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Remote audit Test.pptx

  1. Remote Audit Project Consists on monitoring remotely the Final Audit or Inspection performed at the factory facilities in real time. For this purpose we need to have: Vendor collaboration following instructions. A wireless full HD Camera. Wi Fi Cellular or Tablet
  2. Camera Features- NexHT • 360 grades fish eye. • High Definition. • 3D navigation. • 128G SD Card. • Motion Detection. • Zoom. • Audio (the person in the factory can interact with the VFQA at home). • Pics and videos can be taken. • Cost $40.00
  3. Camera on line settings Administrator • Download the App NexHTcam (Available in Google Play or App Store) • Register your e mail and create an account and you are set Share Access • Provide an e mail account to administrator • Administrator will provide a “share” access
  4. Camera Placement
  5. Camera Recorded Images
  6. Real Time Video interaction- VFQA with Factory Auditor Pointer on the picture to play the videos