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White Paper

  1. 1. RadView Software White Paper The Value of Testing in the Web World 1
  2. 2. Does your organization measure the value of web application testing? Or does testing become the hot topic of discussion only when there is an application failure or a website visitor files a complaint to customer service? Is that when QA is called in to quickly fix the problem and in essence, prove their worth? What if you could provide your boss, management team, or finance department with return on investment (ROI) data and reports? Organizations are continuously looking for the best business value, ways to justify spending and better yet, ways to reduce costs. And IT departments are forced to look for software solutions that will reap the most benefit from each dollar invested. Chances are if QA can prove automated testing can positively affect your company’s bottom line, then QA would be viewed as a different kind of hero – one that solves problems before they occur and cost the company money. This RadView article outlines areas that QA can evaluate to gather ROI examples and it offers ways to promote the value of testing and QA to your organization. ROI Benefits of Testing Finding & Fixing Bugs Early in the Development Lifecycle Saves Big Bucks Industry studies have repeatedly shown that the earlier problems are found, the more readily and cheaply they are solved. Scalability and functionality problems can often lie at the heart of a web application, and as such may be difficult, time- consuming, and costly to fix. Planning tests as the last check in an application’s development potentially exposes you to tremendous risk and late changes, at the very time you are trying to eliminate both. Leaving such tests to the end of the development cycle leaves you very vulnerable. What’s Your Hardware Capacity? You can load test your web application’s hardware configuration in order to assess capacity and optimize performance. By doing so, you may pleasantly learn you have more hardware capacity available for testing than you thought. One RadView customer, an international investment research firm, was planning to outsource the testing of a new website to verify the performance and reliability of the application and to determine the hardware requirements. They decided to perform the testing in-house. Through the load testing process, they determined that its base hardware estimate was sufficient to operate the website. Testing for Memory Leaks Just as a leaky faucet drains money from a homeowner, memory leaks on a web application can drain time, energy, and resources from the technical staff. Pinpointing and fixing memory leaks through testing can help avoid needless technical tasks. For example, one RadView customer had a major financial website that was experiencing instability during cookie verification in production. Through load testing, the QA team discovered a memory leak. Prior to this discovery the testing team was scheduling daily reboots of twenty-two of the site’s servers. With the new testing results, the testing team was able to fix the instability issue and save the company time and money. ROI Benefits of Automating the Testing Process Automated Testing Advantages Testing finds problems. Automated testing finds problems sooner. What is it worth to launch your web applications without problems and sooner? RadView has talked to many customers about the advantages that automated testing provides over manual testing. Some of these advantages include: 2
  3. 3. Overall total investment costs less with automated testing (script generation time + maintenance time + tools cost) 53% savings from reuse of scripts – savings from automated testing vs. manual testing Testers spend 60% less time on script generation as a result of script reuse Testers have more time available to analyze results and collaborate with Development on investigating and reproducing bugs, which results in fixing them sooner, and producing higher quality applications. Script reuse throughout the various areas of testing – functional testing to performance and stress testing – provides significant savings in time and money. Test Productivity Everyone wants to increase productivity, but how do you measure this? Or how do you calculate the cost savings realized through improved testing efficiency? Often times this can be done by analyzing the testing cycles and more specifically the time spent on writing scripts. Are you creating test scripts faster with an automated tool? Are the tests more comprehensive and therefore, provide more test coverage? Does your tool allow you to use the same script across different testing products? If the answers to these questions are yes, then less time is spent on developing and coding tests and more time is available to actually execute these tests and analyze the results. In addition, having the ability to schedule tests to run, unattended, during off hours is another way test teams can be more productive. Choosing a Test Vendor that Provides the Best Value Buy or License Only What You Need When evaluating testing tools, ask the vendor about different licensing scenarios. With the many different models of purchasing software today, you should be able to purchase only what you need for your project. Are you interested in trying a subscription license for one year? Will your testing needs last only 3 months? For example, a California consulting firm was able to benefit from a RadView short-term license to run load and stress tests for one of its major clients. Depending on your project, you may not need long-term licensing. Hardware and Space Requirements Carefully consider the resource footprint of the test software as well as the ability of the software to scale. Will you have to buy additional machines or memory to run the test software? What’s the memory usage per virtual client? How much hardware will you need to handle the load you need to simulate? Can you run test scripts on multiple platforms and therefore, utilize the hardware you already own? One RadView customer was able to cut hardware and memory needs in half by getting more virtual users out of each PC. This is because the test software they chose had a small footprint per virtual user and additional functionality for easy scalability. Consider the Hidden Costs of Testing How much time will a test engineer need for training? Will the engineer have to spend a week away from the office to learn a new system or a proprietary scripting language? Can they get up to speed and be productive quickly, or will it take a month or so of time in the office, jammed in between other projects, which will slow the start of the web application testing? Once testing is underway, will it require constant rework to continue to run? Look for testing software that offers flexible options and uses standard languages, such as JavaScript, as well as visual point-and click recording to create and manage test scripts, in order to shorten the learning curve, jump-start the testing process, and keep it moving. 3
  4. 4. RadView Software, Inc. RadView Software, Ltd. 7 New England Executive Park 14 Hamelacha Street Burlington, MA 01803 Park Afek Phone: 781-238-1111 Rosh Haayin, 48091 Israel Fax: 781-238-8875 Phone: +972-3-9157060 Toll Free: 1-888-RADVIEW Fax: +972-3-9157683 4