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Slideshow for Daily College Life Portfolio


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Accompanying slideshow for article and interviews on the daily college life story.

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Slideshow for Daily College Life Portfolio

  1. 1. Are Beards on the Rise? If so, howdo DenverUniversitymales see thebeardculture? Is it anydifferent at otheruniversities?
  2. 2. Astudyfromthe Universityof SaoPaulo,Brazilfound mustachedandbeardedmento be ratedas ‘more responsible’thanclean-shavenmen. What is the realstoryon campus? Here, a DU sophomore,TravisMason,workson an upcomingpresentationin his dormroom.At the moment,he majors in International Business.
  3. 3. Travis Mason DU Sophomore Business Travis Holian DU Sophomore Pre-Med Preston Thomas Bowdoin College Junior Anthropology Lior Bennet Former DU Student Lawrence University Orchestra Perspectives
  4. 4. Travis Mason heads to his dorm room to clean up his beard.
  5. 5. “It seems as though male facial hair is becoming more popular”
  6. 6. “I was quite pleasantly surprised that I could grow a decent beard” “For me, it was curiosity”
  7. 7. “Of course, there are quite a few poor souls who that either cannot grow decent facial hair, or cannot grow it at all”
  8. 8. “I have always wanted to try a handlebar moustache or a thick lumberjack beard” Travis Holian “I would definitely love to try rocking the handlebar moustache” Preston Thomas “I do not have a desire to try other facial hair styles” Lior Bennett “I’m curious about buzz cut styles” Travis Mason
  9. 9. “It’s ironic that I am replying to you, because a friend now posted a before and after picture of his beard on Facebook. It seems students are growing beards out only to eventually cut them” Preston Thomas
  10. 10. “…the seventies’cop stashe, Santa’s beard, Lincoln or Roosevelt, Einstein or Twain.Alot of notable figures had them. It’s iconic” Travis Holian
  11. 11. “I do not think that ‘modern’styles will be adapted as they’d be a nightmare to keep proper. And it is very easy to mess it up and make it look atrocious” Travis Mason
  12. 12. “…moreclean-shavenstudentsoncampus” LiorBennett
  13. 13. “Moustaches still seem to be hit or miss but beards are the new look” Travis Holian “I have tried to grow out my facial hair and cut my hair different ways” Preston Thomas