Why you should never buy a dissertation or an essay


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When some university students start lagging behind or need extra help with their studies, unfortunately, they turn to paper mills to buy an Essay or a Dissertation. This can be detrimental to those students.

Buying a Dissertation? Or Buying an essay? Beware! You could ruin your career by doing so. Even if the writing service is able to give you a Plagiarism report or a Low Turnitin score for a paper or dissertation that you are buying, you may still be caught for plagiarism.

Universities have many other ways, in addition to Turnitin to catch cases of Plagiarism. This guide explains all those methods and makes a strong case against buying an Essay or a Dissertation.

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Why you should never buy a dissertation or an essay

  1. 1. Why you should NEVER buy a Dissertation / Essay? Buying an Essay / Dissertation can be detrimental to your career. Read how? Solid Fundamentals UK’s Premier Academic Mentors for Business and Management Students
  2. 2. In this guide  What you do not know about Essay / Dissertation writing services?  Financial reasons not to buy an Essay / Dissertation  How can you be caught for Plagiarism?  You are not alone! Places to find help
  3. 3. A Note A write up of this presentation is available at: http://bit.ly/17ZdVde
  4. 4. What you don’t know about writing services? The writing services have a disclaimer, which reads something like, “you are not allowed to use any part of the essay or dissertation to submit as your own” You are certain to find this in the “Disclaimer” or “Terms & Conditions”
  5. 5. What does the DISCLAIMER mean? “…it is illegal to copy even a sentence from the essay or dissertation that you buy because the company owns the copyright to the essay / dissertation”
  6. 6. Financial Reasons Any reasonable writing company will charge you from £2000 for a Dissertation and minimum of £250 for an essay for something… YOU CANNOT USE There are affordable , legitimate ways to get more help. See slide 16
  7. 7. Risk of Getting Caught for Plagiarism A typical story:  Buy an essay / dissertation  Work on it  Change some details and… GET CAUGHT FOR PLAGIARISM See how universities catch students…
  8. 8. How Universities catch Plagiarism Turnitin Viva Language
  9. 9. Turnitin Software that compares your work to more than:  20 Billion webpages  220 Million Student submitted essays / reports / dissertations  100 Million Journals and Books
  10. 10. Turnitin Can you be sure that you won’t be caught, IF YOU HAVEN’T DONE THE WORK YOURSELF
  11. 11. Viva Myth: Universities only call students for Viva (verbal discussion) of their work, in case of PhD Fact: Lecturers are free to call you for a viva for an essay, an assignment or a dissertation Will you be able to defend it, IF YOU HAVEN’T DONE THE WORK YOURSELF
  12. 12. Language Fact: Lecturers are free to call you for a meeting, where they may make you write a piece, just to check your language capabilities Will you be able to Replicate the language from a bought paper / dissertation, IF YOU HAVEN’T DONE THE WORK YOURSELF
  13. 13. Consequences of getting caught for PLAGIARISM  Expulsion from the University  Not being able to finish your course  Social consequences (feeling of shame in front of family, friends and peers)
  15. 15. Our Director says: “It's such a shame that sometimes masters students are not able to get as much support in their coursework and dissertation. Due to this, some students go ahead and buy their papers or dissertation and, more often than not, get caught for plagiarism”
  16. 16. Where to get more help  Lecturer: Discuss your problems, they may offer extra help  Student Support Officer: They are meant to be your liaison and can point you in the right direction  SOLID FUNDAMENTALS: Our mentoring is designed to help students do their own work better and achieve higher marks and their true potential
  17. 17. By this time, you know  The risks of buying a paper / dissertation  The ways universities can catch a student for plagiarism  The financial reasons not to buy a paper / dissertation  Where to go for more help
  18. 18. Finally  For any questions: query@solidfundamentals.co.uk  Other resources: http://solidfundamentals.co.uk  Blog: http://solidfundamentals.co.uk/Blog/Blog.html  Twitter: https://twitter.com/SolidFundamntls ask our mentors a question using #SFLiveQuery