Har du en DevOps i ditt team?


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En DevOps är en roll i teamet som överbryggar utveckling och drift och som hjälper till att säkerställa leverenspresision och kvalitet, bland annat genom att se till att bra lösningar för applikationsövervakning, felrapportering, paketering och deployment finns på plats.

Med lösningar för dessa funktioner kan vi exempelvis rejält korta tiden det tar från att ett fel identifierats till att det finns en fix ute i produktion.

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  • Nigel: 1 min

    KEY POINT: DevOps delivers stability and agility to your Development and Operations teams – across different work and deployment environments

    Question(s) Slide Answers and/or Slide’s Purpose:
    “What problems are Puppet Labs aspiring to solve?”
    “How important or ‘real’ are these problems?”
    Create opportunity for Sales Rep to conduct some discovery of what problem the prospect is trying to solve.

    [Sales: After speaking to one or two of these, this is a great opportunity to ask audience, “What challenges are you facing in your org?” or “Are you facing similar challenges?”]
  • Nigel 2 min

    KEY POINT: DevOps approach as a whole is mature, the need is recognized and accepted. Tools are maturing.

    Devops is a label for a loose collection of practices
    Seeing growing momentum for companies of all sizes adopting these practices
    Culture, automation, measurement and sharing

    Does DevOps exist?

  • Har du en DevOps i ditt team?

    1. 1. Har du en DevOps i ditt team?
    2. 2. Solidifys processer för mjukvaruutveckling låter dig som utvecklingschef, IT-chef eller affärsutvecklare fokusera på rätt saker. Resultatet är mer programvara, av bättre kvalitet, snabbare och till lägre kostnad.
    3. 3. DevOps is a team undertaking DevOps enables better software development practices DevOps is a full lifecycle investment DevOps accelerates the last mile of continuous delivery App Lifecycle DevOps in a nutshell
    4. 4. Why enterprise needs to change Sources: Gartner, Kaseya, Harvey Nash, Vanson Bourne, Evolven, InformationWeek Agility 60% of IT managers are not satisfied with the speed at which IT responds to business needs Reliability $72,000/hr. cost of downtime due to manual errors and configuration drift Productivity 48% of IT professionals spend 50% or more of their time on basic administrative tasks Shadow IT 36% of employees have already used “unapproved” cloud services Insight 93% of IT professionals cannot answer “What changed?” when an outage incident occurs
    5. 5. The Value Delivery Cycle REQUIREMENTS MonitorImplement WORKING SOFTWARE Define Ideation Develop From Idea to working software Operate Working software in production Value realized
    6. 6. A loose collection of practices – Approach as a whole is mature – Benefits of “DevOps” generally well understood – Tools are maturing How does a DevOps approach help? Culture Automation Measurement Sharing
    7. 7. Bridging the gap between development and operations Plan Develop Build Package Publish Deploy Test Release
    8. 8. Life of a DevOps DevOps Deploy Monitor Identify Diagnose Develop Validate Develop Operate
    9. 9. How do we get the work done? Area Basic Visual Studio ALM High-End Build/Fix Notepad.exe Version control Defined code promotion Release Copy & paste TFS Build Powershell NuGet MS Release Management Octopus Deploy Understand Console.WriteLine Intellitrace Profiler SCOM Redgate QA Manual test Unit test MTM Autotest Load test Test lab management Azure Insight Log4net PA for TFS SCOM PA RI AppDynamics MS App Insight
    10. 10. Modern infrastructure Test/Dev VMs in the Cloud. Leverage existing skillset to move Test/Dev to the Cloud. Connectivity with on-premises data and applications. Common identity. Common tools and frameworks for on-premise and the Cloud. Accessed by a geographically dispersed team. VHDs Deploy Your Data Center Dev Team Azure StorageTest/Dev VMs Saved Disk State VPN Azure
    11. 11. A DevOps scenario 2) Code Repository 1) Developers 3) Build 4) Test 5) Deploy to Cloud 6) Monitor and Improve Quiz App Azure
    12. 12. Will you be the DevOp? DevOps Deploy Monitor Identify Diagnose Develop Validate Develop Operate
    13. 13. Our training classes SW Dev with VS 2013 ALM TFS Administration Professional Scrum Developer Testing with MTM Automated Testing Continuous Delivery Lab Management
    14. 14. www.solidify.se