Customer Case Studies: OPM and a Department of Defense Customer


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Since partnering with SolarWinds, Atlantic Digital has implemented the full suite of Solarwinds products in enterprise environments for civilian Federal agencies and Department of Defense Commands. In this case study presentation Gordon Jackson, CEO of Atlantic Digital, shares how the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) is using SolarWinds to manage extensive portions of their enterprise network architecture providing: customized network insight to management and specialized consumers; real-time awareness of the status and health of the network and the devices that comprise it, enhanced performance tuning and increased security. He also shares “Lessons Learned” from his company’s ongoing involvement with Solarwinds implementations in several Department of Defense networks.

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  • Most “Bang for the Buck”
  • Executives/ManagementApplication GroupNetwork OpsServer OpsRemote Sites (2)
  • Political implications of seeing “RED”Centralized administration is key to managing Solarwinds monitoring functions in order to maintain peak performance.Visibility that Solarwinds provides creates paranoia-don't want "others" seeing what I am doing/not doingRed, Yellow, Green Up/Down versus details-shooting the messenger/hiding the bad news
  • Get Host Environment right-believe Solarwinds recommendationsSecurity requirements: Federal Security Compliance Requirements- IA, DISA STIGS, FISMA, FIPS, local requirementsLocked Down/Secure OS’s create unique and varying challenges-every implementation has been unique.Specialized environments require special knowledge/expertise: Classified, IA/locked down OS’s etc, typically one SW instance per network: NIPR, SIPR, JWICS etc. Examples: Ports, User Access Controls (UAC) turned off completely during installation and upgrade process, Directory Permissions changed from default.
  • IOPS (800-1200)
  • Customer Case Studies: OPM and a Department of Defense Customer

    1. 1. Gordon Jackson CEO Atlantic Digital 813-304-2755
    2. 2. 1997-2000-The Search for the Perfect NMS  HP Openview  IBM/Tivoli TME 10-Framework  CA Uni-center-Framework 2
    3. 3.  Expensive  Difficult and time consuming to implement  Every implementation is custom  Expensive to maintain  Requires manufacturer support for implementation, modification, customization  Solution: procure acceptable autonomous point products 3
    4. 4.  Priced right  Readily available on the web  Works out of the box  Straight forward implementation  Reasonable maintenance costs  Reasonable support costs for implementation, modification, customization 4
    5. 5. 5
    6. 6. Host Architecture 6
    7. 7.  Engage stakeholders early-stay engaged  Identify/engage primary Decision Maker  Define/engage User Communities early  Define User Community requirements  Regularly review/update user community requirements 7
    8. 8.  Gain/maintain cross-community trust/confidence: everyone benefits from cooperating  Centralized administration is key to maintaining availability and peak performance.  Detailed visibility that SolarWinds provides- who wants it?  Red, Yellow, Green Up/Down versus details 8
    9. 9.  Get Your Host Environment right-your SolarWinds performance depends on it  Stay current with SolarWinds patches  Federal Security Compliance Requirements  Locked Down/Secure OS’s create unique and varying challenges  Specialized environments require special knowledge/expertise 9
    10. 10.  Ability of all SolarWinds NMS modules to operate independently or in concert with each other allows for purchases in line with budgetary constraints  Modules are function focused: you buy them when you need the capability  Sufficient high performance storage is essential to peak performance 10
    11. 11.  Centralized/centrally coordinated SolarWinds maintenance and management is critical to stability and peak performance  The virtualized environment, while not required, has advantages  Backup  Disaster Recovery  Cloning/replication  Optimize use of Servers/storage devices 11
    12. 12. Questions? Gordon Jackson CEO Atlantic Digital 813-304-2755 12
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