Software Testing


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Software Testing

  1. 1. The Nation’s Leading Universities Online Villanova University Professional Education Certificate Programs Online Software Testing Certificate Program 800-571-4938
  2. 2. VILLaNOVa UNIVErSITY Strengthen Software Quality – and Improve Your Career! Villanova University, a coeducational Roman Catholic institution founded in 1842 by the priests and brothers of the Order of St. Augustine, welcomes To meet the rigorous demands of today’s sophisticated computer applications, software students of all faiths. The university programs are more complex than ever before. As a result, detecting software errors is one consists of five colleges: The College of the most critically important operations in the IT field. Currently, software bugs are so of Liberal Arts and Sciences, The prevalent and detrimental that they cost the U.S. economy an estimated $59.5 billion School of Business, The College of annually, according to the Department of Commerce. Villanova University’s Master Certificate Engineering, The College of Nursing in Software Testing program helps IT professionals, or anyone who wants to transition into and The School of Law. It is the oldest the software testing specialty, become a highly productive and effective testing professional. and largest Catholic university in the By completing three eight-week courses online, you’ll be prepared for today’s rigorous testing commonwealth of Pennsylvania. U.S. demands by developing powerful skills and techniques and preparing to earn industry- News & World Report has ranked recognized certification from the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB®). Villanova as the #1 Master’s University in the Northern Region for nearly two decades. MaSTEr THE LaTEST TESTINg TECHNIQUES aNd PrEParE FOr CTFL CErTIFICaTION! The Master Certificate in Software Testing prepares you for the Certified Tester Foundation Level (CTFL) certification exam offered by the ISTQB®. Villanova’s online program was Villanova offers a variety of online developed and is led by Rex Black, world-renowned expert in software and systems testing certificate programs in today’s most and the current president of both the ISTQB® and the ASTQB® (American Software Testing in-demand disciplines: Project Qualifications Board). Management, Six Sigma and Lean, Contract Management, IS Security, By becoming an ISTQB-certified tester, you will distinguish yourself as someone who knows Business Analysis, Software Testing, how to apply sound software testing techniques and principles to reduce defects, improve Human Resources, ROI Methodology, quality and enhance business success. Earning an industry-recognized certification will not Leadership, and Finance and only keep your skills sharp, it can increase your income as well. According to the 2007 Accounting for the Non-Financial salary survey by Certification Magazine, attaining an industry-recognized certification helps Manager. The university also offers professionals boost their salaries by an average of 17% annually. an online graduate program – the Master of Science in Human Resource Learn How to: Development. • Locate and prevent defects using proven software testing techniques • Evaluate and select appropriate test techniques for your software projects Hurry! Monthly • Apply static analysis and a risk-based approach for maximum benefit Classes Fill Quickly. • Incorporate tools and automation to support software testing • Utilize Black Box, White Box and experience-based techniques Î 800-571-4938 Î Intl. +1 813-612-4296 Î “The impact of software errors is enormous because virtually every business in the United States now depends on software for the development, production, distribution, and after-sales support of products and services.” Arden Bement Former Director, National Institute of Standards & Technology U.S. Department of Commerce The Worldwide Leader in Professional Education – ONLINE! | | 800-571-4938 2
  3. 3. BECOME a SOFTWarE TESTINg ExPErT – EarN a MaSTEr CErTIFICaTE! ExPErIENCE aN UNMaTCHEd Want to make an impact in business today? Expand your knowledge while preparing for ONLINE CLaSSrOOM industry certification! Stay current on industry trends and technology by earning your master Our online classroom is second to certificate online — the surest, fastest way to gain valuable expertise and credentials along none! It’s dynamic, interactive and with the most in-demand skills that you can apply immediately on the job. multimedia-driven. Instant messaging and shared virtual whiteboards allow Obtaining a master certificate demonstrates you to interact with classmates and your thorough software testing knowledge faculty in real time. And two-way voice as well as your commitment to continuing over IP is a great personal touch for education. The Master Certificate in students who prefer to communicate Software Testing is made up of three via voice to ask questions or discuss eight-week courses: Essentials of Software weekly assignments. Testing, ISTQB® Software Testing Capstone and one elective from the following courses: Communicating with professors Project Management for IS/IT Professionals, during virtual office hours and viewing Maximizing IS/IT Team Effectiveness, leading industry experts via streaming Essentials of Business Analysis, Essentials video make learning faster than in the of IS Security and Six Sigma Green Belt traditional classroom setting. You’ll do – Information Technology. Each course everything online in your own time, so provides you with powerful tools and you can work full time while continuing techniques to meet today’s rigorous testing your education. demands while preparing you to earn gET CErTIFIEd! Figure 1 industry-recognized certification from the International Software Testing Qualifications UNParaLLELEd FEaTUrES Your Master Certificate prepares you for • Virtual classroom provides two-way Board (ISTQB®). the Certified Tester Foundation Level voice over IP with instant messaging (CTFL) exam offered by the International and shared whiteboard features Software Testing Qualifications Board. Program Benefits • Professor-led classes through online • Develop an in-depth understanding of streaming video software testing principles • Lectures also available on CD-ROM Essentials of Software Testing • Learn to utilize the latest testing and as downloadable MP3 files techniques • Chat rooms and message boards • Understand opportunities and risks for rich, real-time interaction with associated with using test tools professors and students alike ISTQB® Software Testing Capstone • Gain the skills to write effective testing • Ability to study anytime, anywhere reports • No required login times – • Acquire proven strategies for managing 24/7 access the testing process • Multimedia access – not a book-in-a-box, go-it-alone program Choose One Elective* Who Should Register? This certificate program is ideal for test analysts, test engineers, test consultants, Hurry! Monthly test managers, user acceptance testers, Classes Fill Quickly. MaSTEr CErTIFICaTE IN software developers or other IT professionals Î 800-571-4938 SOFTWarE TESTINg who may be expected to obtain advanced Î Intl. +1 813-612-4296 credentials. Î The Worldwide Leader in Professional Education – ONLINE! | | 800-571-4938 3
  4. 4. aCQUIrE IN-dEMaNd SOFTWarE TESTINg SkILLS aNd kNOWLEdgE – ONLINE! Essentials of Software Testing ISTQB® Software Testing Capstone If you’ve ever doubted the importance of professional software Designed for students who are preparing to take the ISTQB® testing, consider this: Without reliable software, everything from Certified Tester examination, this eight-week course includes a air traffic control to the television remote control could grind to a series of practice tests modeled after the actual ISTQB® Certified stop. Essentials of Software Testing provides knowledge, skills and Tester Foundation Level (CTFL) exam. With hundreds of questions, techniques that will strengthen your expertise in key testing areas. these practice exams can be repeated as many times as you like during the course, giving you many opportunities to improve your What You’ll Learn: knowledge, build your confidence and refine your test-taking skills. Fundamentals of Testing • General Testing Principles and Steps of the Testing Process What You’ll Learn: • How Software Testing Finds and Prevents Defects Fundamentals of Testing • Psychology of Software Testing • Steps That Make Up the Testing Process • General Testing Principles That Guide Software Testing Efforts Testing Throughout the Software Lifecycle • Psychology of Software Testing • Software Development Models and Levels/Phases of Testing • Testing an Existing System vs. a New Application Testing Throughout the Software Lifecycle • Regression Testing and Impact Analysis in Maintenance • The IEEE 12207 Standard • The CMMI Process Maturity Model Distributions and Data Analysis • Quality Characteristics Found in the ISO 9126 Software Product • Point and Interval Estimation Quality Standard • Applying Student’s T-Distribution • Paired Comparison Tests and Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) Static Techniques • Applying Static Analysis for Maximum Benefit Static Techniques • Using the IEEE 1028 Standard for Software Reviews • Static Review Techniques in the Design Phase • Factors That Lead to Successful Reviews • Applying Static Analysis for Maximum Benefit • Generic Review Process and Four Primary Types of Reviews Test Design Techniques • Contents of IEEE 829 Standard for Software Test Documentation Test Design Techniques • Equivalence Partitioning, Boundary Value Analysis, Decision • Black Box, White Box and Experience-based Techniques Tables, State Transition Testing, Use Case Testing, Code • Equivalence Partitioning, Boundary Value Analysis Coverage and Branch Coverage • Traceability, Test Designs and Test Cases • Specification-based, Structure-based and Experience-based • Identifying and Prioritizing Risk Areas Testing Test Management Test Management • Makeup of Test Teams and Role of Test Lead • Test Planning and Estimating • Test Planning and Estimating • Test Progress Monitoring and Controlling Techniques • Test Progress Monitoring and Controlling Techniques • Applying the IEEE 829 Standard for Software Test Documentation • Steps for Writing Effective Reports • Impact of Risk Analysis and Risk Management on Test Planning Tool Support for Testing Tool Support for Testing • Scripting Techniques for Test Execution Tools • Test Tool Classifications • Benefits and Risks of Test Automation • Opportunities and Risks Associated with Using Test Tools • Designing a Pilot Program • Factors to Consider When Introducing Test Tools The Worldwide Leader in Professional Education – ONLINE! | | 800-571-4938 4
  5. 5. VILLaNOVa ONLINE FaCULTY aNd PraCTICINg PrOFESSIONaLS Villanova University online faculty and staff bring a wealth of knowledge and real-world experience to instructional development and delivery. Their expertise and interactive teaching methods create a dynamic experience where participants use a proven combination of “virtual classroom” tools, online instructor-led discussions and streaming video. Rex Black, CTFL/CTAL Judy McKay, CTFL A 20-year software and systems engineering veteran, Mr. Black Judy McKay has spent the last 20 years working in the technology is President and Principal Consultant of RBCS, Inc., a leader industry with particular focus on software quality assurance. in software, hardware and systems testing. His clients span She has managed departments encompassing all aspects of the 16 countries on four continents, including Adobe (India), ASB software lifecycle, including requirements design and analysis, Bank, Bank One, Cisco, Comverse, Dell, the U.S. Department of software development, database design, software quality assurance, Defense, Hitachi, NDS, Reef and Schlumberger. He is the author software testing, technical support, configuration management and of Managing the Testing Process, now in its second edition, technical publications. Her career has spanned across commercial and Critical Testing Processes, which was published at the end software companies, aerospace, foreign-owned R&D and various of 2003. Mr. Black has also written numerous articles, along Internet companies. Ms. McKay has been conducting training with presenting papers, seminars and speeches at various U.S. seminars nationwide for five years. Her well-accepted, enjoyable and international conferences. He is President of the American and informative courses are based on the real-world application of Software Testing Qualifications Board (ASTQB) and President of the practical data. International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB®). “I found the combination of the streaming video and workbook to be just what I needed to maintain focus. The lectures were easy to understand and the presentation well done by the teaching staff.” William J. Conrad Seattle, WA The Worldwide Leader in Professional Education – ONLINE! | | 800-571-4938 5
  6. 6. CErTIFICaTE PrOgraM TUITION Master Certificate in Software Testing Complete three eight-week courses and receive your Master Certificate in Software Testing. The University Alliance (UA) facilitates Earning a master certificate demonstrates a solid understanding of core software testing skills the promotion and online delivery of and illustrates your dedication and professionalism. degree and professional certificate programs from the nation’s leading Sign up for all three courses in this program and receive a special tuition rate of $4,995. traditional universities and institutions. That’s $445 off the regular tuition price of $5,440 for all three courses individually. Powered by UA’s technology and support services, our university partners have surpassed 450,000 Software Testing online enrollments and a million Essentials of Software Testing $1,980 credit hours – making UA the largest facilitator of e-learning in the country. ISTQB® Software Testing Capstone $1,480 University Alliance partners include Choose One Elective: Project Management for IS/IT Professionals, Maximizing Villanova University, the University IS/IT Team Effectiveness, Essentials of Business Analysis, Essentials of IS of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College Security or Six Sigma Green Belt – Information Technology $1,980 of Business, the University of San Francisco, Tulane University’s Freeman TOTAL $5,440 School of Business, Florida Institute Special Package: All three courses (a $445 savings) $4,995 of Technology, The University of Scranton, Jacksonville University and Continuing Education Units (CEUs): Earn 4.0 CEUs for each course. Dominican University. Professional Development Units (PDUs): Earn 40 PDUs for each course. ACE Credit Recommendation: The American Council on Education (ACE) has recommended One simple call connects you to a three undergraduate credit hours for each course. broad range of benefits. You will be assigned a program representative WHaT TYPES OF aSSISTaNCE aNd ExCLUSIVE SaVINgS arE aVaILaBLE? who serves as your contact for non- academic issues – answering questions about financing options, helping you Tuition Assistance Your tuition cost may be covered by your company’s tuition assistance program and may also to enroll in the next class and more. be tax deductible. Consult your HR department and your tax advisor for more information. Technical support personnel and other professionals are also easily accessible every step of the way. Smart Option Loan Sallie Mae offers a flexible, low-cost loan product specifically designed to help working adults who enroll in an accredited university’s distance learning certificate program. For more Hurry! Monthly information on the Sallie Mae Smart Option Loan, contact a program representative today or Classes Fill Quickly. fill out an online application. Î 800-571-4938 Î Intl. +1 813-612-4296 Military and Government Savings Î Exclusive savings of 15% per course are available for active U.S. military servicemembers. For more information, call 800-983-6484. In addition, all federal, state and local government employees are eligible, via our agreement with the National Technical Information Service (NTIS), to save 10% off individual certificate courses and 5% off master certificate programs. Call 800-959-6138 and identify yourself as a government employee to benefit from these savings. The Worldwide Leader in Professional Education – ONLINE! | | 800-571-4938 6
  7. 7. COrPOraTE PrOgraMS a dIVErSE NETWOrk Join the growing number of companies Unleash the Power of Your Organization nationwide who have experienced the Establish a corporate training program today, and begin to see positive results in your University Alliance difference: organization immediately! • All Children’s Hospital • Ashley Furniture • Booz Allen Hamilton What You’ll Get • BP A well-educated workforce equals corporate success. Along with saving your company • CACI valuable time and money, you’ll provide your employees with the opportunity to learn • Ciena the necessary skills to lead improvement initiatives that result in measurable sales growth, • Cigna economic value, customer satisfaction and retention, and employee satisfaction and • Coca-Cola Enterprises motivation. These skills will help increase your bottom line and create a streamlined • CompuCom work environment. • EdLink • Farmers Insurance Start With a Pilot Program! • FedEx Express Register a group of your employees in an online class, and see how their newly acquired • General Dynamics knowledge increases productivity and impacts your bottom line. This pilot program offers the • Hallmark Health System following services to your organization: • Hewlett Packard • Exclusive corporate pricing • Highmark • A unique, expert-led online session to “kick off” the course • Imperial Sugar • A survey of employees after class to ensure quality and satisfaction • Independence Blue Cross • An end-of-course review with corporate managers • Johnson & Johnson • All employees will be in the same online class • KPMG • Lockheed Martin “We’re witnessing a major power shift between information • McAfee technology and the rest of business… the technology companies • Memorial Health • North Shore Long Island Jewish that succeed will be those that have developed skills at listening Health System and a sophisticated understanding of their customers’ industries.” • Pitney Bowes Sam Palmisano, CEO IBM • Primavera Systems Business Week Online • Ryder • Smith & Nephew Guarantee your staff’s success with Software Testing training from Villanova University! • State Farm Getting started is easy. Contact us today for complete details. • U.S. Dept. of Defense • U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security • U.S. Dept. of Labor • U.S. Military • Verizon Wireless • Wyeth Pharmaceuticals • Xerox Corporate rates are available * Electives include Project Management for IS/IT Professionals, Maximizing IS/IT Team Effectiveness, Essentials of Business Analysis, Î 800-280-9895 Essentials of IS Security and Six Sigma Green Belt – Information Technology. Î The Worldwide Leader in Professional Education – ONLINE! | | 800-571-4938 7
  8. 8. University Alliance Online | 9417 Princess Palm Avenue, Suite 400 | Tampa, FL 33619-8348 | © 2010 Bisk Education, Inc. All rights reserved. Company, products and service names may be trademarks of their respective owners. PDFVIL09v4 | v100226