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Ccca tf background presetation for tp


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Ccca tf background presetation for tp

  1. 1. Cambodia Climate Change Alliance (CCCA) Reiko Kurihara CCCA Trust Fund Administrator
  2. 2. Cambodia Climate Change Alliance (CCCA)• CCCA is a comprehensive programme launched in February 2010 to address climate change and disaster risks in Cambodia. MoE is the implementing agency.• Overall objective: To strengthen the capacity of the NCCC to fulfill its mandate to address climate change and to enable line ministries and CSOs to implement priority climate change actions
  3. 3. Cambodia Climate Change Alliance (CCCA)Focus of CCCA is on:1. Capacity building and institutional strengthening in preparing for and mitigating climate change risks;2. Directly helping vulnerable communities by enhancing their resilience to climate change and other natural hazards
  4. 4. 5 Components of CCCA 1) Policy 5) Grant projectsDevelopment (National/Sub- national, Govt/CSOs) 3) Financing 2) Knowledge 4) Coastal Management Zone
  5. 5. Expected outputsNational strategy on climate change (Cambodia Climate Change Strategic Plan)Knowledge Management Platform (website,learning centre)National trust fund (Government managed)Increased resilience in Coastal zoneIncreased national capacities (Govt, CSOs) toimplement CC projects
  6. 6. Other projects funded by CCCARoyal University of Agriculture (Prey Veng)Fisheries Administration (Tonle Sap, Mekong)Forestry Administration (Various)Ministry of Environment (Preah Vihear, SR)Provincial Hall of SihanoukvilleNCDD (Takeo)WOMEN (Prey Veng)
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