Software Testing Services


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Software Testing Services

  1. 1. Software Testing Services Effective testing is critical to successful deployment of software products. Hundsun provides an integrated approach employing a proven test process and an automated framework and tools. Our test center is staffed with highly skilled professional test engineers. We support clients in China, Japan, and the United States.
  2. 2. Introduction Delivering quality software products “ready for prime time” is always a challenge. Tight release schedules and resource shortages are the rule not the exception in software development. There is often little that can be done to relieve schedule pressure and many organizations find it difficult to maintain a dedicated, trained test team equipped with the best tools to accomplish the testing mission. Hundsun provides solutions to these challenges ranging from short term testing for a specific project to large scale test support requiring 24X7 operations to providing dedicated test teams to support a group of products over an extended period. Capable of onsite/offsite onshore/offshore support we provide cost effective testing solutions tuned to the specific needs of our clients. Partner with Hundsun for a complete solution to your software testing needs. Our testing services will align with your business needs and assure your software quality and customer satisfaction. Value Proposition At Hundsun, Software Testing is a valued expertise. Our independent Software Test Center consists of expert software test engineers who follow an established testing process and utilize best-in-breed testing tools and methodologies. Because we understand the importance of communication, our team is individually chosen not just for their software testing knowledge and expertise but also for their communication skills and English proficiency. At Hundsun we recognize the importance of mature, repeatable processes in software testing and to the success of our clients products. At Hundsun we have adopted the Software Engineering Institute’s Capability Maturity Model and the Project Management Institute’s Project Management Professional standard as the cornerstones of our software test process. Hundsun’s Software Test Center is located in Hangzhou, China, in the heart of China’s primary high technology development center. Our modern facilities and infrastructure located in close proximity to top universities create an environment highly suited to staffing and operating a state-of-the-art Software Test Center. This environment has attracted some of the world’s top corporations to establish software R&D centers in Hangzhou. With the completion of the new MAGLEV train in 2008 Hangzhou, one of China’s most beautiful and famous cities will be a mere 30 minutes from downtown Shanghai. With offices in Japan and now in the USA, Hundsun can provide local support as needed to satisfy our client’s needs including general support, business needs analysis, and test plan development and execution..
  3. 3. Our services include functional, performance, system, and regression testing. We have experience in a variety of domains including financial services, telecom, healthcare, traffic management, e-government and more. Test Services We will start by gaining a thorough understanding of your application and testing requirements; our dedicated test team will develop scripts and workload models to accurately mirror your application's working load. The team then uses these to generate performance metrics. Upon completion of testing we submit a comprehensive report of our findings and recommendations. Test Automation Services Our Test Automation Services ensure that the software quality is enhanced, while reducing both the time-to-market and cost of testing. Servicess include establishing automation architecture, scripting, test execution/regression testing and script maintenance. We can help you take advantage of the latest test automation tools. Hundsun's test engineers have extensive expertise using most of the leading test tools as described below. Engagement Models Test Services Test Automation • Project Based • Functional Testing • Mercury WinRunner • System Testing • Mercury LoadRunner • Dedicated Test Center • Performance Testing • JMeter • Load & Stress Testing • Rational Robot • Regression Testing • IBM Rational Test • Specialized Testing Manager • Mercury Quality Center/Test Director • Segue SilkCentre • Compuware QALoad • Sun Apache JMeter • Segue Silk Performer • Bugzilla Engagement Models At Hundsun, our engagement model is adapted to the needs of our client but generally falls into one of two categories. In the first our test support is project based in which our effort is closely aligned with specific project needs, schedule, etc. These engagements may last several weeks or many months. In the second model we are focused on longer term needs that usually span several projects and which may be broad based. Overall test center management may be provided by Hundsun or the client. We may operate in a Joint Venture mode or our support may be designed for the eventual transfer of the center to the client ownership.
  4. 4. Engagement Model Your Deliverables Test Activities Our Deliverables Project Based • Project Documents • Test Planning • Test Plan • Test Strategy • Test Execution • Test Cases • Software to be tested • Reporting • Defect Reports • Reviews • Progress Reports Dedicated Test Center Client decides on Activities Deliverables deliverables scope Synched with customized to fit according to Test Client planned activities Center requirements Development and resources process Infrastructure Hundsun’s development center in Hangzhou, China demonstrates our commitment to invest in infrastructure. Our safety and IP security systems, as well as advanced communications infrastructure, ensure reliable client connectivity and 100% data security. Our network infrastructure, access controls, data security policies and disaster recovery/back-up policies comply with our Information Security Management. Our Local Area Network is connected through switches with multiple VLAN configurations which can be configured to setup a completely separate network within the existing facility. Clients can keep their security concerns at bay since the Source Code, Test case, and defect tracking repositories reside in the clients' servers at all times. Summary Our extensive testing experience, domain expertise, best-in-class infrastructure and flexible working environment enable us to meet the unique and immediate needs of global software enterprises. Whatever your testing requirements are, Hundsun has you covered.