 learning standards

  1. 1. Student Learning Objectives:Textbook #1:Chapter 1, Learning Standards Students will be able to: Recognize what Learning Standards are Explain National Standards Examine why there is a need for standards Identify how Standards can be used
  2. 2. Chapter 1: Student Learning StandardsED 450 Assessment & Evaluation
  3. 3. What are Student Learning StandardsStandards is the same as objectivesStandards are parallel totraditional goals and objectives aswell as outcomes.It has an implication of high levelsof expectations and monitoringthat were not commonly connectedto the widely used educationalobjectives
  4. 4. National StandardsSome are very generalOther standards are more specific
  5. 5. Format of StandardsLack of uniformity in nationalstandards makes it difficult forschool districts to adopt the subject-specific national documents(Standards & Benchmarks)Some standards deal with content,while others address curriculum,performance or lifelong learningskills
  6. 6. Management IssuesIf teachers attempt to teach ALLthe standards now in place, theaverage student would need to addFIVE more years to his/her schoolcareer.
  7. 7. Types of Standards***There are 4 types of Standards, they are:1.Content Standards2.Performance Standards3.Lifelong Learning Standards4.Opportunity to learnIn your group, discuss, and be ready to explain your standard(s)
  8. 8. Why Do We Need Standards?Standards can be a blueprint toensure that all students arelearning the necessary knowledgeand skills.Effective instructional practicescan be designed to teach thestandards, and appropriatemultiple measures can bedeveloped which is reliable, valid,
  9. 9. Four reasons that standardsrepresent the most powerful options for school reform1. Erosion of the Carnegie unit and the common curriculum2. Variation in current grading practices3. Lack of attention to educational outputs4. Competing countries do it
  10. 10. How can we use Standards?Standards as Guideposts:S Synthesize educational goalsT Target student achievementA Align curriculum systematicallyN Notify the public of resultsD Determine criteria for quality workA Analyze dataR Refocus instructional methodologyD Dedicate resources for professional developmentS Serve the needs of a diverse population