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The Legacy of the Soil Doctors from Thailand


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WEBINAR: Launch of the Global Soil Doctors Programme.
5 October 2020 | Zoom platform
Bunjirtluk Jintaridth, Land Development Department, Thailand

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The Legacy of the Soil Doctors from Thailand

  1. 1. 1 11 ” The Legacy of Soil Doctors from Thailand” 5 October 2020 @14.25-14.35 by Bunjirtluk Jintaridth Department of Land Development THAILAND
  2. 2. Regional • Soil degradation, soil erosion, and problem soils such as saline soils, acid soils, peat soils and sandy soils including low organic matter. They reduce the plant production and impact to environment. • Also improper land use results in land degradation. Lead to poor living condition of farmers.
  3. 3. Regional (cont.) • Only 2,000 staffs of Land Development Department in which responsible for soil problems and management in Thailand, therefore it is not enough for implementing soil management and improvement. • Farmers and local people are, therefore, encouraged to participate in soil resources maintenance, and implementation.
  4. 4. “Volunteer Soil Doctors” have been established since 1995. Volunteer soil doctors Young volunteer soil doctors
  5. 5. Soil Doctors • “Volunteer Soil doctors” are farmers selected from each village who are trained in the basic soil testing program, soil mapping units and land degradation techniques. They are representatives of LDD’s officers and whose role is to assist farmers in implementing proper land management practices. • They are also messengers that distribute information about land development to farmers and transfer messages regarding land use problems from farmers back to LDD.
  6. 6. How are they selected? • Good health, at least 20 years of age, willing to work , • Keen on land development activities and reside in concerning areas , • Already received a general training to be aware of the importance of land resources management, conservation and basic practices.
  7. 7. • After completion of the general training course a higher level training course will be further provided for 10 selected innovative farmers from each village. one among others will be appointed and registered to become a village Volunteer Soil Doctors
  8. 8. • At present, there are approximately 80,000 of them represent the LDD at village level to cover the whole country.
  9. 9. - Collaborators at different levels are involved. Network of Volunteer Soil Doctors
  10. 10. • Land Development Department (LDD) “LDD” is the core organization to conserve and improve soil resources for agricultural productivity, food security, and sustainable land use. LDD provides to help volunteer soil doctor to perform their task effectively. The role of “LDD”
  11. 11. Learn how to take soil samples What are projects/knowledge they participate?
  12. 12. Learn how to use pH test kit in the field
  13. 13. LDD staffs trained farmers how to using organic fertilizers, good agricultural practices which lead to the development of sustainable agriculture.
  14. 14. Serve and transfer technology of LDD from farmers to farmers
  15. 15. “ Soil biotechnology products” which LDD distribute to farmers for soil improvement.
  16. 16. How successful has been made? - Soil doctors will be the leaders and in charge of passing on technology and implementing the technology of LDD. - Soil doctors help coordinate between officers and farmers, then development or research projects has become successful. - Soil doctors also work as reporters in regarding to disasters situation to reduce the impact to agricultural areas.
  17. 17. Pillar 2 AWARENESS RAISING Encourage investment, technical cooperation, policy, education, awareness and extension in soils The programme is developed under the umbrella of the Global Soil Partnership (GSP) by FAO as part of :
  18. 18. Pillar 2 AWARENESS RAISING Encourage investment, technical cooperation, policy, education, awareness and extension in soils
  19. 19. Thank you for your attention