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Fortumin Datan Journey - Case Fortum


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SolitaHUB: Datan tulevaisuus -aamiaistilaisuus järjestettiin 13.11.2018. Kristiina Söderholm Fortumilta puhui tapahtumassa Fortumin Data journeysta. Lue lisää tapahtumasta:

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Fortumin Datan Journey - Case Fortum

  2. 2. Digi – Summit 2018 2 MWB Digitalization Kristiina Söderholm, MWB Lead Fortum Data Journey Must Win Battle Digitalization Kristiina Söderholm, MWB Lead
  3. 3. Dec 2015KTI info sessions Dec 8-9 | For internal use | © KONE Corporation3 Leading the changes in our industry Mobility Connectivity Cloud Analytics Sensors Data storage and integration Mobility Connectivity Cloud Analytics Sensors Data storage and integration New data driven culture Active customers with real-time transparency to our services New business models around customers and mobility Optimized power production and trading (data driven O&M, robotic trading, etc.) Digitalisation is changing the energy industry
  4. 4. Our journey began in 2016 as Must Win Battles
  5. 5. Digitalization Must Win Battle timeline Definingdigitalization Capabilities andprojects Awareness building Pilots, POCs,testandfail Digitalprogramsin eachbusinessunit Scaleup– builddata& analyticsCOE Waysofworking Business Technology function 5 2016 2017 2018
  6. 6. Digital transformation examples 6 Consumer solutions Power plants and trading Working environment New disruptive business models Accelerator program – new ideas gathered Heat Optimization – District heat demand forecast and optimization of production Spring – Swedish water heater pilot running Telco base station battery control successfully demonstrated New ways of working: agile development in sprints (Scrum) Living business – MyFortum App new releases and growth Virtual Reality – use in engineering and training Predictive maintenance – Millions of savings in down time. All divisions have digital roadmaps in their business plans Software robotics (RPA) Around 30 robots and growing Data Capabilities: AWS data platform, Data Leadership Academy
  7. 7. Data capabilities and data center of excellence Scaling the activities! 7 Creating Data Leadership is a prerequisite in order to reshape the energy system, improve resource efficiency and provide smart solutions Data is the key enabler for growth Consumer data Asset data Market data Enterprise data
  8. 8. 8
  9. 9. Fortum Data & Analytics Vision 2020 Right Decisions For a Cleaner World 9 FORTUM STRATEGY FORTUM DATA & ANALYTICS Fortum Data & Analytics drives growth and change by extracting, analyzing, and combining data to develop meaningful services at increased clock speed. • Create solutions for sustainable cities • Drive productivity and industry transformation • Grow in solar and wind • Build new energy ventures RAPID DECISION MAKING SUPPORT DATA MONETIZATION OPERATIONAL IMPROVEMENT MEANINGFUL SERVICES FOR CUSTOMERS & EMPLOYEES INNOVATIONS ADDED VALUESOURCES OF DATA CUSTOMER DATA ASSET DATA MARKET DATA ENTERPRISE DATA • MACRO ECONOMY • CONSUMER BEHAVIOR • OTHER PARTNER DATA • PRODUCTION UNITS • OTHER FACILITIES • ELECTRICITY & OTHER COMMODITY PRICES • MARKET INSIGHT • MAIN OPERATIONAL SYSTEMS ACROSS BUSINESS UNITS • New business opportunities • Internal efficiency • Customer insights BUSINESS NEEDS
  10. 10. High level roadmap 10
  11. 11. Data Leadership Academy – Coaching 1000 People in 2 years 11 Data Driven Culture. How to drive a culture and a systematic way of working in which data, analysis and experiment drive most aspects of Fortum Examine and Explore! Connecting the leaders to the Data & Analytics operating model and services with hands on exercises and real life use cases Rethink What’s possible with Data & Analytics!
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