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Jessicas Summer Holidays1


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Jessicas Summer Holidays1

  1. 1. My summer holidays Jessica My holidays were nothing special ! I looked after my horses every day and had to help at home. In the afternoon I sometimes met my friends.
  2. 2. My horses are very important to me! We have 6 horses. 2 belong to my sister, 2 to my father and 2 to me. The horses of my sister are called Carima and Joshi, my father’s horses are Grandeur and Flash and my horses are called Valeska and Balou.
  3. 3. Valeska Name: Valeska Gender: Mare (female) Birthday: 06.2005 (3 years) Birthplace: Austria (Walchsee) Race: Arabo-Haflinger Parents: Viva (Haflinger) and Techron (Araber) Coat: Later mold (white) Characterful: It is a small, sleepy and lovely “mouse”. But she can be quite moody and wants to dominate. Deseases: Cross shed, she had to stand still for one month. Now we will continue the training
  4. 4. Balou Name: Balou Gender: Mare (female) Birthday: not known, estimated 17 years old Birthplace: not known, we saved her in a dark shed Race: Pony-Mix Coat: Brown (brown coat with black mane) Characterful: lovely horse, could be more obedient
  5. 5. What does it mean to have a horse? You must be with your horses every day and manure the paddocks (except you want to pay for it), and move the horses! We must also brush the horses and clean their hooves. We must call the blacksmith from time to time! The vet must also come to do the vaccination. Some horses might have diseases, and it must be treated specially . Normally you must pay to rent the boxes.
  6. 6. What you need to keep a horse A horse needs a box with straw so that they don’t stand on the cold ground and can lie down. They need hay to eat, because horses in nature also eat the whole day long. And they need lots of water.
  7. 7. What does a horse cost ? 1. Blacksmith: with iron without iron 2. Veterinarian: Vaccination for specific diseases 3. Box renting 4. Clothes for riding (riding breeches, boots, etc.) 5. Straw and hay 6. Food 7. Saddle, Trenz, halter, etc.