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The Power Project


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Use of Music Therapy in Special Education

Published in: Education
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The Power Project

  1. 1. Helping Challenging Minds The Power Project The Learning Network (TLN) is introducing “The Power Project” Music Therapy sessions for children and adults with special needs. Aims of The Power Project are to provide Music Therapy to address their needs and keep coordination with school/parents to help challenging minds. It is seen and observed that without making a central work plan or coordination it is difficult to achieve goals. Coordination between school, therapist, teacher, and parents make work easy and productive. The Power project is the part of Music Therapy Centre and the details are included in United Nation Public Administration Network compendium “Music as a Global Resource” (MAGR) and can be seen at UNPAN website. The Aims and Objectives for each client vary according to individual needs, but might include: Developing Communication and Interaction (verbal and non-verbal) The Use of the Sensory Stimuli Developing Learning Skills Behavior Development Emotional Development Developing Awareness of Self and Others Increasing Self-confidence Developing Co-ordination and Motor Control Providing Support to Families Who Can Get Benefit Music Therapy can be used as an effective tool for; Autism Dyslexia Mental Retardation Down’s Syndrome Cerebral Palsy ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) Physical Disabilities All other Neuro-Muscular Disorders TLN is also offering Behavioral Therapy, Speech Therapy, Art & Play Therapy, and Psychotherapy along with Music Therapy. Our team is consisting of internationally qualified therapists who have professional attitude and approach towards their work. Complete assessments, work plan, and report making will be a vital part of The Power Project.