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Sonata Software Limited


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Sonata Software Limited

  1. 1. Case Study Ananthakrishnan J Comprehensive Architect, Sonata Software Testing Services for a realtime Performance Management Solution Sonata Software Limited
  2. 2. Sonata provides testing and product enhancement services for a leading provider of enterprise software solutions The customer, a provider of enterprise software solutions, was SOLUTION OVERVIEW looking for a partner, who could test its product used by enterprises Profile for integration of financial business processes and also manage its Sonata Software, headquartered in releases better. Bangalore, India, is a leading IT consulting and services company. Sonata's customers are located across the US, Europe and the Asia- Pacific region. Its portfolio of services Customer Profile includes IT Consulting, Product Engineering Services, Travel The customer is a global enterprise software company providing customers with Solutions, Application Development, financial products and services to optimize business performance across their Application Management, Managed Testing, Business Intelligence, enterprises. The company provides more than 18,000 customers worldwide, Infrastructure Management and including approximately 40% of the Fortune 100, with the core financial and Packaged Applications. As per the industry rankings released by operational solutions and services to improve their business performance in real NASSCOM for FY07-08, Sonata Software ranked among the Top 20 IT time. Software and Service Exporters in India. Ever since the company’s inception in 1971, their customers have relied on the Website company’s business-critical products and support resources to power their enterprises. To customers worldwide, large and small, their software and services Scenario are synonymous with dependability, stability and overall functionality. They are a Testing of the product used by the leading global provider of enterprise business solutions that can be employed in customer for integration of its financial business processes and various functional areas of enterprises. product release management. Business Scenario Platforms /Technologies The customer has a product, which can integrate a number of financial business MS WAST/ACT. processes and provides a Performance Management Solution that enables AnswerLink. enterprises’ management to set strategic goals and action plans, track them and take corrective actions. The most important feature of the product is that it MS Excel. processes all data in real-time, based on its configuration. ABTS (in-house tool). The product can be used in functional areas such as Budgeting; Expense VSS 5.0. Reporting; Financial Consolidation; Forecasting; Payment Requests; Planning; VS.NET. Production Reporting; Reporting & Analysis; Strategy Management; Travel Plans; Benefits and Timesheets. All these functional areas map to packageable modules. o Cost benefits The customer was looking for a quality assurance specialist, who could not only o Effort savings bring a number of performance and scalability improvements in the product by testing it, but also manage its releases better. o Streamlined Performance and Scalability Testing The customer chose Sonata as their preferred partner due to certain specific o Early fixing of performance reasons: issues. Sonata’s focus on ISVs. Capability to ramp up/down the team. Sonata’s proposition to resell the customer’s product in the Indian market. Comprehensive Testing Services For A 1 Sonata Software Limited Realtime Performance Management Solution
  3. 3. Solution Delivered Sonata followed the approach given below for testing the customer’s product: Creation of a blueprint, including the following: o Knowledge Transfer and Knowledge Acquisition Plan; Quality Plan; Internal Training Plan; and Resources and Staffing Plan. o Infrastructure Plan; Team Organization; and Service-Level Agreement. o Critical Success Factors; Communication Plan; and Issues and Risks. Setting up of an offshore test lab with dedicated QA engineers to focus on specialized activities viz. Performance and Scalability Testing. This team broadened the scope of Performance and Scalability Testing, which otherwise would not have been possible at customer-site. It also provided inputs based on Performance and Scalability Testing to the Product Sizing Guide for every major release of the product. Identification of performance bottlenecks and scalability problems in the product. To satisfy the customer’s requirements for the product, Sonata executed the following processes: Performance and Scalability Testing. Automated Regression Testing. Manual Functionality Testing. Language Translatability Testing. Product Enhancements. Some of the significant highlights of the project executed by Sonata are as given below: Four major versions of the product were tested. More than 125 cycles of Performance Testing were executed. More than 25 cycles of Scalability Testing were performed. More than 30 cycles of Functionality Testing were carried out. Automated Regression Tests: o EQL and Decision Tests were done everyday. o Engines Tests were performed on a Need-Basis. Tools & Technology Sonata used the following tools and technologies for execution of the project: Purpose Tool used Load Generation MS WAST/ACT Defect Tracking AnswerLink Project Management - Planning/Scheduling MS Excel Comprehensive Testing Services For A 2 Sonata Software Limited Realtime Performance Management Solution
  4. 4. Purpose Tool used Project Management - Effort Tracking ABTS (in-house tool) Configuration Management VSS 5.0 Development VS.NET Business Benefits The project executed by Sonata resulted in the following business benefits for the customer: Estimated cost benefits of 40% to 50% per Test Cycle due to off-shoring. Effort savings of 45% per Typical Scalability Test Cycle due to automation achieved offshore. Streamlined Performance and Scalability Testing in an environment isolated from development/production. Scalability Tests conducted on Oracle 10g/9i. Comprehensive Testing Services For A 3 Sonata Software Limited Realtime Performance Management Solution