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Company Presentation Kazakhstan Consulting En

  1. 1. Your partner in business set-up and business development in Kazakhstan – Seite 0 –
  2. 2. About us We are your professional western advisor with experience and presence in Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine – your expert in the fields of Business Consulting with a focus on Market Entry, Company Foundation, Interim-Management, Accounting and Taxation as well as IT-Support and Recruitment. For over five years we are helping small and medium-size companies in business set-up and expansion to the CIS countries. From our offices in Almaty, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev and Hamburg we support our clients on their way to Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine. In our 5 offices we have about 150 experts. Our company languages are German, English, Kazakh, Russian and Ukrainian. – Seite 1 –
  3. 3. Content • Our competence • Our management • Setting up your business in Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine • References • Memberships • Contacts – Seite 2 –
  4. 4. Our competence: Setting up your business in Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine Accounting and Reporting Market Entry Consulting • Accounting Outsourcing in Kazakhstan, Russia and • Market studies Ukraine • Business plans • Preparation of closings and tax reports • Fact Finding Tours • Tax consulting • IAS, US-GAAP and IFRS IT-Consulting • Management Reporting according to your • System administration requirements • Automation of accounting software / interfaces to MRP • Financial and Tax Due Diligence • Internal Audit Recruitment with Accountancy Competence Test • Finance Directors Interim-Management • Chief Accountants • Accounting and Finance • Accountants • Taking over management positions for your company • Financial Controllers • Administrative staff Addresses and office space • Business and legal address • Office space / working desks – Seite 3 –
  5. 5. Our Management (1/3) Our Management team consists of experienced professionals, which have been active for years in Financial Advisory, Tax Consulting and Management Consulting in the CIS countries. Company Group RUSSIA CONSULTING UKRAINE CONSULTING KAZAKHSTAN CONSULTING GERMANY CONSULTING Ulf Schneider (Founder and Managing Director of the Company Group) – Seite 4 –
  6. 6. Our Management (2/3) KAZAKHSTAN CONSULTING Office Almaty: Mario Wolosz (Director) UKRAINE CONSULTING Office Kiew: Sven Henniger (Director) GERMANY CONSULTING Hamburg Office: Hartwig Goessler (Tax Advisor, Financial Auditor, Lawyer, Director) – Seite 5 –
  7. 7. Our Management (3/3) RUSSIA CONSULTING Moscow Office St. Petersburg Office Ulf Schneider Andreas Bitzi (Founder and Managing Director of the (Finance Director) Company Group) Rainer Stawinoga (Tax Consultant and Financial Auditor; Partner and Director) – Seite 6 –
  8. 8. Your Business set-up in Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine Market and Industry Analysis We help you to establish contacts with potential partners in Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine. We research potential clients, suppliers and distributors, check if those companies exist in the local Commercial Registry and analyze their latest annual reports. In case we believe that a proved company is serious, we get in contact with the key decision makers. We also observe your potential competitors and analyze their business activities. In our Market and Industry Analysis, we also include other important aspects, such as the availability of qualified personnel, opportunities in real estate, financial planning and the required volume of investment. We also explain specific legal and business problems in your specific market segment. We provide you with a well-founded overview about the latest developments in your industry so you can make fact-based decisions about your business activities in Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine. – Seite 7 –
  9. 9. Your business trip to the CIS countries We can arrange your business trips to the CIS countries. Our consultants will accompany you and take care of all administrative issues during your stay in Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine. During your stay, we familiarize you with important sectors of the economy and introduce you to important individuals and relevant local business associations. Your business trip to Kazakhstan, Russia or Ukraine could include the following: • Market analysis of your relevant industry sector (before your arrival) • Meetings with potential customers or cooperation partners as well as with banks and business associations (for example the German Business Association, the Association of European Businesses) • Cultural program (for example visits to Bolshoi Theater, Tretyakov Gallery or Hermitage Museum) We can also organize your trip to the regions outside the large cities in Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine. – Seite 8 –
  10. 10. Your legal address in Kazakhstan, Russia or Ukraine For the registration of a subsidiary in the CIS countries a legal address is an essential requirement. For those clients who do not have an office at the moment of registration, we can provide our legal address and inform you about incoming correspondence from the local authorities. We can also take care about the registration process. Office & Infrastructure We offer our fully equipped office units in Kazakhstan, Russia or Ukraine that can be used right away as working places. With our help you can concentrate on your business development right from the beginning, without the bureaucratic hassles and save costs related to it. Our efficient infrastructure will be available at your service. – Seite 9 –
  11. 11. Your immediate business address in the CIS countries you with one of our modern offices as a business address for your company. We are happy to provide Our companies are located in the best areas of Almaty, Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kiev, directly in the city center. Airports and train stations can be easily reached from our offices. This is an easy and cost-efficient solution if you want to enter the CIS market right away, without any tiresome formalities related to a company registration procedure. We may represent the interests of your company in Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine by putting your company sign at the office entrance; placing informational materials about your company at the reception desk; greeting your business partners personally in our office; informing them about your business activities; setting up your own phone line, answered by our receptionists in German, English or Russian and forwarded to any phone number that you prefer. Your business address set up in our office is the ideal start for any further business activities in Russia, Ukraine or Kazakhstan. This way you can show your presence on these important emerging markets. With us as your partner, your are professionally accompanied from your first step onwards. Furthermore, you do not have to go through the hassles associated with trying to deal with the local authorities on your own. – Seite 10 –
  12. 12. Tax Consulting / Tax Compliance Many western companies underestimate the seriousness of tax consequences during the initial stage of the business set-up in the CIS countries. Punishment measures taken by the local authorities may slow down your business activities if the right actions are not being made in a timely manner. Therefore a professional consulting prior to the registration of a company in the CIS countries is extremely important. We consult you in the following areas: - Tax advisory related to the foundation of your company - Preparation and submission of your legal closings and tax returns to the local authorities - Tax Due Diligence, development of Tax Accounting Policies - Tax optimization for cross-border business activities Besides our local experts, who are proficient in the tax legislation and financial accounting in Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine, we also have German tax advisors and accountants. Thanks to this mix, we can provide you a first-class consulting service, especially for international business activities. – Seite 11 –
  13. 13. Accounting Outsourcing of your CIS subsidiary The accounting principles in the countries of the former Soviet Union is based on extremely formalistic, document-driven legal regulations rather than on commercial principles. Missing documents can lead to a disruption of business activities of your company. In addition, you are obliged to file a lot of reports that are completely unknown in western countries to the local tax, statistics and other authorities on a specific time schedule on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. Due to the above-mentioned factors, accounting in Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine involves a significant higher time and labor investment than in western countries. Since the foundation of our company in 2003, we specialize in the outsourcing of accounting for our clients in the CIS countries. We carefully prepare the numerous reports that you will have to prepare in the CIS countries on a regular basis. We submit your documentation to the local tax and statistical authorities and respond to their inquiries. – Seite 12 –
  14. 14. Payroll Accounting Many western companies underestimate the complexity of payroll accounting in the CIS countries. Within the framework of payroll accounting, unlike the western payrolls, a massive amount of personnel administration documentation, for example working hour overviews and internal directives, known as “Prikaz” have to be submitted on a regular basis. Furthermore, payroll calculations are a lot more complicated than in western countries. For example in Kazakhstan, during a paid vacation, employees do not receive the regular salary but the so-called vacation indemnity which is calculated based on the average salary for the last 12 months. We are happy to take over the entire payroll accounting of your company within the scope of our accounting outsourcing services. – Seite 13 –
  15. 15. Transformation to IAS, US-GAAP and IFRS Almost all of our clients ask us to generate additional management reports to gain an accurate overview of the economic situation of their CIS subsidiary, since it is impossible to perform a western financial analysis based on the results of the accounting principles according to the CIS legislation. We are pleased to “translate” the results of your local accounting into IAS, US-GAAP and IFRS in German, in English and in Russian. Our financial experts transform your Kazakhstani, Russian or Ukrainian accounting into a western financial reporting. The results can be fully used when it comes to the consolidation of the company group. In addition, our experts can attest your financial statements for any misstatements. This way you can continuously observe the financial situation of your subsidiary in Kazakhstan, Russia or Ukraine and concentrate on your primary business, rather than waste your time on dealing with bureaucratic issues. – Seite 14 –
  16. 16. Automation of Accounting Software The accounting software widely used in the CIS countries is 1S Accounting (Russian: 1C). This software represents the Kazakhstani, Russian and Ukrainian fiscal requirements accurately. Therefore 1S enjoys a de-facto monopoly position in the CIS countries. Unfortunately the standard version of this application cannot be used for a western financial analysis. Our IT specialists can expand the functionality of this program to be integrated into your western reporting system. Furthermore, you can tie in the accounts structure, specified by the tax authorities with your internal company accounts structure. Thanks to the targeted creation of standardized entries, you will receive the automatic, economically comprehensive values in your western reporting system. Thanks to the implementation of the additional interfaces in 1S, we can also connect other applications, e.g. SAP, Sun or Scala. This way we can connect your Kazakhstani, Russian or Ukrainian business reality with your western management requirements. – Seite 15 –
  17. 17. Internal Audit of your CIS subsidiary company We can support you to perform internal audits of your CIS subsidiary by consulting and supporting you in the preparation and the execution stage of the audit. Our consulting is focused on adapting your internal regulations to the requirements which have to be met in Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine. – Seite 16 –
  18. 18. Recruitment: Finance, Taxation and Accounting Our consultants are not only experts in the Kazakhstani, Russian and Ukrainian accounting but also in IAS, US-GAAP and IFRS. Therefore we are the right contacts when it comes to recruiting for your Chief Accountants, Tax Experts, IFRS or US-GAAP experts, Financial Controllers or Finance Directors as well as Office Managers, Administration Directors, Assistants and Secretaries. Unfortunately the qualifications mentioned in the CVs of potential applicants dot not always match the skills that they really possess. To select professional personnel, we have prepared a three-hour competence test for our applicants in the areas of Finance, Taxation and Accounting. According to our experience, only a small percentage of our applicants pass this test. We also use this test in order to thoroughly review the applicants to our clients. This way you can be sure that only the most qualified and professional applicants are being selected. – Seite 17 –
  19. 19. Interim-Management: Accounting and Finance Many western companies are confronted with a very tough challenge when their Chief Accountant in their CIS subsidiary leaves the company, especially because the notice period is significantly shorter than in western countries. Thus, it is a significant challenge to find qualified, trustable personnel in a short timeframe. Not only can we assist you with the search for your personnel, but we also can temporarily fill in the position with Interim Management, i.e. our accountants will take over these tasks in your company until a competent replacement has been found. This will guarantee that the appropriate document transfer is properly conducted when the replacement takes place. – Seite 18 –
  20. 20. Interim-Management: Power of General Director According to the Kazakhstani corporate law, a Kazakhstani General Director has significantly more power and control than in western countries (e.g. Germany). For example it is not possible to transfer a signature authority from two Managing Directors to one Managing Director and one authorized representative. For that reason, many companies designate a representative of the parent company as a General Director, who is not physically present in Kazakhstan. In order to solve this problem, we take over the Power of Attorney for a General Director for your company. After consulting with you, we can sign the documents for your CIS subsidiary. This way you can ensure a smooth and secure flow of the documentation. – Seite 19 –
  21. 21. References ECE Projektmanagement Basalt AG Yamaha Musical instruments Warner Bros. Neumann Esser Vorwerk International Lorenz Snack Wolrd Holding Company Thyssen Schachtbau Bauer Spezialtiefbau – Seite 20 –
  22. 22. Memberships European Business Representation of French Businesses Association in Ukraine in the Russian Federation Association of European Businesses in the Russian Federation – Seite 21 –
  23. 23. Contacts Almaty Moscow St. Petersburg Kiev Hamburg ul. Zheltoksan 111 A ul. Bakhrushina 32/1 ul. Khersonskaya 39 A vul. Shovkovychna 42-44 Neue Rabenstraße 3 050000 Almaty 115054 Moscow 191167 St. Petersburg 01601 Kiev 20354 Hamburg Tel.: +7 / 727 / 333 44 48 Tel.: +7 / 495 / 956 55 57 Tel.: +7 / 812 / 458 58 00 Tel.: +380 / 44 / 490 55 28 Tel.: +49 / (0)40 / 605 366 13 Fax: +7 / 727 / 333 44 49 Fax: +7 / 495 / 956 82 63 Fax: +7 / 812 / 458 57 00 Fax: +380 / 44 / 490 55 29 Fax: +49 / (0)40 / 469 668 28 – Seite 22 –