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Data Insights for Breakfast, Malmö - Solita


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ata Insights breakfast in Malmo hosted by Solita, Snowflake and Tableau!

Find out how the Finnish Transport Agency gained a holistic and visual overview of their strategic assets worth 20 Billion Euro in just six weeks. FTA was missing the big picture of their strategic assets. They faced challenges in gathering data from different sources, sharing it and handling the ever-growing volumes of data. After years of working manually in multiple spreadsheets, FTA had enough with tailormade solutions. FTA decided to leap into the future and take the first step into the cloud together with leaders in data and cloud technology: Solita, Snowflake and Tableau.

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Data Insights for Breakfast, Malmö - Solita

  1. 1. Solita – The Data Company
  2. 2. Agenda • 08:00 Welcome: Future of data – Solita • 08:10 Faster, Better, Easier! Enabling the data-driven company -Snowflake • 08:25 The analytics platform that dirupted the world of business intelligence – Tableau • 08:40 Customer case: Finnish Transport Agency • 09:00 Wrap up and discussion, Q&A • 09:05-09:45 Demo labs open: • Demo lab/Solita: The 6 weeks approach – from zero to production ready • Demo lab/deep dive Snowflake • Demo lab/deep dive Tableau
  3. 3. We increase the value of your data asset. • 94 % of our 186 clients recommend us • Over 2 million daily users in maintained services • Extensive partner network in tech and insight • Sweden, Estonia, Finland, Germany 1996 FOUNDED 700 EMPLOYEES 8 CITIES 4 COUNTRIES 76M TURNOVER 2017 20% AVG. PROFITABLE GROWTH PER ANNUM
  4. 4. Solita x Snowflake x Tableau 30 12 2 15 25 3
  5. 5. Data flows are transforming from informational to suggestive and predictive. (AI, ML, DS & cloud) Data becomes a central part of business models generating revenues and business value. Not only focus on enhancing the existing business models with data. Technology-as-a-Service has taken us to a point where everyone is able to search and buy the latest solutions. Rather than worry about the loss of control, the most successful CIOs are the ones using data and therefore taking the driver seat in the data-driven transformation. CIO’s investment priorities in the next two years ● 84% of CIOs expect to be investing in cloud capabilities ● 79% of CIOs expect to be investing in data analytics ● 73% of CIOs expect to be investing in security Data is one of the most important assets for companies now and in the future
  6. 6. 91% of organizations have not yet reached a ‘transformational’ level of maturity in data and analytics, despite this being identified as a number one investment priority for CIOs. 60 %of respondents worldwide rated themselves in the lowest three levels. Source: gartner-survey-shows-organizations-are-slow-to-advance-in-data-and-analytics
  7. 7. Data-driven transformation is like playing chess - in six dimensions! • Building a data strategy • Creating data-driven business cases • Changing the culture to be data-driven - view data as an asset • Building necessary skills, roles and ways of working • Technological enablement • Maintaining governance while enabling agility …and keeping the lights on at the same!
  8. 8. Data-informed Business Data-infused Business Data-driven Business There’s no “correct way” to be data-driven
  9. 9. Impact needs experimentation AND alignment
  10. 10. What is your greatest data-related challenge? Code: 45 82 47