Spectator Software Usability Testing System


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Spectator Software Usability Testing System

  1. 1. Spectator Software Usability Testing System Europa: North America: BIOBSERVE GmbH BIOBSERVE Koenigswinterer Str. 418 2125 Center Ave., Suite 500 53227 Bonn Fort Lee, New Jersey 07024 T el.: +49 228 20 160 20 T el.: 201-302-6083 Fax: +49 228 20 160 29 Fax: 201-302-6062 www.usability.biobserve.com info@biobserve.com This document and its content is conf idential and was created f or the solely use of the intended audience. It is not complete unless supported by the underly ing analy ses and oral presentation of BIOBSERVE GmbH. It may not be reproduced, disclosed or passed on to third parties except with the explicit prior consent of BIOBSERVE GmbH. © BIOBSERVE Spectator 2
  2. 2. Usability Key features I Proj ect database Organize your sessions! With the integrated user definable project database you can easily manage and arrange your sessions. This is very comfortable especially for the analysis of multiple sessions because it makes it easy to find and pool your of specific projects. Participant database The user definable participant database enables you to administrate your usability test participants within our Spectator Usability software. You can save contact data and participant skills (e.g. education, computer experience, etc.) within the software and send them e-mails with test session appointments right away. Task lists Create different task lists within the task lists database. Tasks can be added, changed and deleted easily. Behav ior lists Create different lists with the behaviors you want to code (e.g. web site testing, product testing, etc.). For each behavior you assign a short cut on the keyboard. To each behavior you can assign so called modifiers to describe the behavior more detailed.You can for example add the modifiers c ontent link , left navigation bar and top navigation bar to the behavior web site navigation . Later on you can analyze how many time the participant spend navigating and which of the different navigation possibilities he used. Compose a test session To configure a test session, simply choose a task list, a behavior list and one or more participants. Assign the session to a project in the project database and you are ready to go. Of course you can add additional information like team members, a session description, etc. Session planer The session planer is a fantastic tool to plan your test sessions. It is a fully featured calendar where you can easily schedule test sessions via drag & drop. You can even assign test sessions to your team members and colleagues and send them e-mails with the session data automatically. The calendar provides you an overview over the planed sessions and you can share it in your Intranet or the Internet, too. Data acquisition During the session, the behaviors are coded either with the defined short cuts on the keyboard or with the mouse. An unlimited undo function is available. You can arrange the flexible interface to your own convenience. © BIOBSERVE - w w w .usability.biobserv e.com Softw are Usability Test System
  3. 3. Usability Key features II Play & Edit After the data acquisition you can play and edit the videos along with the data and insert or delete behaviors easily. Integrated Task and behav ior analysis The task & behavior analysis offers statistical tools to summarize and analyze the coded behaviors and tasks. Templates can be used to perform the same statistical analysis in a very comfortable way. Pattern analysis With the pattern recognition tool you can detect if there are patterns in the coded behaviors. You can use different parameters and filters to adapt the pattern recognition to your needs. Reliability analysis If multiple observers code the behaviors of the participant you can compare their different results with the reliability analysis tool. Report generator The integrated report generator lets you create standardized session reports fast and easily. You can simply summarize the most important results (e.g. time spend on task, success, failure, time out, etc.) and send them as a pdf file to your colleagues and customers. Video editing You can compose highlighted presentation videos with the most interesting scenes and data within the application. No separate video editing software is required. Free player softw are With the free "Spectator Player" software you can share and distribute your videos and data in a very comfortable way. © BIOBSERVE - w w w .usability.biobserv e.com Softw are Usability Test System
  4. 4. Usability Advantages Original size The monitor video is captured in full resolution (up to 1600x1200 pixels with ca. 10-15 frames/sec) as a MPEG video. Crystal clear The monitor video has the same size and quality as the original monitor signal. You can see and read everything on the screen.Don't be peeved by a fuzzy down scaled scan converter video any more No picture-in-picture v ideo. No cov ered screens The monitor video and the user video are two separated but synchronized files. You can resize the videos and move them around independently. Tape free recording The system uses only digital video files. No mixers, no tape recorders Small file size We use MPEG and MPEG like encoders, what provides great quality and small file sizes. A one hour test session fits on one CD. No softw are installation required Due to the fact that we use an external device to c apture the monitor signal there is no software installation on the test computer required. You can record any computer operating system. Easy to set up The system is very easy to install what is especially important if you want to use it as a mobile lab. Code behav iors Use the "Spectator" software to c ode the behaviors of the participant and mark interesting scenes in the video. Share your data With the free "Spectator Player" software provided by BIOBSERVE you can share your videos and results with your colleagues and c lients. The player enables them to watch the two synchronized videos and see your codings and bookmarks in the videos. Scalable Another big advantage of the our system is the possibility to expand the setup and to observe multiple participants and computers simultaneously (e.g. to observe how they work on the same document in a network). © BIOBSERVE - w w w .usability.biobserv e.com Softw are Usability Test System
  5. 5. Usability Software structure The software consits of four main sections Configuration Settings for Tasks, Behaviors, Participants etc. Acquisition Behavioral coding during the recording Play & Edit Play the recorded sessions and edit the codings Data Analysis Pool and analyze the acquired data and create highlighted videos with the most interesting scenes. © BIOBSERVE - w w w .usability.biobserv e.com Softw are Usability Test System
  6. 6. Usability Configuration - Behaviors Behavior settings include  Behavior name  Short cut (free definable, multiple keys possible)  Description  Category  Interactive (additional person involved in the behavior)  Exclusive (other behaviors will be terminated if this behavior is activated)  Behavior lists (can contain different behavior combinations)  Modifier (extension for a behavior, e.g. reading: content, navigation, license agreement) • Name • Short cut • Description © BIOBSERVE - w w w .usability.biobserv e.com Softw are Usability Test System
  7. 7. Usability Configuration - Behaviors © BIOBSERVE - w w w .usability.biobserv e.com Softw are Usability Test System
  8. 8. Usability Configuration - Tasks Task settings include  Name  Description  Number  Task lists © BIOBSERVE - w w w .usability.biobserv e.com Softw are Usability Test System
  9. 9. Usability Configuration - Participants Participants settings Free definable participants database - for example:  Name  Address  Gender  Phone  E-mail  Computer skills  Education  ....... © BIOBSERVE - w w w .usability.biobserv e.com Softw are Usability Test System
  10. 10. Usability Configuration - Sessions Session settings include  Supervisor  Team members  Description  Task list  Behavior list  Participants  Date and time  Project structure © BIOBSERVE - w w w .usability.biobserv e.com Softw are Usability Test System
  11. 11. Usability Configuration - Sessions planer The Session Planer is a calendar where you can schedule all open (planned) sessions in a very comfortable way. It works similar to other calendars like Microsoft Outlook or the Palm Desktop. © BIOBSERVE - w w w .usability.biobserv e.com Softw are Usability Test System
  12. 12. Usability Configuration - Global settings Global settings include  Set ups (combinations of Screen Recorders and Cameras)  Recording device settings (Screen Recorder, Cameras)  Participants table (Field settings)  Directories (Backup)  Project structure (a 5 level data base, e.g. customer, project, subproject,..)  Task rating settings (e.g. failure, success, etc.)  Colors © BIOBSERVE - w w w .usability.biobserv e.com Softw are Usability Test System
  13. 13. Usability Acquisition The acquisition section shows  the participant video  the behavior list with the short cuts  the task list  a clock (session time)  a table with your codings  a time chart with the hevaiors in different windows that you can switch on or of and arrange on the screen. You can save different window settings (e.g. for different observers). You can  code behaviors  comments  assign comments directly to behaviors  measure the task time independently of the behaviors  rate each task after it is finished (according to your rating settings in the configuration) You can use the mouse or the keyboard for coding. © BIOBSERVE - w w w .usability.biobserv e.com Softw are Usability Test System
  14. 14. Usability Play & Edit In the Play & Edit section you can watch your recorded sessions and edit the coded behaviors and comments. Of course you can add and delete behaviors and comments as well. A table with all codings and a time chart graph are presented along with the video data. © BIOBSERVE - w w w .usability.biobserv e.com Softw are Usability Test System
  15. 15. Usability Data Analysis Pool and analyze the acquired data Session selection Select the session(s) you want to analyze from the project data base Task analysis Analyze the tasks (how many completed, failed, etc.) Behavior analysis Analyze the behaviors (occurrence, duration, etc.) Pattern Analysis Find out if certain patterns occur in the behavior of the participants. Reliability Analysis If more than one observer code the behaviors you can compare the codings Highlighted Videos Create highlighted videos of the most interesting scenes for your clients. © BIOBSERVE - w w w .usability.biobserv e.com Softw are Usability Test System