Resident Evil


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Talks about Resident Evil 1 on the playstaion as some other extras

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Resident Evil

  1. 1. Resident Evil Story Characters Gameplay Enemies Novel Extras Guns
  2. 2. Story <ul><li>The game opens on the evening of July 24, 1998 in Raccoon City, a midwestern town. Where a number of grisly murders have taken place on the outskirts of town. Victims were attacked in their homes by a group of assailants, who left evidence of cannibalism. Local law enforcement sends in the S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team. After contact is lost, Alpha Team is sent to find Bravo Team and continue the investigation. Alpha Team locates the downed Bravo Team helicopter, but there is no sign of survivors. While searching the area for further clues, Alpha Team is attacked by ferocious dogs. Pursued by the dogs Alpha Team is forced to seek refuge within a nearby mansion, believed to be abandoned and safe… yet . </li></ul>Back to Main Page
  3. 3. Characters Chris Redfield Jill Valentine Rebecca Chambers Barry Burton Albert Wesker Back to Main Page
  4. 4. Chris Redfield <ul><li>After being kicked out of the Air Force, Chris became a drifter until he met Barry Burton. Barry recruited him for the newly formed S.T.A.R.S. Now Chris has been reassigned to a smaller unit at Raccoon City headquarters to prove himself quickly. A tough guy who possesses both strong mental skills and great vitality, Chris has a great advantage with weapons when surrounded by many enemies. A member of special tactics force S.T.A.R.S., Chris is tough with a will of iron and body of steel. He is good at handling firearms. A former Air Force pilot, he's a top-notch airman. </li></ul><ul><li>. </li></ul>Back to Characters
  5. 5. Jill Valentine <ul><li>The female protagonist. An intelligent soldier that has rescued many S.T.A.R.S. members from danger in the past, Jill has been reassigned to Raccoon City just like Chris. She is excellent at using special mechanical devices like lockpicks. Jill has strong moral convictions and fights for what she believes in. </li></ul>Back to Characters
  6. 6. Barry Burton <ul><li>Chris Redfield's old friend and partner. Former SWAT team member, Barry maintains and supplies weapons for all S.T.A.R.S. members. With over 16 years of experience, he has lead many projects to success. Barry always seems to show up at just the right times to save Jill's butt during the game. </li></ul>Back to Characters
  7. 7. Rebecca Chambers <ul><li>Chris meets her either when she is attending to wounded Bravo team member Richard, or when Chris first enters the mansion infirmary. Rebecca appears during portions of Chris' scenario which call for her expertise, such as mixing chemicals or playing the piano, and can heal Chris at certain points. She also becomes a playable character provided the player undertakes tasks in a specific order. </li></ul>Back to Characters
  8. 8. Albert Wesker <ul><li>The S.T.A.R.S. team's Commanding Officer and Alpha's team leader, Wesker will make sporadic appearances throughout gameplay, usually to advance the plot. Early into the game, Wesker will vanish mysteriously, leaving players to fend for themselves. </li></ul>Back to Characters
  9. 9. Gameplay <ul><li>The gameplay environment consists of polygonal 3D characters placed over pretender 2D backgrounds. As such, the game relies on pre-determined camera angles as opposed to a real-time camera. As a result, the game uses a &quot;tank-like&quot; control scheme. Instead of the player moving the character in the direction pushed on the control stick, the character instead moves forwards by pressing up, backwards by pressing down and will turn on the spot by pushing left or right directional buttons. Many of the series' detractors have criticized this control scheme, claiming that it is confusing and unsuitable for a third-person game. </li></ul>Back to Main Page
  10. 10. Enemies Black Tiger Cerberus Chimera Crow Hunter Neptune Plant42 Crimson Heads Lisa Trevor Tyrant-002 Wasps Yawn Zombies Web Spinners Back to Main Page
  11. 11. Black Tiger <ul><li>In the underground is the king of all spiders, three times as large, three times as powerful, and requiring three times the ammo to kill. This large spider, refereed to in most official guides as the &quot;Black Tiger&quot; isn't as hard to kill as you'd think, as long as you have a powerful weapon. </li></ul>Back to Enemies
  12. 12. Cerberus <ul><li>Named after the mythical guardian of the Greek Underworld, this BOW is a Doberman infected with the T-virus, increasing its strength, agility and aggressiveness. One of the earlier experiments, it was considered too ineffective compared to other BOWs. Most Cerberuses are now created through accidental infection. </li></ul>Back to Enemies
  13. 13. Chimera <ul><li>The first experiment in creating a genetically enhanced BOW. This creature is the result of the splicing of human DNA with fly DNA. The T-virus RNA sequence was also incorporated. Chimeras are capable of climbing up walls. Their preferred method of attack is to hang upside down on ceilings and slit their victims throat with their claws. Chimeras provided useful data for many of the later BOWs. They bear many resemblances to them, including the Licker’s large claws and its ability to climb walls, and the Cleaner’s trait of the cellular break down of its body after death. </li></ul>Back to Enemies
  14. 14. Crimson Heads <ul><li>The second stage of the zombie. If a zombie is severely injured, but has not actually had its spinal cord severed then the cells will start to repair themselves. Under extreme pressure the body can make mistakes when replicating DNA strands. This leads to mutations much like radiation sickness. But as the T-virus is now incorporated into the RNA of the host, the mutations are more controlled and much more aggressive. After a long period of time subjects have regenerated enough tissue to be able to move again. They also begin to develop claws and the skin becomes a distinctly crimson hue. Muscle mass is greatly increased and some higher brain functions are restored. This gives these BOWs enough coordination to be able to run. Their claws are far more effective than the rudimentary zombie’s teeth. Decapitation is necessary to permanently disable it. Only in Remake. </li></ul>Back to Enemies
  15. 15. Crow <ul><li>This BOW was created through accidental contamination. They attack in flocks, usually targeting the victim’s eyes and face. They are easily killed by just a few bullets, but they move quicker than normal making them hard to hit. </li></ul>Back to Enemies
  16. 16. Hunter <ul><li>The Hunter is one of Umbrella’s most successful BOWs. It is easily identifiable due to its reptilian appearance. It is created when the T-virus is directly introduced into human DNA through gene therapy. Reptilian DNA is also added. Consequently, the Hunter is far more expensive and takes longer to create than some of the simpler BOWs. All hunters possess incredible speed and agility. Their strength is matched only by their ferocity. </li></ul>Back to Enemies
  17. 17. Lisa Trevor <ul><li>Lisa Trevor spends nearly 30 years in captivity, undergoing several horrific experiments that rob her of her humanity. She develops uncanny abilities that make her stronger, and in essence, immortal. Trevor also proves to be one the key to Birkin's G-Virus, as she becomes one of the few living specimens to successfully adapt and absorb it. Lisa loses her mind during this period, and becomes obsessed with finding her mother, who perished years before. Wesker, then one of Umbrella's top research scientists, orders his personnel to dispose of Trevor. However, she survives her execution, and wanders the mansion's grounds in hopes of finding her mother. Only in Remake. </li></ul>Back to Enemies
  18. 18. Neptune <ul><li>Mutated zombie sharks are on the menu in Resident Evil, codenamed Neptune by Umbrella. You better watch out when the Neptune comes swimming your way. It can swim fast, it can leap distances, it can fly high. But I did see it leap out of the water and latch it's jaws around my characters head. </li></ul>Back to Enemies
  19. 19. Plant42 <ul><li>The mutant plant at point 42. Crack out some weapons and get shooting. Of course there is another way around the plant, that is if you want to be making your way into a chemical store room to mix up a little bit of the V-Jolt and get rid of the plant with this chemical mixture. </li></ul>Back to Enemies
  20. 20. Tyrant-002 <ul><li>This specimen was created at the Arkley labs with most of the research carried out by Albert Wesker. The T-002 was released during the Mansion Incident, Its claws are more developed but its heart is still exposed giving it a weakness. </li></ul>Back to Enemies
  21. 21. Wasps <ul><li>An accidental infection in the Arkley Labs caused this colony to increase in size and aggressiveness. They are extremely territorial and swarm around intended victims. Capable of poisoning targets, they move very fast. But they have not reacted as favorably to the T-virus as other insects and have only increased in size by 400%. They are relatively easy to kill when in small numbers. </li></ul>Back to Enemies
  22. 22. Web Spinners <ul><li>A tarantula spider that has been infected with the T-virus, causing them to grow to several times their normal size. Crawling along walls and ceilings, they will show up in various locations. They have the ability to poison by spitting a secretion at their targets. The blue herb will usually cure the poison. Some people hate spiders and basically will either kill everyone in the game they meet or run away from them. </li></ul>Back to Enemies
  23. 23. Yawn <ul><li>A massive mutated snake. You will meet this enemy twice during the game, the first time it will block you from a goal and the second time it will open a path way for you. During the first battle you can be poisoned from it's bite in which you may get help or have to get serum for yourself. You can also take various tactics with the monster. The second battle is &quot;to the death&quot; so to speak. You'll just have to make sure that you have enough fire power to stop it. </li></ul>Back to Enemies
  24. 24. Zombies <ul><li>The mainstay of Umbrella’s BOWs. The zombie was the primary goal of the T-virus. It moves relatively slowly searching for living flesh to feast on. Their main weapon is their teeth. After a long period of time the necrotising effects of the virus break down the body until it begins to fall apart, decreasing the BOW’s potential risk. The proper procedure for disabling a zombie is to damage its muscles enough so that they can no longer function or to sever its spinal cord to prevent nerve impulses reaching the muscles, otherwise you risk it becoming a more powerful Crimson Head (In the Remake). This usually takes a few weeks to occur. The most dangerous aspect of this BOW is the rate of infection. It only takes a small transference of blood or saliva to infect another person. </li></ul>Back to Enemies
  25. 25. Weapons ARWEN Grenade Launcher Beretta M92F Combat Knife Colt Phyton M202A1 Anti-Armor Rocket Launcher Remington M870 Umbrella Incorporated Incinerator Unit Colt Anaconda - Custom Silver Serpent Grenade Launcher Benelli M1014, M4 Super 90 Back to Main Page
  26. 26. ARWEN Grenade Launcher <ul><li>The ARWEN was designed to be a low cost, highly effective was of crowd control. Developed by Royal Ordnance, it soon became very popular with all law enforcement. It is now becoming phased out of most Law Enforcement Agencies due to its “less than lethal” rounds being capable of killing a person at close range. It is still used by British, and French Special Air Services, and some US Law Enforcement. The ARWEN fires 6, 37mm Grenade projectiles from a rotary drum magazine. It can either be used for riot control purposes, or by using actual grenades for combat type purposes, deeming it lethal. It is very effective, and reliable. </li></ul>Back to Weapons
  27. 27. Benelli M1014, M4 Super 90 <ul><li>Developed for the United States Marine Corp. and a advanced Combat Shotgun. It is gas operated, and is smooth bore. Although, it may look like a regular M3, do not be fooled, as it is much more. Stated earlier, it is gas operated, which is universally advanced in the world of shoguns. features are: a Telescoping stock, and Rail System on the receiver. The tubular magazine can be increased by modification. the gun is reliable in any weather condition as it is non-corrosive, and non-reflective. </li></ul>Back to Weapons
  28. 28. Beretta M92F <ul><li>S.T.A.R.S. standard issue handgun. The Beretta will be your trusty weapon for most of the first part of Resident Evil. Of course for Chris you won't get it until about 5 minutes into the game. The handgun is at its best for long range combat, especially with slow enemies such as zombies. Taking on Hunters with this weapon would be a foolish idea indeed. </li></ul>Back to Weapons
  29. 29. <ul><li>First Seen in the early 90’s, these weapons were primarily manufactured for sport, due to the Heavily ported barrels made them too heavy for Duty Carry. This weapon grew out of the infamy of the Colt King Cobra. Essentially, these handguns have a very heavy frame, due to the more powerful cartridge. </li></ul>Colt Anaconda - Custom Silver Serpent Back to Weapons
  30. 30. Combat Knife <ul><li>A Special Forces Combat Knife, such as this one, can be very dangerous in the hands of a trained professional. A little large, but deadly nonetheless. It is a must have in a survival situation. There are key features of this knife that are unlike any other. It is 16 inches over all, with a 1/4 of an inch Carbon re-enforced 420 Stainless steel blade, with heavy serrated edges. It has a watertight grip for those that must travel in the water. A very large, deadly, self-defense weapon </li></ul>Back to Weapons
  31. 31. Colt Phyton <ul><li>Developed and Introduced by the world known Colt Mfg. Company in the mid 50’s. It comes in a variety of styles. Stainless is most preferred as it is cheaper to the operator. Compared to other evolvers type magnums, this handgun is top of its class. Pythons are double action revolvers, which must be manual reloaded through the swing open cylinder which hold 6 rounds. Sights are full adjustable and removable for the operators convenience. This revolver also features numerous barrel configurations for certain types of situations. </li></ul>Back to Weapons
  32. 32. Grenade Launcher <ul><li>Unlike the ARWEN, which is polymer based. This Grenade Launcher is aluminum based. Furthermore, based on the AR-15 Receiver. Other than that, it is the exact same as the ARWEN. Also unlike the ARWEN, which is used in Urban situations, this is made just for Tactical situations, and CQB. It can accommodate Red Dot scopes due to the Rail System . </li></ul>Back to Weapons
  33. 33. M202A1 Anti-Armor Rocket Launcher <ul><li>It designed and Developed by a Military Company for the United States. Introduced in the early to mid 70’s as a Anti-Armor weapon, it soon proved its worthiness in the Vietnam conflict. As time progressed, it soon became obsolete and was replaced by better Anti-Armor models. The rocket system is very unique. It has 4 surface thickness indicating rocket, which allow it to detonate on impact, or push furthers on more hardened targets. The 40mm Rocket will leave crippling, and devastating trail wherever it is fire. Altogether, the M66(M202A1) Rocket System is a force to be reckoned with by anyone's standards. </li></ul>Back to Weapons
  34. 34. Remington M870 <ul><li>First introduced to the public in the 1950’s as a hunting shotgun. It is a very reliable and versatile pump action shotgun which can be configured to the operators person preference. Aside from being a Civilian model shotgun, it was also picked up by the Marine Corps. in the late 60’s to early 70’s as a combat shogun. Since its inception to the USMC, it was picked up by Law Enforcements all over the world. It has become a all-purpose shotgun for any and all environments. The barrel can be changed for any situation the shotgun calls for, which proves again its reliability. </li></ul>Back to Weapons
  35. 35. Winchester M 1897 Trench Gun <ul><li>Built over 100 years ago, this weapon has stood the test of time. Participating in 4 foreign conflicts, as well as being a civilian workhorse. This shotgun proved to be nothing but Bad Ass. Modification can be made to it, such as adding a barrel vent, and reducing the barrel length. The is only one sight feature, which is a bead sight. </li></ul>Back to Weapons
  36. 36. Umbrella Incorporated Incinerator Unit <ul><li>Developed by Umbrella Inc. for pest control, and incineration or infected plant growth. It uses some external parts of a M-16A3’s Receiver. It is somewhat reliable given the instances it was built for, but by no means should it be used for actual combat. Using a sticky Napalm/ Fuel mixture, the flame is very volatile. At the way it is set, the napalm jelly substance sticks to the target. After you quit firing, the target will still burn due to the fuel, and napalm mixture. It is a rather devastating weapon </li></ul>Back to Weapons
  37. 37. Resident Evil: The Umbrella Conspiracy <ul><li>The book also takes liberty with the original source materials; the most notable difference being the inclusion of an original character named Trent, an insider from Umbrella who provides Jill with information about the mansion prior to the events of the mansion incident. Since the book was written a few years before the Nintendo GameCube remake, the novel omits the presence of Lisa Trevor in the mansion. </li></ul>Back to Main Page
  38. 38. Extras Director's Cut GameCube Remake Deadly Silence Back to Main Page
  39. 39. Director's Cut <ul><li>An updated version of Resident Evil for the PlayStation, titled Resident Evil: Director's Cut , was released in September 1997, 18 months after the original release. Director's Cut was produced to compensate for the delay of the sequel, Resident Evil 2 , and was originally bundled with a playable demo of that game. </li></ul><ul><li>The main addition is the inclusion of an 'Advanced' mode featuring new camera angles, different item and enemy placement, a more powerful handgun and new default outfits for Chris and Jill (as well as Rebecca). The original game is included as well, with a new &quot;Beginner&quot; setting where the amount of ammunition uncovered by the player is doubled. One of the new features in the Director's Cut, a zombified version of Bravo Team member Forest Speyer, was later kept in all later re-releases and in the GameCube remake. </li></ul>Back to Extras
  40. 40. GameCube Remake <ul><li>The game is notable for its nearly photo-realistic environments, all of which are pre-rendered. The remake features all-new graphics and sound, and also incorporates gameplay elements from the later installments (such as the use of body language and the 180-degree turn), introduced a new running style and several new areas and rooms were also added to the game, including a graveyard and a cabin in the woods. The overall plot remains largely unchanged. The original live-action FMV segments are replaced by CG versions, and the voice acting was completely re-recorded with new actors. The script was rewritten to have a more serious tone and improved translation, as opposed to the cheesy B-movie dialogue and &quot;English&quot; script of the original. Gameplay mechanics are largely the same although most of the puzzles have been changed and the player can equip a defensive weapon that can be used when seized by an enemy. </li></ul><ul><li>Additionally, the remake features many unlockable modes, secrets, and various endings not found in the original. It also restores the George Trevor subplot, and splices other main characters of the Resident Evil plot, such as William Birkin and Alexia Ashford into the game's story, and is generally considered to be the final, &quot;canonical&quot; version of the original game. </li></ul>Back to Extras
  41. 41. Deadly Silence <ul><li>An enhanced Nintendo DS port of the original Resident Evil , titled Resident Evil: Deadly Silence was made to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the series. Deadly Silence includes a &quot;Classic Mode,&quot; the original game with minimal enhancements and touch-screen support, as well as a &quot;Rebirth Mode&quot; containing a greater amount of enemies and a series of new puzzles that make use of the hardware's unique features. </li></ul><ul><li>The game makes use of the dual screen display with the top screen used to display the map, along with the player's remaining ammunition and health (determined by the color of the background); while the bottom screen displays the main gameplay, and can be switched to show the player's inventory. The graphics were mildly enhanced, and the game also include updated play mechanics from the later games; the 180-degree turn, along with the knife button, and live reload. The updated controls are applicable to both Classic and Rebirth modes. Dialog and loading screens can be skipped as well. </li></ul>Back to Extras