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Socialcam App of the week


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Socialcam is application of week on AppStore. We at SojoSolutions try to analyze Socialcam and highlight the features that apple team must have considered while selecting this app as App of the week. We at SojoSolutions always recommend our clients and development partners to strongly follow these features as these features will help them in a along way establishing a strong user relations and deliver value to end customers

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Socialcam App of the week

  1. 1. Ingredients for App of theWeek - Socialcam From Design Team- SojoSolutions
  2. 2. Socialcam - What is special?SocialCam is one of social networking apps amongmany others. What makes it special to be selectediTunes application of the weekI get a new requirement for any new mobile application;I try to set three milestones for development. Let meanalyze SocialCam using these: 1. User Interface 2. Usability 3. User Centric
  3. 3. Socialcam - UserInterfaceOpen iOS Human Interface Guidelines. Firstsentence says"Create an Application Definition Statement".Look at the app Logo. I really like the logo. Ithas video recorder.Image speaks the purpose of application.Name is "Socialcam". Name indicates it issocial app.Look at icon and Name. Both creates anApplication Definition Statement.
  4. 4. Socialcam - UserInterfaceiOS Human Interface Guidelines says "EmbraceiOS UI Paradigms". I always try to recommend myclients to follow this rule while going for an iOSapplication. I repeat it Embrace iOS UI Paradigms.It has two pillars: a) Controls should look tappable, b) App structure should be clean and easy to navigate.Let us glance at this screen. Both of theseingredients for making a great app arethere.
  5. 5. Socialcam - UsabilityiOS Human Interface Guidelines says “As youdesign the user interface of your app, alwaysremember that users expect the standard viewsand controls to behave as they do in the built-inapplications ". Screen at right; default controls are used to make it easy for users to use application. Top bar replicates the default navigation bar used in iPhone applications.
  6. 6. Socialcam - Usability Very few iPhone application designer are aware of one of great feature of iOS development environment “Another advantage of using standard UI elements is that they automatically receive updates if iOS introduces a redesigned appearance (completely custom elements do not receive updates).” Think of advantages? Next time a new version is rolled out; Do you need to post another version on iTunes?
  7. 7. ReferencesiOS Human Interface Guidelines Store*Socialcam is copyright of © 2012 Socialcam Inc.
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