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  1. 1. Featuring a NEW Technical Pr ogram! INTERNATIONAL EXPERTS: Mike Ennis BMC Software Paul Gerrard Systeme Evolutif Limited Elisabeth Hendrickson Aveo Johanna Rothman Rothman Consulting Group, Inc. James Whittaker Florida Institute of Technology Bill Woodworth IBM IN-DEPTH TUTORIALS AND WORKSHOPS: Software Testing Basics Test Automation Object-Oriented Testing Acceptance Testing Measuring Test Planning the Project I N T E R N A T I O N A L C O N F E R E N C E O N System Test SOFTWARE TESTING Test Process Improvement Testing Real-Time and A N A LY S I S & R E V I E W Embedded Software Test Design Techniques Web Testing May 14-18, 2001 Plus 10 More! Orlando, Florida, USA 43 presentations of testing The Rosen Centre Hotel experiences from leading software organizations An SQE Production Plus THE TESTING EXPO Save $100! Register by April 13! May 16-17, 2001 Media Sponsors:
  2. 2. I N T E R N A T I O N A L C O N F E R E N C E O N S TA R May 14-18, 2001 EAST 2 001 SOFTWARE TESTING The Rosen Centre Hotel A N A LY S I S & R E V I E W Orlando, FL, USA STAR combines the real-world testing experiences of leading software organizations with insight from well-known test experts. SOFTWARE TESTING—A CRITICAL KEY AT STAREAST 2001, YOU WILL . . . TO SOFTWARE SUCCESS • Attend information-packed sessions covering critical Superior software testing knowledge is more critical to business issues facing testers today. success than ever before. As businesses become more and more reliant on issues of software reliability, scalability, and • Listen to dynamic and insightful industry speakers from a range of industry, government, academia, and performance, the thoroughness and accuracy of their software corporate software organizations. testing becomes even more vital. Every day, new technologies, applications, and methods raise the standards for the quality of • Learn specific ways to improve your testing process. software expected by corporate divisions and end users. As • Discover the latest tools, products, and services eBusiness and e-commerce continue to drive rapid and widespread from the industry’s leading test automation vendors. change, it’s crucial your test team has access to the most current and relevant information in the software testing industry. • Network with industry experts, colleagues, and solutions providers. WANT TO BUILD AND DELIVER BETTER WHO SHOULD ATTEND SOFTWARE? ATTEND STAREAST 2001! As the world’s largest and most advanced software testing • Software developers and testers looking for automated testing solutions forum, STAREAST 2001’s one-of-a-kind educational conference and EXPO provides you with exposure to the best and brightest • Software or test managers, quality assurance professionals, and software engineers working to minds from all over the world—from international software improve productivity and software quality testing experts to the industry’s most respected developers and managers. Explore new techniques, discover the latest products, • Experienced software testers seeking new ways to and learn about industry changes and trends. Whether you’re an improve their testing process experienced software tester or just getting started, STAREAST • Web testers and developers searching for the latest 2001 provides you with the skills and expertise you need to tools and technologies ultimately build and deliver better software. L I S T E N T O W H AT PA S T S TA R D E L E G AT E S H AV E T O S AY . . . “I wish that I could send every one of my “Superb as always, STAR is the most “Love the conference. Mentally testers to this conference if only for the effective way of keeping up-to-date on exhausting but very stimulating. Gets opportunity to share ideas and current quality practices. Highly me enthused and energized to go back experiences with their peers. This recommended for anyone in software to work and try new ideas I’ve learned conference gives the gift of re-exciting development who needs a lot of here.” them about their profession!” information but has limited time.” Harmon Avera Catherine Wolfe Sandi Oswalt Software Design Engineer QA/Testing Director QA Lead Hewlett-Packard Community Health Information Services First American Credco 2
  3. 3. S TA R E A S T 2 0 0 1 E V E N T H I G H L I G H T S L E A R N W H AT A S TA R E X P E R I E N C E C A N D O F O R Y O U A N D Y O U R C O M PA N Y ! TA B L E O F C O N T E N T S THE TESTING EXPO 20 IN-DEPTH TUTORIALS & WORKSHOPS MAY 16-17, 2001 PA G E provide classroom-style instruction on key testing 4 topics such as Test Automation, Test Explore and Evaluate a Management, Web/eBusiness Testing, Test Wealth of Testing Design, and much more. Resources! PA G E 6 FEATURED SESSIONS Complete your conference 8 provide insight and perspective from respected experience with a visit to the international testing experts. STAREAST 2001 Testing EXPO! Get hands-on learning 40+ EXHIBITORS AT THE TESTING EXPO PA G E with the latest testing 11 feature the latest in testing technology, technologies, software, and tools, and services. tools—straight from the companies that provide them 43 CONCURRENT SESSIONS to you. Attend informative PA G E illustrate testing strategies of leading software vendor demos and technical 12 organizations presented by veteran software presentations held throughout testers and developers. the EXPO to support your software testing efforts. PA G E SPECIAL NETWORKING EVENTS 18 See the Conference-at-a- Glance (pages 10-11) for a preview of exhibitors. S P E C I A L P R E S E N TAT I O N Thursday, May 17, 4:45 p.m. EXPO Hours Developers Are from Neptune. . .Testers Wednesday, May 16, 11:45 - 6:30 Are from Pluto Thursday, May 17, 8:00 - 3:45 Dorothy Graham, Mark Fewster, and Lloyd Roden Grove Consultants For Sponsor/Exhibitor news and updates, visit Don’t miss this fun, special session with a serious twist. Based on a number of parallels between these two planets, it looks at the relationship between testers and developers. This lively Build Your Own presentation focuses on how the tester communicates with the Personal Conference! developer, with examples of how—and how not—to do it. SEE THE CONFERENCE- Audience participation is encouraged. AT-A-GLANCE Pages 10-11 CALL 800-423-8378 OR 904-278-0707 TO REGISTER W W W. S Q E . C O M 3
  4. 4. PRE-CONFERENCE TUTORIALS & WORKSHOPS T U T O R I A L S / W O R K S H O P S M O N D AY, M AY 1 4 , 9 : 0 0 - 5 : 0 0 A Introduction to Testing Web Sites/Applications Steve Splaine is a Chartered Engineer with Steve Splaine, Splaine & Associates nearly 20 years’ More and more testers and test managers are being asked to make the transition from testing experience in developing traditional software in client/server, PC, and mainframe environments to testing rapidly changing Web software systems: applications. This tutorial helps those making the transition by explaining these new technologies and Web/Internet, suggesting testing methods and techniques that can be included in a Web site’s site navigation, Client/Server, Mainframe, and PCs. He is functional, and usability test plans. Using live demos of representative Web testing tools, Steve an experienced project manager, tester, Splaine provides you with an overview of which tests can be—and should be—automated. and presenter who has worked/presented at over 100 companies in North America This tutorial will be repeated on Tuesday, May 15, 2001. and Europe. B Software Testing: The Basics Dale Perry has over 25 years of experience in Dale Perry, Software Quality Engineering information technology. Conducting software testing after coding is completed is not only ineffective, but it’s also costly. He has been a The most efficient testing approach applies sound testing practices throughout the entire developer, DBA, project software lifecycle. Dale Perry details a testing lifecycle that parallels the software development manager, tester, and lifecycle and focuses on defect prevention as well as early detection. Learn when, what, and how test manager. His project experience to test, and ways to improve the testability of your system. Gain the basics for implementing a includes large system conversion, pragmatic, yet systematic, integrated approach to testing software. distributed systems, on-line applications, client/server, and Web applications. C A Roadmap for Automating Mike Sowers Tom Wissink has has over two worked in software Software Testing decades of development, Mike Sowers and Tom Wissink, Software experience in software the engineering configuration Development Technologies and quality management, This tutorial provides a practical guide for selecting and managing fields with extensive experience in systems engineering, integration, and test test automation. Mike Sowers and Tom Wissink present core testing requirements gathering, defect engineering for 25 years. Prior to joining tool terminology, concepts, and best practices, while illustrating prevention techniques, defect Software Development Technologies, he techniques for evaluating and implementing tools. Live demos are containment approaches, software was the Chief Integration and Test used to illustrate representative, full-function tools. Learn how to verification and validation Engineering Specialist in Lockheed effectively integrate tools into the testing process. Examine a best- practices, and software engineering Martin’s Mission Systems Company, an of-breed list of tool vendors and test automation products. methodologies. SEI CMM Level 5 company. D Establishing A Test Automation Framework Linda Hayes is CEO of WorkSoft, Inc., a software Linda Hayes, WorkSoft, Inc. company specializing in Linda Hayes presents a detailed implementation approach for test automation that accelerates test automation. She has the development effort, dramatically shortens the learning curve, allows nontechnical analysts to over 18 years of experience develop and execute automated tests, and even simplifies test library management and in software quality and maintenance. Learn how this practical and proven approach can be used with any testing tool and testing and holds degrees in accounting, tax, applies to Web, client/server, and character-based applications. Sample scripts and a and law. Linda is a frequent speaker and demonstration of a completed test library are provided. award-winning author of books and articles, including a monthly column in Datamation. E A Practical Guide to Software Test Management: Lloyd Roden has been involved in the software Task and People Issues NEW industry since 1980. He was chairman of the Lloyd Roden, Grove Consultants QARun User Group for This tutorial brings together task and people issues in software test management. Getting the three years, and is a lively balance right is vital for success. Concentrating only on the testing tasks without looking to the and enthusiastic speaker at conferences and interests of the test team can appear overbearing, whereas placing too much emphasis on the seminars. At Grove Consultants, he provides people issues could depict the department as nothing more than a holiday camp. Learn how to consultancy and training in all aspects of develop an ideal framework to get the right balance between task and people issues within your testing, specializing in test management, organization. people issues, and test automation. F Object-Oriented Testing Lee Copeland has over 30 years of Lee Copeland, Software Quality Engineering experience as an information systems Lee Copeland describes techniques that exploit object-oriented design principles to improve your professional in the test effort. He discusses the real-world challenges of testing object-oriented software and provides areas of application specific suggestions for overcoming many of the problems. Learn how to vary test coverage to fit development and software process diverse needs and resources, and find out how to deal with the testing challenges of improvement. He has taught seminars and encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism. Take home a basic object-oriented testing process consulted extensively throughout the with recommendations for testing base classes, subclasses, clusters, and frameworks. United States and internationally. 4 Each selection runs a full day and includes lunch.
  5. 5. MONDAY, MAY 14, 9:00-5:00 T U T O R I A L S / W O R K S H O P S WORKSHOPS Group Workshops: Interactive . . . Hands-On . . . Limited to 30 Students Registrations will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis. G Test Process Improvement Using the TPI® Approach Martin Pol has played a significant role in Martin Pol, POLTEQ IT Services B.V. helping to raise the awareness and improve The Test Process Improvement (TPI) model gives practical guidelines for assessing the maturity the performance of level of testing in an organization and a step-by-step approach to improve your testing process. testing in Europe. In his The model, dedicated to testing, is complementary to the Capability Maturity Model (CMM). The function as R&D manager of IQUIP TPI model consists of 20 key areas supporting different levels of test maturity. Using a Test Informatica B.V., he developed—together Maturity Matrix, Martin Pol describes how to set priorities for test process improvement in your with his colleagues—the TMap® method that has become a standard approach for organization. Participants will receive a copy of the TPI book, Test Process Improvement—A structured testing, and the Test Process Practical Step-by-Step Guide to Structured Testing, by Tim Koomen and Martin Pol. Improvement (TPI®) model. As a senior TPI® and TMap® are registered trademarks of IQUIP Informatica B.V. consultant of POLTEQ IT Services B.V., he provides international testing services. H Testing Real-Time and Embedded Software Jon Hagar has worked in the software engineering Jon Hagar, Lockheed Martin Astronautics industry for more than 20 This workshop covers basic and advanced concepts in testing real-time, embedded software years, specializing in testing/verification and systems. Many of the issues associated with embedded computer systems are common with all validation. He teaches testing, but there are special considerations that this workshop addresses. Come explore test classes at both a professional and college planning, development, execution, and evaluation methods including related issues of level, and is frequently published in the areas automation, modeling, measurement, and reliability. Exercises and interactive classroom of software testing, verification, validation, discussions tackle common problems, including how system issues impact testing and what the product integrity and assessment, system differences mean to you the tester. engineering, and quality assurance. I Acceptance Testing NEW Geoff Quentin’s career in information Geoff Quentin, QBIT Limited technology spans nearly three decades. An Acceptance testing is often treated as a phase located between programming and implementation, accomplished speaker yet testing is an activity necessary in all phases of a development or maintenance project. This and lecturer on software workshop provides you with an introduction to all the key points and issues involved in software testing and related topics, he is a member acceptance testing. Learn about the “Two Team Model” and the 1-2-3 model of testing. Explore of ISEB (Information Systems Examinations testing as an iterative process, the initial acceptance test plan, acceptance test methods, and Board) and Founder and Chairman of the tools to support acceptance testing. Discover how analysts and designers can work closely with British Computer Society Specialist Interest Group in Software Testing. users in the acceptance testing of a system to ensure a quality product. J Testing from the Beginning: Dean Leffingwell is Jim Heumann has worked in the Use Cases at Work NEW senior vice software business president of since 1982. He has Dean Leffingwell and Jim Heumann, Rational Software Process and performed analysis, Learn how to involve test professionals early in the software Project development, development lifecycle by participating in the analysis, review, and Management at Rational Software, design, training, and project where his responsibilities include management in several organizations refinement of use cases. In this hands-on workshop, learn what use methodology, the Rational Unified of various sizes and industry cases are, how they are used to specify functional requirements, Process, customer education and segments. Jim has been with Rational how to write use cases, and how to review and refine use cases training, and products in the Software for more than two years, written by others. Then, apply the developed use cases as patterns requirements, change request most of which have been spent helping to directly drive the development of system test cases and management, and project customers understand and implement procedures. Specific quality measures of use cases are described. management disciplines. He is the software processes and tools. lead author of the book, Managing This workshop is intended for test managers, QA engineers, and Software Requirements: A Unified test leaders who develop and lead testing methodologies within Approach. their organizations. Due to the interactive nature of these workshops, limited seating is available. Sign up early! C A L L 8 0 0 - 4 2 3 - 8 3 7 8 O R 9 0 4 - 2 7 8 - 0 7 0 7 T O R E G I S T E R • W W W . S Q E . C O M 5
  6. 6. TUESDAY, MAY 15, 9:00-5:00 T U T O R I A L S / W O R K S H O P S K Improving Your Test Process through Measurements Ed Weller is a Fellow at Bull where he is Ed Weller, Bull responsible for the Although testing can account for up to 50 percent or more of product development costs, few software processes organizations accurately measure their test effectiveness or efficiency. Using the Measurement used by the GCOS8 Framework for Software Test, this introductory tutorial covers defect tracking, test effort, test operating systems effectiveness and efficiency measures, test progress, testware design measurement, and other group. He was the program chair for the Applications of Software Measurement elements that give insight into the costs and results of test activities. The tutorial approaches (ASM) 2001 conference, as well as past these issues from a large development organization’s perspective and includes legacy and program chair for ASM ’96, ’99, and ’00. software maintenance issues. Learn how to accurately evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your test activities as a basis for improvement. L Test Design Fundamentals Ross Collard is a consultant specializing in Ross Collard, Collard & Company software testing. His With deadline pressures and shifting requirements often facing you, good test case design can make current clients include the difference between success and failure in a testing effort. Ross Collard explains how to sharpen American Express, General your deductive skills in order to design workable, reusable test cases with a reasonable assurance of Electric, IBM, Cisco, Dell, test coverage and reliability. This tutorial provides you with the opportunity to work on a series of real- Nortel, and NASA. He also teaches software life testing scenarios and learn a step-by-step process for designing the “best” test cases. testing at the University of California Berkley. M Testing and Test Automation: NEW Edward Kit, founder and Mike Sowers has over two Establishing Effective Architectures president of decades of Software experience in Edward Kit and Mike Sowers, Software Development Technologies Development the engineering This tutorial provides a practical guide for addressing three essential Technologies, is a and quality testing challenges: how to design and document a highly inspectable test recognized expert in the area of fields with extensive experience in suite; how to effectively architect an automated regression test library; software testing and automation. His requirements gathering, defect and how to integrate test design and automation technology using Action best-selling book, Software Testing in prevention techniques, defect Words. Examples, case studies, and demonstrations are used to the Real World: Improving the containment approaches, software illustrate a proven test automation architecture. Learn about the common Process, has been adopted as a verification and validation automation problems and how to overcome them. Discover how to create standard by companies worldwide. practices, and software engineering a process for test design that supports effective test automation. methodologies. Steve Splaine is a N Introduction to Testing Web Sites/Applications Chartered Engineer with Steve Splaine, Splaine & Associates nearly 20 years’ experience in developing More and more testers and test managers are being asked to make the transition from testing software systems: traditional software in client/server, PC, and mainframe environments to testing rapidly changing Web/Internet, Web applications. This tutorial helps those making the transition by explaining these new technologies Client/Server, Mainframe, and PCs. He is and suggesting testing methods and techniques that can be included in a Web site’s site navigation, an experienced project manager, tester, and presenter who has worked/presented functional, and usability test plans. Using live demos of representative Web testing tools, Steve at over 100 companies in North America Splaine provides you with an overview of which tests can be—and should be—automated. and Europe. (This tutorial is a repeat of Monday’s session.) O Planning Your Project’s System Testing NEW Johanna Rothman is the founder and principal Johanna Rothman, Rothman Consulting Group, Inc. of Rothman Consulting Group, Inc. A frequent Not only do software testers rarely have enough time to test, it is often difficult for them to speaker and author on choose what to test, how much to test, and to know when testing is complete. This tutorial managing high technology helps participants determine what is important to test for each project and how to plan the product development, she has written articles testing for that project. Discover typical problems that arise during the testing part of a project for numerous industry publications and and ways to resolve them. publishes Reflections, a quarterly newsletter about managing product development. P Testing Web Sites/Applications—The Next Step NEW Dale Perry has over 25 years of experience in Dale Perry, Software Quality Engineering information technology. He has been a Many organizations are seeking to deploy mission-critical Web sites/applications that are developer, DBA, project intended to attract large numbers of revenue-generating visitors. This tutorial helps the developer manager, tester, and or tester already experienced in testing small-scale Web sites understand the technologies test manager. His project experience needed to make Web sites more secure and scalable. Learn about the automated tools available includes large system conversion, to assist you in testing your site before and after it goes live. Find out the differences between distributed systems, on-line applications, client/server, and Web applications. load testing, stress testing, integrity testing, and endurance testing. Gain insight into different attack points that a hacker could attempt to exploit. 6 Each selection runs a full day and includes lunch.
  7. 7. TUESDAY, MAY 15, 9:00-5:00 T U T O R I A L S / W O R K S H O P S Group Workshops: Interactive . . . Hands-On . . . Limited to 30 Students WORKSHOPS Registrations will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis. Rex Black is president Q Managing Test Execution NEW and principal consultant Rex Black, Rex Black Consulting of Rex Black Consulting Services, Inc., an Planning, test development, and early involvement in the software lifecycle are important, but at international software and some point the tests must be run. It is this period of time that poses unique challenges for test hardware testing and managers and lead test engineers. Based on nearly two decades of software, hardware, and quality assurance consultancy. He assists systems experience, Rex Black covers the essential tools, important techniques, critical processes, clients with implementation, consulting, training, and staffing for testing and quality and fundamental management skills for people involved in leading or managing test execution phases. assurance projects. He is the author of Explore some of the challenges—and proposed solutions—that test managers may encounter. Managing the Testing Process. R Testing UML Models Lee Copeland has over 30 years of experience as Lee Copeland, Software Quality Engineering an information systems professional in the areas For centuries, people have developed models of systems before they have even begun of application construction of those systems. Object-oriented analysts and designers also build models, with development and UML currently being the preferred notation. This workshop describes four basic object-oriented software process improvement. He has models (use cases, class diagrams, sequence diagrams, and state-transition diagrams), taught seminars and consulted extensively explains their purpose, gives examples of each, and provides sets of questions that you as a throughout the United States and tester can use to evaluate the quality of these models during inspections and audits. internationally. Claire Lohr has been an S Key Test Design Techniques NEW active professional in the Claire Lohr, Lohr Systems computer field for over 30 years, with the last 15 This workshop goes beyond basic methodology and picks up where most testing and years focused on software documentation standards courses leave off—providing you with structured methods for process improvement. selecting a “smart” subset of the infinite continuum that is available. Learn how to design test She currently provides training and consulting cases using structured techniques based on both “scientific” and “artistic” methods. Choose services for a wide variety of both government and commercial clients, and is a test case documentation formats. Practice all techniques taught in this workshop using either Certified Software Quality Engineer and a Web page or GUI examples, or your own system’s documentation. Learn how to design Lloyd’s Register ISO 9000 Lead Auditor. improved processes based on results from executing test cases. Dorothy Graham is the T Inspection for Testers NEW founder of Grove Dorothy Graham, Grove Consultants Consultants in the UK, which provides advice, Inspection is the single most effective quality improvement technique for software and its training, and inspiration in related documents, including test documents. A mature inspection process can find up to 80 software testing, testing percent of the defects present—most found early in the lifecycle when they are much cheaper tools, and inspection. She is on the boards of to fix. Gain hands-on experience in applying the inspection process as described in the book, conferences and journals in software testing, Software Inspection, by Tom Gilb and Dorothy Graham. Learn how this technique, when and has been an active member of the British Computer Society’s Specialist Interest Group properly applied, can have a dramatic effect on the quality of written documents within all in Software Testing since 1989. aspects of software development and testing. Due to the interactive nature of these workshops, limited seating is available. Sign up early! FREE Post-Conference Workshop THE EVENT ORGANIZER STAREAST 2001 is produced by Software Quality Engineering Friday, May 18 – 1:30-3:30 p.m. (SQE). Founded in 1986, SQE assists software professionals Kickoff for Change: Applying STAR’s Lessons and organizations throughout the world with improving their software testing and quality engineering practices. Robin Goldsmith, Go Pro Management, Inc. In addition to organizing the STAR conference series, SQE With so many presentations and so much to offer, STAREAST 2001 is hosts the Applications of Software Measurement (ASM), committed to helping you put new information and techniques into Software Management (SM), and Software Test Automation practice. Stay after the conference concludes for a facilitated workshop conferences. SQE also delivers software testing and development seminars and provides consulting services, to help you integrate ideas and organize a plan of action. Participants’ specialized publications, and research. input will define the issues and agenda topics. Come prepared to For a complete listing of our services, visit our Web site at interact and return as your organization’s agent for change. C A L L C A L L 8 0 0 -- 4 2 3 -- 8 3 7 8 8 0 0 4 2 3 8 3 7 8 O R O R 9 0 4 -- 2 7 8 -- 0 7 0 7 9 0 4 2 7 8 0 7 0 7 T O T O R E G II S T E R R E G S T E R • • W W W . S Q E . C O M W W W . S Q E . C O M 7
  8. 8. TESTING EXPERTS SHARE INSIGHT F E A T U R E D W E D N E S D AY, M AY 1 6 , 9 : 1 5 A M James Whittaker, Florida Institute of Technology Patterns and Automation: The Road to More Effective Testing Testers are an organization’s most effective defense against shipping embarrassing or even fatal defects. With such responsibility on our shoulders, it is paramount that we understand what causes defects as well as the best techniques to use in finding them. James Whittaker James Whittaker presents the latest field-tested research results on two powerful defect-finding techniques— test patterns and test automation. Learn how to make testers more productive—and testing more effective—in your organization. James Whittaker is an associate professor of computer science at Florida Tech. He founded and directs CSER, The Center for Software Engineering Research, one of the largest university research labs dedicated to software testing. W E D N E S D AY, M AY 1 6 , 1 0 : 3 0 A M Mike Ennis, BMC Software Managing the End Game of a Software Project How do you know when a product is ready to ship? QA managers have been faced with this question for many years. Using the methodology discussed in this presentation, you take the guessing out of shipping a product and replace it with key metrics to help you rationally make the right decision. Learn how to estimate, predict, and manage your software project as it gets S E S S I O N S Mike Ennis closer to its release date. Learn how to define which metrics to track—and how to measure them. Discover how to define the ratings scale for each metric and how to create a spider chart for product readiness. This presentation is a must for any individual or organization that is serious about maximizing the results of positive events and minimizing the consequences of adverse ones. Mike Ennis began his career with IBM Corporation as an engineer testing all supported versions of OS/2, DOS, and Windows. He joined BMC Software, Inc. in 1997 where he built a test team that strives for technical leadership, commitment to excellence, and always putting the customer first. He currently serves as a Senior Quality Assurance Manager and is the winner of the “Best Presentation” award for STARWEST 2000. W E D N E S D AY, M AY 1 6 , 4 : 3 0 P M Bill Woodworth, IBM Take This Test and Share It! Your organization may not be the size of IBM, but your testers have probably experienced many of the same problems. Maybe you’ve heard comments like, “Is software testing a career?”; “Where can I get training and support for these tools?”; or “Why don’t my automated tests work for this version?” Using the power of synergy, IBM launched a company-wide “virtual Bill Woodworth testing organization” to integrate islands of expertise, adopt the best tools and practices, become a major contributor to quality, and advance testing as a career. Learn how to apply the practical techniques developed by IBM to advance testing in your organization—big or small. As Director of IBM Software TEST, Bill Woodworth is responsible for the IBM-wide focus on software testing and for the drive to increase the reliability of integrated customer solutions. With 18 years of product development and test management, he has proven and consistent successes through leading results-oriented and quality-focused processes in development and business. 8 C A L L 8 0 0 - 4 2 3 - 8 3 7 8 O R 9 0 4 - 2 7 8 - 0 7 0 7 T O R E G I S T E R • W W W . S Q E . C O M
  9. 9. F E A T U R E D T H U R S D AY, M AY 1 7 , 9 : 0 0 A M Paul Gerrard, Systeme Evolutif Limited Risk: The New Language of eBusiness Testing Balancing testing against risk in eBusiness and e-commerce applications is essential because we never have the time to test everything. But it’s tough to “get it right” with limited resources and the pressures to release software quickly. Paul Gerrard explains how to talk to the eBusiness risk-takers in their language to get the testing budget approved and the right Paul Gerrard amount of testing planned. Find out how to identify failure modes and translate these into consequences to the sponsors of the project. Using risk factors to plan tests means that testers can concentrate on designing effective tests to find faults and not worry about doing “too little” testing. Paul Gerrard is the Technical Director and a principal consultant for Systeme Evolutif. He has conducted consulting and training assignments in all aspects of software testing and quality assurance. Paul is Special Projects Secretary for the British Computer Society (BSC) SIG in Software Testing, a member of the BCS Software Component Test Standard Committee, and Former Chair of the IS Examination Board (ISEB) Certification Board. T H U R S D AY, M AY 1 7 , 3 : 4 5 P M Johanna Rothman, Rothman Consulting Group, Inc. Release Criteria: Defining the Rules of the Product Release Game S E S S I O N S How do you know when you’re finished testing? How do you know when the product is ready to ship? Sometimes the decision to stop testing and release a product seems as if someone’s making deals in a smoke-filled room, or that there are rules of the game of which we are Johanna Rothman unaware. At times, these rules seem completely arbitrary. Instead of arbitrary decisions, it is possible to come to an agreement about when the product is ready to release, and even when it’s time to stop testing. In this presentation, learn how to define release criteria, and then use those criteria to decide when to release the product. Johanna Rothman is the founder and principal of Rothman Consulting Group, Inc. A frequent speaker and author on managing high technology product development, she has written articles for numerous industry publications and publishes Reflections, a quarterly newsletter about managing product development. F R I D AY, M AY 1 8 , 9 : 0 0 A M Elisabeth Hendrickson, Aveo Bug Hunting: Going on a Software Safari This presentation is about bugs: where they hide, how you find them, and how you tell other people they exist so they can be fixed. Explore the habitats of the most common types of software bugs. Learn how to make bugs more likely to appear and discover ways to present information about the bugs you find to ensure that they get fixed. Drawing on real-world Elisabeth examples of bug reports, Elisabeth Hendrickson reveals tips and techniques for capturing the Hendrickson wiliest and squirmiest of the critters crawling around in your software. Elisabeth Hendrickson in an independent consultant specializing in bug hunting. She also automates tests, grows teams, and helps organizations improve by identifying the leading causes of defects in their software. With over a dozen years of experience in the software field, Elisabeth has seen numerous species of software bugs. C A L L 8 0 0 - 4 2 3 - 8 3 7 8 O R 9 0 4 - 2 7 8 - 0 7 0 7 T O R E G I S T E R • W W W . S Q E . C O M 9
  10. 10. STAREAST 2001 CONF M O N D AY A N D T U E S D AY , M AY 1 4 - 1 5 T H U R S D AY, M AY 1 20 Tutorial and Workshop Training Classes, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 9:00 Risk: The New Languag eBusiness Testing W E D N E S D AY, M AY 1 6 Paul Gerrard, Systeme Evolutif 9:00 Opening Remarks, Conference Chair — David Gelperin, Test Management Test Techniques T Program Chair — Lee Copeland, Software Quality Engineering T1 T2 T3 9:15 Patterns and Automation: 10:30 The Role of White-Box Intro The Road to More Effective Testing Information in Testing: What Test James Whittaker, Florida Institute of Technology Risk-Based Your Developers Rela Testing Don’t Want You Tech 10:30 Managing the End Game of a Software Project Bret Pettichord, Satisfice to Know John Peraza, BMC Mich Reve Mike Ennis, BMC Software Software, Inc. Corp T6 T7 T8 11:45 Lunch • Visit the Testing EXPO, 11:45 a.m. - 6:30 p.m. 11:30 When Test Drives Results from Wire the Development Inspecting Test App Test Management Test Techniques Test Measurement Test Automation Web/eBusiness Bus Automation Test Testing Cindy Necaise, Scripts Scot MICROS Systems, Inc. Howie Dow, Compaq Com W1 W2 W3 W4 W5 Computer Corporation 1:00 A Senior Manager’s Performance Measuring the Software Test Automation: Planning Testing in Perspective on Testing 101 Value of Testing and Infrastructure for Internet Time— 12:15 Lunch • Visit the Testing Software QA and David Torrisi, Dorothy Graham, Success A Case Study CommerceQuest Grove Consultants Testing Bill Boehmer, Eamonn T10 T11 T12 Paul Lupinacci, Siemens Building McGuinness, Changepoint Technologies, Inc. aimware 1:30 Business Advanced Data Virtu Corporation Guidelines of the Driven Testing Man Test Organization (ADDT) Rap 1:45 Break • Visit the Testing EXPO Eric Baird, Shakil Ahmad, Over Worldcom Convergys W6 W7 W8 W9 W10 Time Jim B 2:15 Baby Steps— The Global Metrics Collection Standards for Test Designing Test VeriT Testing Therapy Challenge: Quality and Analysis for Automation— Strategies for T15 T16 T17 for Developers Assurance for Web Sites A Case Study eBusiness Susan Joslyn, Worldwide Markets Joe Polvino, Brian Tervo, Applications 2:30 Outsourced What Are Java SJ+ Systems Steve Nemzer, Element K Microsoft Beverly Kopelic, Testing: Should Patterns? Why eBus Associates, Inc. VeriTest Corporation Amberton Group, Ltd. You Consider It? Should Testers to A W11 W12 W13 W14 W15 Kenneth Paczas, Compuware Care? “Sca Sam Guckenheimer, 3:15 A New Paradigm for Targeted Using Commonly Automated Test Configuration Corporation Rational Software Surp Testing and Quality Software Fault Yves Captured Data to Results Management for Brian Marick, Emp Assurance—The Insertion Improve Testing Processing Testers Working in Testing Foundations Internal Service Paul Houlihan, Processes Edward Smith, Web Development Bureau MangoSoft Dean Lapp, MangoSoft Environments 3:15 Break • Visit the Testing Robert Tashbook, Corporation Minitab Inc. Corporation Andrea MacIntosh, QA Labs Inc. 3:45 Release Criteria: Defini Release Game 4:00 Break • Visit the Testing EXPO Johanna Rothman, Rothman Con 4:30 Take This Test and Share It! 4:45 Special Presentation Bill Woodworth, IBM Developers Are from Neptun (Dorothy Graham, Mark Fewster, a 5:30 Reception in the EXPO Hall • Speaker Book Signing 5:30 Meet the Experts 7:00 Special Event — An Evening at SeaWorld® 6:30 Bonus Sessions (see page 12 10 C A L L 8 0 0 - 4 2 3 - 8 3 7 8 O R 9 0 4 - 2 7 8 - 0 7 0 7 T O R E G I S T E R • W W W . S Q E . C O M
  11. 11. ERENCE-AT-A-GLANCE 7 F R I D AY, M AY 1 8 8:00 a.m. - 3:45 p.m. ge of The Testing EXPO 9:00 Bug Hunting: Going on a Software Safari Elisabeth Hendrickson, Aveo f Limited Process Emerging Web/eBusiness Test Management Inspection Process Test Automation Exploratory Testing Test Automation Improvement Technologies Testing F1 F2 F3 F4 F5 T4 T5 oduction to Intelligent Test A Reusable Web 10:15 Software Testing The Guided The Power of Removing Exploratory at a Silicon Valley Inspection Retrospectives Requirement Testing in Pairs ting XML and Automation for Load Testing High Tech Technique to Improve Defects and Cem Kaner, ated Everyone Process Software Melissa Russ, Testing Automating Test Florida Institute of Technology hnologies Harry Robinson, Microsoft Glen Schulze, PHH Arval Company Korson-McGregor Esther Derby, Esther Mark Blackburn, and James Bach, hael Cooper, Derby Associates, Inc. Software Productivity Corporation Giora Ben-Yaacov, Satisfice Inc. enue Technologies Consortium poration Synopsys Inc. F6 F7 F8 F9 T9 eless Double-Track Mining the Gold 11:15 Collaboration Implementing the Testers: How to Automated Double-Track Session! lication Session! from Your Web Between Inspection Tell if You Have a Testing and ting Server Logs Development and Process at Good One Monitoring of tt Moore, Karen Johnson, Testing Personnel Discover Jon Hagar, Lockheed Martin Large Application merceQuest Peapod, Inc. Is a Key to Financial Services Services Success Alan Cohen, Discover Financial Ashish Jain, Telcordia Tom Igielski, Services Technologies EXPO Upstream Solutions, Inc. 2 T13 T14 ual Test Succeeding with Looking Under 12:15 Wrap-Up Session nagement: Automation Tools the Covers to id Testing Jamie Mitchell, Test Web r Multiple BenchmarkQA Applications FREE Post-Conference Workshop — e Zones Oliver Cole, 1:30 – 3:30 Kickoff for Change: Applying STAR’s Lessons OC Systems, Inc. Bampos, Facilitated by Robin Goldsmith, Go Pro Management, Inc. Test 7 T18 T19 a Meets siness: How The Need for Designing an Speed: Automating Automated Web PLUS See These Exhibitors and Sponsors at the EXPO (May 16-17) Avoid the Acceptance Testing Test Environment Ajilon Software Quality iSharp SDT - Software Development alability in an eXtreme Dion Johnson, Partners Technologies Programming Pointe Technology LogiGear Corporation prises” Environment Group, Inc. Application Development McCabe & Associates, Inc. Segue Software s de Montcheuil, Trends irix, Inc. Lisa Crispin, iFactor-e Mercury Interactive Spherion Technology ATTOL Testware Architects NSTL, Inc. COGENTRIC EXPO OCLC Online Computer Library CommerceQuest Center, Inc. STQE Magazine Compuware Corporation Telelogic ng the Rules of the Product OC Systems, Inc. CorTechs, Inc. The Open Group TesCom USA Data Dimensions, Inc. Quality Checked Software TestQuest, Inc. nsulting Group, Inc. Empirix, Inc. Quality Information Systems United Information eTesting Labs Technologies RadView Software, Inc. eValid VANTEON Rational Software ne . . .Testers Are from Pluto Five Nine Solutions VeriTest and Lloyd Roden — Grove Consultants) Ready Test IBM Global Services Watchfire Re@lityCorp 2) STAREAST 2001 sponsors who are exhibiting at the EXPO are listed in bold. For Sponsor/Exhibitor news and updates, visit C A L L 8 0 0 - 4 2 3 - 8 3 7 8 O R 9 0 4 - 2 7 8 - 0 7 0 7 T O R E G I S T E R • W W W . S Q E . C O M 11