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Why User Experience Matters for Employees


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Slide deck of the webinar about the importance of User Experience SoHo Dragon and Akumina hosted. The webinar was held on December 14th and is recorded. If you'd want to receive the recording get in touch with us via

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Why User Experience Matters for Employees

  1. 1. WEBINARWEBINAR Why UX Matters for Employees
  2. 2. Meet the Speakers { Name : Peter Ward Role : CTO & co-founder SoHo Dragon Skills : SharePoint & Office 365 Hobbies : Yoga / Vegetarian Cooking Fun Fact : Late technology-adopter : @HelloPeterNYC } { Name : Troy Trudel Role : Senior Director of Alliances Akumina Skills : Digital Workplace Strategy & Office Hobbies : Camping & Cooking }
  3. 3. Webinar Agenda Agenda & Takeaways • What is User Experience? • SharePoint UX – Importance • Challenges Poor UX Creates • Developing Experiences Focusing on the User • Real-life examples of engaging employee experiences { {
  4. 4. About SoHo Dragon • New York City based • Microsoft Gold Partner • Office 365 focused • Akumina Gold Partner
  5. 5. • Differences between UX & UI (design) • Examples • Great SharePoint UX and UI
  6. 6. “Design is not just what it looks like… Design is how it works” - Steve Jobs -
  7. 7. What is the difference between UX & UI?
  8. 8. User Experience is the friction between the task and the user.
  9. 9. Examples
  10. 10. SharePoint UX – Why is it Important?
  11. 11. Why is great UX so difficult with SharePoint? Meta Data Responsive Design Audiences Navigation Classic / Modern Responsive Browsers Screen Sizes
  12. 12. Create great UX & UI in SharePoint with Traction • “Paper is cheap, code is expensive, so get it right on paper.” • Don’t have: “Paradox of choice” • Training is a tax on the cost of the system • Problem solving not an art display Traction UX Principles
  13. 13. Traction Understand the user Wireframes Story boards Content Strategy Document Analysis Design Build out Development 3 releases onlyRelease Bug fixes onlyStabilize
  14. 14. Strategy Document: Understanding the User • Who are they? Readers Members Owners • Departments • Are there Active Directory Groups? • What are they currently using? • Common complaints • Ask “What sucks about the system?” • Which websites do they like? • Employee age
  15. 15. Strategy Document: Goals • User goals  Find information fast  Reduce clicks  Up-to-date content • Business goals  Digital representation of the corporate website and the organization  Greater confidence in the content
  16. 16. Strategy Document: User Journey • 10,000 feet view point • Start-to-finish of an experience • Actions and emotions Tools: • User Journey Template • Wireframes • Storyboards
  17. 17. Strategy Document: Wireframe • This can be: o Part of the Strategy Document -OR- o It’s a result of the Strategy Document • Focus on the functionality and user activity, not on visualization • A blue print that is given to the engineers Wire Framing Tools:  InDesign  Balsamiq  Visio  Pen and paper
  18. 18. Strategy Document: Story boards
  19. 19. Releases – Prototyping • Graphical • Colors • 3 Releases • Must be signed off Stabilizing • Bug fixing only
  20. 20. Questions
  21. 21. About Akumina • Boston Head Quarters • Microsoft Gold Partner • Technology Enabling Digital Workplace Solutions • Strong Partner Ecosystem • Top Rated in Industry • 18 + years of experience
  22. 22. The Challenges it Creates Employees are faced with using complex siloed technology and inconsistent user experiences, lacking integration and mobility support. INCONSITENT USER EXPERIENES Business are faced with significant challenges in the areas of employee engagement and retention, employee productivity, and improving customer experience. EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT Employees are looking for a better way to engage with coworkers, access systems and information as frictionless as they can in their personal lives. EMPLOYEE EXPECTATIONS UNMET Enterprises continue to cobble together custom, bespoke solutions that fail at delivering enhanced employee experiences POOR EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCES
  23. 23. Employee Experience Hasn’t Kept Pace 24% 34%13% Strongly agree that the technology used at work allows them to efficiency accomplish their work Are satisfied with their workplace Are engaged at work –involved, committed, and enthusiastic *Source: 2016 Gallup Worldwide Employee Engagement Crisis , 2017 Gartner Digital Workplace Survey, 360 Steelcase Global Report
  24. 24. Connected Bringing together every critical piece of data from every backend system; inside and outside of Office 365 Collaborative Creating digital single pane of glass Workspaces for project and team-based connectivity on any project Mobile Enabling every piece of data and every interaction to be accessible from any device, at any time, in any place Informative Striking the right balance between relevant company, job, task and personal information for each user Transformative Getting your users out of email and delivering a medium that becomes the backbone of doing business Personalized Delivering unique experiences to every user based on who they are, where they work & what language they speak Persona-specific Focusing on the User Experience
  25. 25. .
  26. 26. Questions? Akumina SoHo Dragon +1 603.943. @AkuminaInc +1 929.257.1581 @SoHodragon