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The Paris Peace Conference


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This is my coversation of the Paris Peace Conference.
Hope you like it.
Group: Rama, Fran and Sol (me)

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The Paris Peace Conference

  1. 1. The Paris Peace Conference Sol: DLG Fran: GC Rama: WW WW: Hello, my name is Woodrow Wilson, and I am the president of United States of America. Today, we are all gathered here to decide a fair punishment for Germany who will have to pay reparations for all the damage it made, Clemenceau. GC: I am Georges Clemenceau, the prime minister of France. I want revenge because Germany destroyed my country and I want them to suffer. DLG: Good afternoon gentlemen, David Lloyd George is my name and I’m the the prime minister of Britain. In my opinion paying reparations is not enough. We have to take German colonies away from her because she is a threat for us all. On the other hand, I consider we should continue trading with Germany, since it is very important for our economy. WW: I think Clemenceau that if we punish her too much, she will take revenge. GC: Yes that’s right but she left my country in tatters. By only taking a part of land from Germany, I won't be satisfied at all. We have to do something bigger... DLG: Clemenceau is right, Germany also has all the guilt regarding World War I. Woodrow Wilson, why do you want to punish Germany in such a peaceful way? WW: I have already told you that if we punish her too much, she will take revenge, and we don’t want that to happen. GC: Oh please, we won the war, we are stronger, they should be scared. We can do whatever we want. DLG: I think you are being a little arrogant, please think rationally. By taking land away from her we will weaken her power without making her that angry to take a future revenge. Once again, I consider that is exactly what we should do. GC: I really want revenge. Wilson your country didn’t suffer as much as my country did. The majority of my young males have died. They have, and they will pay reparations. I don’t care if they will take revenge after all the punishment they will receive. WW: Now we can be stronger than Germany, but we don’t know if in 14 years they will be stronger than us. And that is why we shouldn’t give them a big punishment. GC: Stop thinking about the future!! We have to think about this moment, the present. We will destroy her, so that in the future she will not punish us anymore. DLG: Georges Clemenceau is right , but he is not always right. I think that it is true that we will focus in the present, but if we punish her a lot, she will consider to attack our countries. WW: Can we stop talking about the punishment of Germany and talk about the 14 points. I think that this 14 points can help us to avoid a second world war, peacefully. GC: If we do the 14 points, we won't be able to punish Germany. DLG: No we can't, but we will be able to trade with Germany. Due to this, we will produce more jobs to employ people and this will generate money for our countries. This is what I want for my country, a developed economy showing itself as the great power it is.
  2. 2. WW: If we talk again about the 14 points, you Lloyd George, will see that one of this 14 points talks about free access to the seas either in peacetime or wartime. Moreover Serbia will be one of those countries that will have access to the sea, and the same will happen with Poland as it becomes independent. DLG: I consider that's a brilliant idea, everyone should move freely through the seas at any time and Poland should be taken away from Germany immediately. This will strengthen the trade between each other WW: Yes! That was exactly what the next point I was going to remark talks about. I determines free trade between countries, this will help us boost our economy which have been really damaged by the war. GC: I agree with you both that the free trade policy will benefit us all, we need to make our economies work again, my country was left absolutely hurt by the war. What does the 14 points say about the colonies? WW: Well I think that it would be great for colonies to be ruled by themselves, that is to say to have self determination. Moreover the people of eastern Europe and the Turkish empire should also have self determination. GC: I don't think that would be convenient, most of the current colonies are incapable to rule themselves. They have weak economies and a weak political structures. They need countries like us to support them. One the other hand concerning the people of eastern Europe I agree with the fact that they should be taken away from the Austro-Hungarian empire. DLC: I strongly agree with Clemenceau. Colonies need us and we need them. WW: Times have change, countries need self determination urgently. They shouldn't be submitted under our power. Let's move to another point. The other point is the one that prohibits secret treaties to be made. DLG: I think that this is a very clever point, because it will control internal negotiations between countries which only creates anger and tension. And that is why I agree with you. GC: I'm not that sure, this point may harm us, we won't be able to negotiate in the future in case a dispute takes place. WW: That's the point of it! We shouldn't be talking at the other countries backs, things have to be solved all together so that we don't repeat a second world war… Clemenceau, the next point will interest you deeply, I am determined to get Alsace-Lorraine back for you. GC: It is the least thing that I deserve in this moment, we should regain it as soon as possible. Germany should suffer and lost the lands it had taken from us. WW: Yes, Their troops should also leave Russia and leave Belgium independent like before the war. The frontier between Austria and Italy will be adjusted. What is more, another point talks about disarmament, but not only Germany should disarm, we also have to do it. This is a way to make a commitment and avoid future disputes. DLG: Concerning Russia and Belgium I am with you, Germany should not interfere with this nations. As for Italy, all Italians are to be allowed to live in Italy. But if you let me tell you I think that disarmament is insane. We won't be able to defend ourselves... GC: I agree, my country have been left in tatters and now you are asking me to disarm, this is absolutely crazy!
  3. 3. WW: I understand what you are telling me but please have in mind that Germany will also disarm to the same extent that we will. So if none of us possess arms we will have a more peaceful world. Regarding peace I have in mind to set up a League of Nations, that is to say, an organization to handle all our problems and avoid a second war world to take place. DLG: This could be possible under certain guidelines. GC: I agree, we should talk more deeply about this. Aaaa have finished telling us you the 14 points? WW: Yes I did, thank you. GC: Can we please talk about the punishment of Germany? DLC: Okey. GC: If we continue talking about the punishment of Germany, we can say that Germany will pay for the reparations and also we will take a part of land from Germany. Can we do this? WW: No. I think that these is too much because Germany had only destroyed your country and I know, that is bad, but it is not correct that we take a part of her territory. DLG: Germany has a very big part of the guilt for the beginning of first war world and because she will receive an appropriate punishment. GC: I think that Clemenceau and I have the same ideas. Why do you not want this Wilson Woodrow? WW: Georges Clemenceau and David Lloyd George, can we decide an appropriate punishment? Germany hasn’t have all the guilt for first war world. There were other events, for example the assassination of Archduke or Russia declared war on Serbia. GC: That’s right Wilson Woodrow, but if you were me, you would be more angry to punish Germany. Can you feel how angry I am? Imagine that your rival country, destroyed everything that you had, do you want to punish her or not? DLG: I have an idea, that everyone will receive whatever they want. Wilson Woodrow, what do you want to receive? WW: David Lloyd George, I want that we can decide the punishment in a peace way. DLG: Okey. Clemenceau, want do you want? GC: I want first, that Germany pay for all the reparations she had done. Secondly, not the most important, to take a part of land from Germany. DLG: Wilson Woodrow you will like this idea. She will pay all she had done to France. Also, she will give us a part of land, Alsace-Lorraine. Do you agree? WW: That’s a great idea. We can do that. Do you like that idea Clemenceau? GC: Yes, I like it.
  4. 4. WW: We have decided that Germany will pay for the reparations and gave us Alsace-Lorraine. Thank you.. Have a great day. DLG: Thank you. Bye. GC: Bye. Thank you for coming to my beautiful land. WW: Bye, you are welcome.