Software Testing
Testing and Quality Assurance services
proven to reduce project risk
What we do
FDM offers a comprehensive quality assurance and             FDM specialises in reducing project risk as well
 Fully managed and flexible service                Shared risk
Case Studies
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Software Testing


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Software Testing

  1. 1. FDMGROUP Software Testing Testing and Quality Assurance services proven to reduce project risk
  2. 2. What we do FDM offers a comprehensive quality assurance and FDM specialises in reducing project risk as well software testing service, designed to address the as cost, ultimately improving both the quality and typical challenges faced by businesses throughout performance of your IT systems. the globe. These two factors will contribute immensely to the Our experience, wide-ranging expertise of success of your company, by maximising efficiency technology and track record of success differentiates and minimising potential risks. us from the competition, which is why we have an impressive list of loyal clients. How we do it FDM brings the best people and the latest Furthermore, the service is fully flexible and FDM technologies together, with a strong focus on can guarantee secure off-site test labs offering processes and procedures. We begin by selecting a virtual environments. These replicate your test mix of FDM Consultants with the right skill-sets for infrastructure and have the capability of remote the project, followed by additional training (involving access connectivity. your company’s tools and techniques). Our end-to-end testing solution covers all the The software testing service we offer includes quality following deliverables (aligned to the Software management, risk reviews and health checks, Development Life Cycle); as well as all assessment and implementation. Localisation and Systems and Enterprise Functionality Testing level Testing Configuration, Compliance Compliance and and Compatibility Testing Acceptance Tests Integration Testing Recovery Testing Installation Testing Usability Testing Regression Testing Sanity Testing Test planning, Test case Test automation development, Script development and execution Performance, Load and Stress Testing Web-based defect tracking and management Security Testing Document Testing
  3. 3. Why FDM Fully managed and flexible service Shared risk Continuous or ad hoc geographical flexibility no minimum term Service Continuity and Quality guaranteed resource for up assurance throughout to 24 months accredited ISTQB Test Consultants Pre-project training in your systems and technologies Competitive day rates Transparent low cost model, enabling effective budget planning Who we do it for Sky values the flexibility of FDM, who we have partnered with to assist us with development and testing on our core broadcast applications. Working with FDM consultants has enabled us to adopt a flexible and cost efficient model for development and test work, allowing us to quickly expand or contract the teams as demand requires. Tim Taylor • head of Broadcast and aTS aDM BSkyB UBS
  4. 4. Case Studies BSkyB SITA Challenge Challenge BSkyB have a fast moving project environment SITa advanced Travel Solutions needed to with intermittent releases. Testing on 3rd party implement a large team of Developers and software is invariably squeezed meaning that Testers for a government project with very BSkyB require additional assistance during tight deadlines and strict Sla’s. project peaks to enable testing to be carried out without compromising the quality of the end SoluTIon product on release. Therefore, a knowledgeable FDM group was able to provide a ‘teaming FDM Testing team was requested at short solution’ which covered the full project life notice to support an in-house sales application. cycle: a Technical architect to fine-tune a development approach, a blended team of 20 SoluTIon Java Developers and 12 Testers. as named FDM allocated a team of nine Testers assigned supplier, FDM group was able to deliver the to carry out load and performance testing complete solution on time, to target and for the business as usual (Bau) project work within budget. stream. FDM also carried out knowledge transfer in relation to an automated regression ouTCoMe pack and adopted a phased approach, which as a teaming solution they were successful involved working on-site with BSkyB initially, in completing the project deliverables within with a long-term view of transitioning the an even tighter timescale than originally service off-site to FDM’s london Test lab. predicted. a project that was estimated to take 2yrs+ was delivered in just 12 months, ouTCoMe an achievement which saved SITa valuable FDM invested in bespoke training for our Test time and money. analysts (on behalf of BSkyB) in performance tools to increase their skill-levels, quickly We have used FDM consultants at different getting to grips with a very complex application. levels throughout the team, from Mounties to The engagement has been so successful that experienced Senior Test Analysts, and we have FDM replaced BSkyB’s high-cost contractors never had a complaint about the quality of work with FDM Test analysts, saving BSKYB a large provided. We would certainly not have been able sum of money, as well as offering additional to complete as many projects on time without flexibility of service. the help of FDM. Test Manager • The AA FDM: an award-winning company IITT Awards UK IT Industry Awards SBA Awards BAHBA Training Department of the Best IT Services Supplier of International Business of the Best Place to Work 2009 Year 2010 the Year 2009 Year & Best Employer 2009 Silver Award Training Department of the Year 2010 For further information please contact: Andy King (0)870 060 3100 head of Testing andy.king@fdmgroup.com