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Soget profile and services: translation, software and web site localisation, multilanguage publishing.

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Soget Brochure - English

  2. 2. 1 Global communications We are what we say: everywhere, in every language. A technical manual, a leaflet, a product catalogue, a website. Far from just describing your products and technologies, these publications repre- sent you in the world, translating your image into words. You may sometimes be required to communicate with people with different reli- gions, values, and concepts of status, or who use different conventions, such as codes, weights and measuring units, and yet these people will almost certainly be fundamental to your success. This is our mission: to exploit our resources, technology and experience so that you may communicate more effectively worldwide. “ Communications is the lifeblood of every activity. Slogans evoke an emotion through words. Technical documents constitute a collection of highly specialised information.
  3. 3. “ Customised cost-containing and productivity-enhancing strategies. Long standing experience. Continuously evolving technologies. A talent for finding creative solutions. 2 Multilingual workflows In over thirty years of activity, we have translated every form of docu- mentation, from technical manuals of international import, to catalogues for widely consumed products and multi- lingual software. Soget offers advantageous and tech- Ever at the forefront of technology, we nologically advanced solutions for the have worked hard to create a flexible containment of costs, not only for trans- and dynamic structure that allows lation and DTP activities, but in terms of us to meet even the most stringent the entire documentation management delivery dates. process. We have designed, and adopt in our CTM (Corporate Translation Manage- day-to-day workflow, management ment) systems integrate the manage- software that enables us to select the ment of translation projects and power- best resources, track the progress of ful CAT tools within a single workflow, jobs, control quality, monitor compli- allowing the customer to outsource en- ance with customer expectations, and tire multilingual documentation cycles, implement controls. and not just single translations. The entire process is integrated within Automated document analysis and a single IT system, which we share with wordcount functions allow our sales the customer. managers to prepare detailed esti- The latter is relieved of all responsibility mates in short turnaround times and regarding the selection of translators, offer solutions with an optimal quality/ the management of suppliers, the al- price ratio. location of budgets, quality controls, etc. Our sales and project managers are always willing to define customised Soget handles your individual projects, workflows, whether for single activities keeping translation memories and cor- or complex documentation processes porate glossaries updated, and – when- involving translation, proofreading, ed- ever requested – managing the activities iting, DTP and printing - from concep- of external translators or suppliers with tion to the finished product. whom customers may wish to maintain occasional or continuous relations.
  4. 4. “ Iso 9001: say what you do, do what you say, write it down. Soget: quality as standard! 3 Quality Soget has obtained EN ISO 9001 and EN 15038 certifications. We were one of the first companies in Italy to adopt a Quality System certified in line with the EN ISO 9001 standard. We are now also one of the first Euro- pean companies to be certified in line with the EN15038 standard, which de- The EN 15038 standard is specifi- termines the requirements of a transla- cally aimed at determining the quality tion service provider. requirements of translation service providers alone, guaranteeing the cus- The adoption of a Quality System in line tomer: with the ISO 9001 standard allows us to • the joint efforts of at least two profes- guarantee efficient corporate processes sionals: the actual translator and a and full customer satisfaction. reviser, with clear, proven skills This brings a number of advantages, • specialised reviews, carried out by ex- such as: perts in the specific semantic field • Rationalised management of human • a project manager availing of the skills and technological resources, and instruments required to manage the • Optimised organisational procedures entire process. and standardised operational processes • Improved corporate organisation • Qualitative uniformity of services • Reduced inefficiencies and, conse- quently, less exposure to errors
  5. 5. 4 Confidentiality and security At Soget, confidentiality and data pro- tection are regarded as necessary ele- ments in supporting communications, production processes, and corporate tradition. Our company infrastructure is protected at all times against spamming and virus- es, and automatically backs up all data. Finally, the use of cryptography safeguards our customer’s confidentiality Our non-disclosure agreements are rights by encoding all emails and extended to our translators, who always attachments. operate in strict observance of the profes- sional secrecy act. An ISA Server provides customers secure access to our corporate network, allow- ing you to send us documents and data rapidly and to manage online projects in real time. “ By experience it may be believed, that he who trusts not, is not deceived. (Leonardo da Vinci)
  6. 6. 5 Professional translators Soget offers translations in all the main languages, sectors and formats. Translations don’t stop at merely trans- The compilation and use of specialised glossaries, continuous terminological updates, the use of CAT technologies, and rigorous quality controls guarantee forming words from one language to strict compliance with the most rigorous another. They transpose messages in requirements. their entirety, and in conformity with the Furthermore, the technologies we adopt cultural and formal conventions of the allow us to define specific Quality As- country of destination. surance procedures together with the customer, ensuring all translations are The use of mother tongue professionals subjected to predefined controls before is a fundamental requisite in our field, being submitted. and our extensive database of such professionals allows us to collaborate, in At Soget, translation is not merely an real time, with highly specialised transla- intellectual process requiring personal tors in a variety of sectors, living both in skills, specialised language knowledge Italy and abroad. Each job is managed and terminological expertise, but rather by a project manager. a production method whose solutions are aimed at safeguarding the original All production phases are monitored author’s stylistic choices. by a purposely created management program capable of selecting the best human resources, tracking the progress of jobs and documenting the quality control activities carried out. “ Translation: cultural mimicry!
  7. 7. “ Culture is what remains after we have forgotten everything. (Erbert Herriot) 6 CAT and Translation Memories CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tech- nology, which we have been using for years and have contributed to develop- ing, exploits the computer’s potential to create memories of previously translated texts, organise them, and re-offer them for new texts. Furthermore, we make extensive use As a result, the time and costs gener- of SDL TRADOS to manage projects. ally required to translate documents are This allows our customers to avail of the reduced, with clear advantages, particu- advantages offered by the CCM meth- larly in the case of large texts. odology (Create, Cleanse and Maintain When the previous translation of a translation memories). phrase or term is offered to the transla- tor, the latter may accept it, thus obtaining homogeneous style and terminology throughout the documenta- tion, or substitute it with a new version Soget is SDL parner and all our project that is either clearer or more suited to Managers have obtained SDL TRADOS the context. This substitution will then certification, attesting to its in-depth be extended to the entire line of docu- knowledge of this software. ments, resulting in improved contents! Another advantage – one of the most Finally, we can also manage projects with important for the purposes of productiv- DéjàVu, SDLX, Star Transit and other CAT ity – lies in the ability to translate texts tools. directly in the original format, such as FrameMaker or QuarkXpress, thus Our solutions allow us to operate on any avoiding the times and costs involved in Rtf, Word or Excel file, and on all the repaginating texts in different languages. main publishing formats (Adobe Fram- eMaker, InDesign, PageMaker, Interleaf / We aren’t the only international operator QuickSilver, Ms-Publisher and QuarkX- offering CAT technologies, but we are press). among those who have longest exploited their full potential, As technical documents generally also offering customers effective, well-tested include a large number of drawings, our and perfected solutions. solutions allow us to act directly on original AutoCad. DWG files, As an Across Service Provider partner, exporting, translating (via CAT tools) and our customers may avail of the efforts of re-importing all captions into the drawings. the only software manufacturer whose main activity consists entirely in provid- ing specific translation solutions.
  8. 8. “ “ Publish news in large print and people will believe it implicitly. (Jorge Luis Borges) 7 Graphic, DTP and printing department Soget’s internal DTP and printing de- partment was set up when the first DTP programs appeared on the market. • • • • Adobe Acrobat Adobe Creative Suite Adobe Flash Adobe FrameMaker Our skills have evolved with the evolv- • Adobe InDesign ing software, from the first Aldus Page- • Adobe PageMaker Maker and FrameTechnology Fram- • Broadvision QuickSilver - Interleaf eMaker to the current Adobe programs, • Microsoft Office and from the first Quark Xpress for • QuarkXPress Macintosh to the current multiplatform versions. We use all desktop publishing products, offering our services as outsourcing for Today we act as beta tester for the the planning, creation and printing of main DTP program producers. This documentation and for DTP services in allows us to become acquainted with any language. applications in advance, offering our customers the best solutions to accel- We are your single point of contact for erate the market penetration times of a the management of all your communica- product. tion products, from translation to print- ing, thus reducing your release times Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Russian: and your exposure to the risk of errors. technical resources enable texts to be translated directly in the original DTP format and subsequently adapted to any language and alphabet.
  9. 9. 8 Localisation The versions of Word or other pro- grammes that we work with in our own language have probably been produced elsewhere and localised for use in our country. This process is common to all software Soget’s services include the localisation and internationalisation of: • software (applications, programs, operating systems, ERP, etc.); applications, their accompanying • websites documentation, their packaging, and (personal, corporate, e-commerce, etc.); the DVDs explaining their main charac- teristics. • multimedia products (Flash, Swish, Breeze, and every other mul- Our localisation solutions include all the timedia format for distribution on CD, DVD, technical and linguistic processes re- etc.); quired to ensure a product may be used effectively in every corner of the world. • marketing and advertising documentation. (Transcreation) This may be achieved by analysing language conventions (hours and dates, currencies, units of measurement, ad- dresses), and through an in-depth understanding of local cus- toms, cultures, regulations and forms of communication. “ ...everyone should know that nothing harmonized according to the rules of poetry can be translated from its native tongue into another without destroying all its sweetness and harmony. (Dante, The Banquet, I, VII, 14-15)
  10. 10. “ Business growth in the Global Village. 9 Websites Soget designs and produces Internet websites, handling issues such as graphics, planning, architecture, con- tents and multilingual versions. We are able to localise web pages in non-Latin scripts (Arabic, Greek, Russian, etc.) and in non-alphabetic characters (Chinese, Japanese, Korean), whose contents may be viewed correctly through the local browsers of the countries of destina- tion. Furthermore, we offer international web marketing services, registering web- sites on search engines, arranging the exchange of sponsored and spontaneous links, updating pages with traditional and content management solutions, and coordinating sites with other corporate literature (printed mat- ter, press releases, adverts, etc.).
  11. 11. Experience: We’ve been translating since 1974. Into any language: We manage projects in all the main lan- guages using exclusively native transla- tors and revisers. Consultancy: Every job is entrusted to a qualified project Manager. Compatibility: Our comprehensive software resources include the latest release of all major WP and DTP programs for Macintosh and Windows-based systems. Technology: We use a corporate management sys- tem, as well as CTM and CAT solutions. Costs: We contain costs through productivity- enhancing strategies. References: We collaborate with over 4000 clients. Quality: We have obtained the ISO 9001 and EN 15038 certification.
  12. 12. 1 Global communications ® Soget is a Soget srl Milano registered trademark. All other trademarks are the acknowledged property of their respective owners. 2 Multilingual workflows 3 Quality 4 Confidentiality and security 5 Professional translators 6 Translation Memories and CAT tools 7 Graphic, DTP and printing department 8 Localisation 9 Websites Soget® srl Via Roncaglia, 14 20146 Milano Tel. +39 02.485.914.1 Fax +39 02.485.914.20 E-mail: SOGET