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Bell type furnace for aircraft industry


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Bell type furnace for aircraft industry

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Bell type furnace for aircraft industry

  1. 1. SOLO Swiss SA Grandes-Vies 25, 2900 Porrentruy, Switzerland Tel. +41 32 465 96 00 Fax +41 32 465 96 05 Bell type furnace line for aircraft industry REF. RAS9074 Furnace type: SOLO Swiss Profitherm 80 Process: Austenitizing - Carburizing - Carbonitriding Sector: Aircraft Country: China P.R.C Technical data Composition: oil tank - austenitizing furnace - salt tank Working Temp. of the furnace: 1150 °C Working Temp. of the salt tank: 300 °C Working Temp. of the oil tank: 100 °C Load dimensions: square base 300 x 300 mm/height 600 mm Heating power of the furnace: 30 kW Atmospheres: C3H8 - CH3OH - NH3 - N2 - Air Advantages Hardening homogeneity all through the load Homogeneous colour of the parts after quenching Maximum hardness Allows to realize small batches (rapid conditioning) Neither decarburizing nor carburizing of the parts In accordance with the aerospace norms