SolarWinds Product Update (September)


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This month, we discussed some interesting new developments concerning the inherent integrations in the Orion platform. Our NCM PM also gave a brief overview of what’s new in 7.2 including a demo of the new features.

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  • Integration with SAM & NPMIntegrates and extends existing Virtualization Summary and Vmware and Hyper-V specific viewsAdds 4 new views to get a better picture of your entire virtual environment: Storage, Sprawl, Map, DashboardsInsight from Application to the DatastoreVisually understand relationships in your virtual infrastructure and where issues are currently occurring.Focus on an issue by altering the context on the Map to any node.Quickly drill down to the SAM/NPM node view to diagnose application, OS and network issues.New Storage sub-viewThe Storage sub-view slices up your resources according to your virtual environment configuration, allowing you to focus your attention on the data in each area.Identify the busiest Datastores, drill down to identify which VM and Application is causing the load.Identify the busiest VM's, drill to the datastore and see what other VM's are affected.Identify which Datastores and VM's are low on storage and which ones will run out first.Visually map relationships between the datastore and other nodes, ranked by current status.See additional alerts (from Virtualization Manager) indicating configuration and performance problems, drill down to see suggestive corrective actions
  • SolarWinds Product Update (September)

    1. 1. Product Update – September 2013 Hosted by SolarWinds® Product Management © 2013 SOLARWINDS WORLDWIDE, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
    2. 2. © 2013 SOLARWINDS WORLDWIDE, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Welcome! » Our Third Monthly Product Update  Newly started monthly series  Gives you a sneak peak into what we’re working on and what was recently released  We want your feedback and requests » Today’s Presenters  Francois Caron, Product Manager  Jiri Cvachovec, Product Manager  Dan Balcauski, Product Manager » Don’t Wait to Ask Questions  This is an interactive presentation  Feel free to interrupt and please ask away! 2
    3. 3. What Will You Learn? » Product Integration info now displayed in your Orion settings » What’s New in NCM 7.2? » Virtualization Manager integration in Orion® 3 © 2013 SOLARWINDS WORLDWIDE, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
    4. 4. © 2013 SOLARWINDS WORLDWIDE, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Orion Integration Tips » Customer and prospect feedback about lack of integration information  What products integrate with the product that I own?  What product does SolarWinds® have, in general?  What is the nature and benefit of the integration?  How do I perform these integrations? » UX reviews told us that In-Product Information was most efficient  Visibility limited to Admins only  Focused on the products running on the Orion instance  Also provides entire view of the portfolio » Demo
    5. 5. How Can NCM Help Me? » Backup and restore your configurations » Inventory and profile network devices » Develop and deploy standardized device configurations » Protect configurations against unauthorized changes » Audit configurations for compliance to standards » Use change controls to manage updates » Standalone or integrated with Network Performance Monitor (NPM) © 2013 SOLARWINDS WORLDWIDE, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Value-add : Affordable, Feature Rich, Easy to Use, Low TCO
    6. 6. What's NEW in NCM 7.2? » Device End-of-Life Management » Device Connection Profiles » Configuration Change Approval Workflow Enhancements » Web UI for Job Management, Configuration Management and more » Improved Devices Support (Brocade® and Palo Alto Networks®) » Demo © 2013 SOLARWINDS WORLDWIDE, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
    7. 7. © 2013 SOLARWINDS WORLDWIDE, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Recent and upcoming integration tabs » Virtualization Manager  Integration with SAM & NPM, exposing capacity, configuration and performance data in context of Orion nodes  Insight from Application to the Datastore, identifying contention of virtual and storage resources  New Storage sub-view per virtualization node (VC, DataCenter, Cluster, Host, VM) » Attend the thwackCamp session  “Virtualization Manager 6.0 Integration with SAM and NPM”  Oct 10th, 3:30 PM CST » Demo
    8. 8. Thank you! © 2013 SOLARWINDS WORLDWIDE, LLC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The SOLARWINDS and SOLARWINDS & Design marks are the exclusive property of SolarWinds Worldwide, LLC, are registered with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and may be registered or pending registration in other countries. All other SolarWinds trademarks, service marks, and logos may be common law marks, registered or pending registration in the United States or in other countries. All other trademarks mentioned herein are used for identification purposes only and may be or are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies.