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SolarWinds Synthetic End User Monitor (SEUM) offers a powerful and affordable solution for monitoring business-critical web transactions from the end-user’s perspective. SEUM’s simple and flexible architecture allows you to automatically test internal and external applications from the locations that are important to you. If you have been interested in transaction monitoring, but stayed clear due to cost, complexity or lack of depth of some solutions--you don’t want to miss this! SEUM is transaction monitoring the SolarWinds way – affordable, feature rich, easy to install, easy to use, and easy to understand!

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Synthetic End User Monitor (SEUM) Sneak Peek

  1. 1. Product Sneak Peek<br />Synthetic End User Monitor<br />
  2. 2. Welcome to another sneak peek from SolarWinds in Austin, Texas!<br />Rachel Jenkins, Training Manager<br />Jeremy Morrill, aLTeReGo, PM for SEUM & APM<br />Today’s Sneak Peek: <br /> SolarWinds Synthetic End User Monitor!<br />Who is SolarWinds?<br />What we do…<br />Who are our customers?<br />The SolarWinds community…<br />Introduction<br />
  3. 3. A Few Notes about Today’s Session<br /><ul><li>Today’s content will be demo intensive
  4. 4. We only have an hour – We’ll move through the slides quickly to save time for the live product!
  5. 5. Ask questions!!!
  6. 6. No attendee left behind…
  7. 7. Don’t wait until the end – ask away
  8. 8. Today’s session is being recorded
  9. 9. Recorded session on
  10. 10. Slides available on</li></ul>J0sher2014<br />
  11. 11. Application Monitoring Strategies<br /><ul><li>Application Monitoring Technologies
  12. 12. Machine Level – SNMP
  13. 13. Monitoring the foundation of the server health
  14. 14. Application Services – WMI, SNMP
  15. 15. Testing the OS and application software
  16. 16. Centralized User Experience – Test From the Server
  17. 17. Testing the basic application delivery capability
  18. 18. Distributed User Experience – Test in the Users Context
  19. 19. Testing the user experience from where the users are</li></ul>J0sher2014<br />
  20. 20. SolarWinds Synthetic End User Monitor<br /><ul><li>SolarWinds Synthetic End User Monitor (SEUM)
  21. 21. Tests Cloud or Internal Web Based Applications
  22. 22. Test from multiple geographic locations via the Internet</li></ul>J0sher2014<br />
  23. 23. SolarWinds Synthetic End User Monitor<br /><ul><li>The SolarWinds Way
  24. 24. Powerful and Scalable
  25. 25. Feature Rich
  26. 26. Easy to Install
  27. 27. Easy to Use
  28. 28. Affordable</li></ul>J0sher2014<br />
  29. 29. SolarWinds Synthetic End User Monitor<br /><ul><li>Cool! But how do we get there?</li></ul>Install SEUM<br />Record transactions (open, record, test, save)<br />Distribute remote players<br />Assign transactions to players<br />Done!<br />J0sher2014<br />Simple – Fast - Powerful!<br />
  30. 30. SEUM Architecture<br />Use the Recorderto capture a transaction and the expected results<br /> Internet Explorer 7 and higher is required<br />Install the Player in the locations you would like to test from<br />Internet Explorer 7 and higher is required<br />Player/Agent/Location all mean the same thing<br />The results of the transactions are collected and displayed at the SEUM server<br />View the timing for individual steps as well as the total transaction<br />Receive notification if a transaction...<br />Fails<br />Goes past a timing threshold<br />Does not return the expected result<br />
  31. 31. SEUM Architecture<br />Application<br />Sydney Player<br />Austin Player<br />London Player<br />SEUM<br />Server<br />
  32. 32. SolarWinds Synthetic End User Monitor<br />Live Product Peek!! <br />J0sher2014<br />
  33. 33. Summary and Q&A<br />Thank you for attending!<br />To learn more or to download free 30-day trials<br />of SolarWinds products visit:<br /><br />Contact information<br />Josh Stephens, Head Geek<br /><br />twitter: sw_headgeek<br />Blog:<br />Rachel Jenkins<br /><br />Jeremy Morrill<br /><br />p.s. Remember to renew your maintenance!!!<br />