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Estrategias para la creación de una plataforma analítica


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Presentación de Samuel Marín, Microsoft Product Marketing Manager durante la Keynote del SolidQ Summit Madrid 2016.

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Estrategias para la creación de una plataforma analítica

  1. 1. { } Relational Cloud • Diversos Sistemas y Procesos • Múltiples herramientas y competencias. • Datos desconectados en silos • Alto coste de propiedad Los Retos de las plataforma modernas de datos Ineficiencias de una arquitectura fragmentada Beyond relational On-premises
  2. 2. Azure SQL DB Azure SQL DW Analytics Platform System Azure Data Lake SQL Server 2016 Analytics Platform System SQL Relational Beyond relational On-premisesCloud Data Management Power BI Cortana Intelligence Azure IoT Business Analytics Encaja en tu Negocio Inteligencia relevante para tu Negocio Líder probado
  3. 3. SQL Server 2016
  4. 4. SQL Server 2016 Note: Annualized pricing based on Oracle US commercial list price & SQL Server open ERP EE price, assuming 16 core servers (2 procs with 8 cores each) running OLTP, BI, DW, AA and ETL Tools, 1000 BI users. Everything built-in 11.7x more OLTP EXTRACT TRANSFORM LOAD DATA WAREHOUSING BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE ADVANCED ANALYTICS
  5. 5. Próximamente
  6. 6. Intelligent Action
  7. 7. Cognitive Services Give your solutions a human side
  8. 8. Cognitive Services Give your solutions a human side Vision Computer Vision | Emotion | Face | Video Speech Custom Recognition | Speaker Recognition Speech Language Bing Spell Check | Language Understanding Linguistic Analysis | Text Analytics | Web Language Model Knowledge Academic Knowledge | Entity Linking Knowledge Exploration | Recommendations Search Bing Auto Suggest | Bing Image Search | Bing News Search Bing Video Search | Bing Web Search
  9. 9.
  10. 10. Apps Web Mobile Bots Intelligent Solutions Preconfigured Solutions Apps Dashboards and Visualizations Machine Learning and Analytics Big Data Store Information Management