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Data Insights for Breakfast, Malmö - Solita


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Solita presentation - Understandning the Useage and Strain of the Rail Infrastructure

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Data Insights for Breakfast, Malmö - Solita

  1. 1. Understanding the Usage and Strain of the Rail Infrastructure Anssi Tikka Sales Director, International Business Image source: Finnish Transport Agency
  2. 2. 20billion € Finnish Transport Agency responds for the Finnish transport network Customers Comprehensive use of data assets Waterways 200 M€ Railways 4 600 M€ Roads 15 000 M€ Citizens: Safe and reliable traveling Industries: Transportation effectiveness and competitiveness Society: Regional balance, effective use of tax payers’ money, competitiveness Open data policy Currently: Investment prioritization, project planning, performance monitoring Aspiration: anticipating future events Data assets relating to traffic, infrastructure, conditions, maintenance planning and operations. Digitalization project renews IT systems and seeks new ways of collecting and using data
  3. 3. Image source: Finnish Transport Agency
  4. 4. Project execution Results: › 6 weeks lead time → goals met › Within budget › Technology capabilities confirmed › Foundation for a new cloud-based data platform FTA’s evaluation ● Desire for moving the outcome to production ● Large amount of development ideas End-to-end data pipeline in the first weeks ● Functional data pipeline for the visualizations ● Iterative expansion and addition of data entities Handful of status meetings / workshops ● Goals & metrics for project ● Project status and progression monitoring
  5. 5. Snowflake x Agile Data Engine x Tableau Storage Services Design and Deployment Management Runtime Workflow Orchestration Virtual Warehouses Self-service analytics
  6. 6. Solution architecture
  7. 7. Agile Data Engine is an out-of-the-box DataOps platform DW Load Orchestration with Dependency and Concurrency Control Continuous Deployment of DW packages with automatic DB schema deployment and metadata-driven code generation Cloud DW modelling and Load mappings and Custom SQL in a same tool for whole team Production-proof Software- Defined Cloud DW Infrastructure from Day One Infrastructure Designer Deployment Management Runtime
  8. 8. Example Automatic ELT loads
  9. 9. Customer evaluation and feedback 1.Earlier assumptions were proven wrong. 2.Incentive for business to become more data driven. 3.Modern analytics tools create value a lot faster compared to legacy systems.
  10. 10. Future possibilities for infrastructure maintenance 1.Data driven maintenance with intuitive self-service analytics. 2.Predictive rail element specific maintenance and lifecycle planning based on data. 3.Data sharing within the transport ecosystem.
  11. 11. ANSSI TIKKA Thank you! Questions? Sales Director, International Business +358 50 4433 789