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Softwcare Online Course- Software Safety and Dependability


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Softwcare Online Course- Software Safety and Dependability

  1. 1. Online Cours e Introduction to Software Safety and Dependability Development and Verification Duration: 24 hours* Price *This course must be completed within 500 +VAT* 30 days from the date of registration. Objective: Prerequisites: This course aims to present an overview of the meaning Software engineering concepts. of implementing, verifying and validating software safety and dependability. It presents their differents, and it is based on existing international standards and literatura for the different application domains like defence, space, Methodology: avionics, railway, etc., and the generic ISO/IEC 61508 standard. Presentation with MS Power Point slides/projector. Comments and interactive participation from the audience. Contents: Practical exercises for the different course chapters. Introduction of non-functional requirements. Introduction of software safety and dependability and other related concepts. Language: Software safety and reliability life cycle. English. Software safety and dependability engineering mechanisms: software fault prevention, tolerance, Material of the course: removal, forecasting. The material needed for the completion of the course Examples of real safety and dependability will be available for participants in our e-learning characteristics implementation and verification in real platform. projects and products. Payment: Course´s payment may be made by credit card (except Audience: participants free of VAT *) or bank transfer. In the latter Software project managers, quality engineers, software case, please contact us via: engineers, software products acquirers and in general, experts relates with software development projects. Registration and information on this and other courses: > Knowledge Center > Softwcare University *Shall be exempt from VAT: a) Entrepeneurs, professionals or individuals not residents in the European Union, b) Entrepeneurs or professionals (not individuals) residents in the European Union (excluding Spain) identifiable by their VAT/CIF . In both cases, Softwcare S.L. will send an invoice to the address provided at registration. Avda. Atlántida, 100, 1º Izq., 36208 Vigo (Spain) Telf./Fax: 986 241 485 e-mail: