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Arrow VMware NSX Infographic


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NSX Infographic

Published in: Technology
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Arrow VMware NSX Infographic

  1. 1. Agility and streamlined operations, reduced provisioning time from weeks to minutes of enterprises use vSphere as their Hypervisor, meaning they have a built-in install base for security and network virtualisation with NSX80% Security and Micro-segmentation – create entire networks in software Advanced networking and security services – tight integration with third party products It is predicted by 2018 software-defined networking will exceed $25bn per annum and could grow as high as $35bn annually.* 2018201720162015 *SDN Central report in collaboration with Plexxi and Lightspeed Ventures. April 2013 This is where VMware NSX comes in... Networking can be a barrier to the software-defined data centre Usual number of deals Increase in deals using NSX NSX can help you increase deals by 50% paying customers within the first year Any Aplication (without modification) Any Network Hardware Virtual Networks Any Cloud Management Platform NSX Network Virtualization Platform Any Hypervisor Logical Load BalancerLogical Firewall Logical VPN Logical L3 - RouterLogical L2 - Switch Advantages... NSX is delivering a completely new operational model for networking – it breaks through physical network barriers and brings the operational model of a virtual machine to the data centre network. Opportunities Value of NSX for your customers Better security inside the Data Centre Deployment acceleration Agility for changing demands What’s in it for you? Develop multi-year security/ SDDC revenue pipelines NSX adds 50%-70% uplift to deal sizes to attack £500M in low hanging fruit Broaden your relationship base Contact the Arrow Team today: In Person 0118 913 0690 Via Email Online Get involved...