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The benefits of in-house payroll over outsourced: A user's experience


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Vickie Pickford, Payroll Manager, Dune Group Limited

The different ways in which payroll can be implemented, the benefits of each solution and advice on where each fits best.

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The benefits of in-house payroll over outsourced: A user's experience

  1. 1. In-house or Outsourcing A User’s Experiences Presented by Victoria Pickford
  2. 2. My current role Payroll manager for The Dune Group Team of 3 payroll administrators Monthly retail payroll for 1,500 ees Strong team management for complexity
  3. 3. Previous experience Two in-house factory based jobs Fully managed payroll at employee benefits firm Combined payroll, HR & personnel
  4. 4. Payroll implementation 3 main ways to implement a payroll In-house Outsourced Hosted solution (SaaS)
  5. 5. In-house Familiarity Ownership Employee trust Cost control Communication Ad-hoc reporting with no extra cost
  6. 6. Outsourcing Space saving Staff saving Contingency planning Disaster recovery Maintenance & IT support Recruitment dealt with by provider
  7. 7. Hosted solution SAAS Access to system No upfront costs Costs can be spread monthly No licence fees or IT support Various options available
  8. 8. Your payroll How many staff / pensioners? Pay frequency? Complexity of payroll? Other add-ons eg. P11d? PSA? Space for payroll department? Internal resources already? When do you need it by?
  9. 9. Cost considerations Do you need to recruit? Can you invest in new system? Can you invest in an external provider? Ongoing costs eg. maintenance
  10. 10. My Experiences Outsourcing as provider Outsourcing as customer In-house as provider In-house as customer ie. Employee!
  11. 11. Conclusions Outsourcing good solution for very simple payroll eg. Pensioners In-house must be used for all others to ensure employee trust in company and motivation remains intact
  12. 12. Question Time
  13. 13. Thank you for attending I will be happy to provide you with my contact details should you have any questions at a later date