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The Analytics Platform - Pyramid Analytics


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Presentación de Eduardo Azanza y Teresa A. Martinez, de Pyramid Analytics, partner de SolidQ, durante la sesión de Data Drive el pasado 13 de Abril en las oficinas de Microsoft, Madrid.

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The Analytics Platform - Pyramid Analytics

  1. 1. TheAnalytics Platform Teresa A. Martinez Eduardo Azanza April 13, 2016 BI Office
  2. 2. Business Highlights  Started in 2009  200 Employees: Amsterdam (EMEA Headquarters), London, Seattle, Tel Aviv (R&D), Paris, Copenhagen, Madrid…..  Pyramid Analytics & Microsoft signed a strategic collaboration agreement (July 2015) based on a history of integrating technology to serve mutual customers and partners  50+ Fortune 500 customers, US Federal accounts. 450,000 Users 70% Ent. Customers with 2nd Expand * 50% do a 3rd 1% Churn Rate 550+ Customers Enterprise-class Business Analytics Platform BI Office
  3. 3. It’s 2016We are living in a data-driven world. BI Office
  4. 4. BI Office
  5. 5. BI Office
  6. 6. Decision makers working in isolation risk missing what’s below the surface. BI Office
  7. 7. BI Office Individual data-driven workers, do not create a data-driven organization.
  8. 8. BI Office Users of an Analytics Platform Every user needs access to information in a data-driven organization. IT Professional Power User Decision Maker Knowledge Worker
  9. 9. Model Workflows of an Analytics Platform Bring your data together. Discover Conduct advanced analytics. Communicate Make the complex simple. Distribute Securely share your data story. BI Office Required across a data-driven organization.
  10. 10. Supporting Scalability end to end Bringing Simplicity tocomplex Collaboration for all users Practical Utility • Centralized secure and governed BI with self- discovery . • Predictive capabilities that do not require a data scientist • Support Users with Analytics wizards that tackle real world problems with few clicks • Empowering the organization with true collaboration instruments to make better decisions by popular social platforms • Allow collective learning • Advanced visuals plus Analytics with useful function to solve hard questions CriticalAttributes of an Analytics Platform BI Office
  11. 11. What makes BI Office different? Hybrid approach Pyramid Analytics combines the simplicity and agility that business and IT users want, with the enterprise- class security and governance that organizations need. BI Office
  12. 12. BI Office IndustrialTechnology Healthcare Retail Insurance Services Services Education Finance Customer Stories Using BI Office in the Enterprise
  13. 13. HEALTH CARE BI Office BI OfficeBI Office BI Office
  14. 14. BI Office Seeing is believing Product Demo
  15. 15. The High-LevelArchitecture of BI Office BI Office
  16. 16. BI Office R-Integration with our data-driven messaging in BI Office V6 Advanced & Predictive Analysis • Forecasting data from data models by having the ability to continually track forecast as the data updates • Advanced algorithms for clustering data on both categorical and numerical data. • Advanced visualizations provide the graphical structures to communicate your data, including Tree Maps, Sunburst Diagrams, Word Clouds and Circle Packing Diagrams. • Prediction model tools or utilize R-script with your data model for advanced analytical reporting. • Regression Lines to understand correlation and the trend that fit a curve based on a particular algorithm. • Advanced Chart Statistics Analytics build in automatically.
  17. 17. BI Office on Premise with SQLServer 2016 BI Office complementary toPower BI BI Office SQL Server Report Builder PIN REPORTS SQL Server BI “Reporting Services” • Power BI Desktop • Mobile reports • Paginated reports Power BI • Power BI Desktop • Microsoft Excel • Mobile reports • Paginated reports Power BI Web Portal Power BI Desktop POWER BI REPORTS CONSUMEMANAGECREATE CLOUD ANALYTICAL REPORTS Microsoft Excel MOBILE REPORTS “Datazen” Publisher PAGINATED REPORTS Report Designer in SQL Server Data Tools ON-PREMISES REPORT SERVER Windows App Android App iOS App Report Server Web portal (all BI report types) SharePoint Web BI Office • Data Modeler • Data Discovery • Story Board • Publishing BI Office BI Self-Service Web On Premise /Private Cloud BI Office
  18. 18. BI Office Power BI publish for Cloud Publish to Pyramid Server for On-Premise Collaboration Cloud or On-Premise
  19. 19. Data Model Data Model and Visual connection maintained Visuals and Queries Step 1 PBI Publish to Pyramid BI Office
  20. 20. Step 2 Publish from PAto PBI Edit in PBI Republish or Add as New BI Office
  21. 21. BI Office Q&A
  22. 22. Gracias Teresa A. Martinez Sales Director Southern Europe & LATAM +34 629 46 42 59 Eduardo Azanza Sales Solution Architect EMEA +34 629 14 33 24