Software Quality Assurance and Testing Services


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Software Quality Assurance and Testing Services

  1. 1. Software Quality Assurance and Testing Services Feel confident in the quality of your software products and applications by teaming up with Goldstone to take care of your testing needs. Goldstone Technologies
  2. 2. Building Reliability Into Your Software Testing with Goldstone Applications. There is probably no bigger fear than learning that the Goldstone will dedicate a team for your testing project product you had just launched was plagued with er- onsite at your facility or through one of our offsite fa- rors or that a mission critical application in which you cilities in the US or India. Our testing services include have devoted a great deal of investment cannot per- functional testing, load and performance testing, and form as desired. Thorough and detailed Software automated regression testing. Our dedicated testing Testing of your applications before they are pressed teams can work on site at your facility or offsite at one into production can give you the assurance that your of our state-of-the-art development centers employed product/application will be able to perform reliably, with the latest in communication and computing tech- and hence add value to your business. The difficulty nologies. in testing is knowing what to test and finding skilled professionals with the expertise in the areas that your project requires. What is the solution? Outsourcing! Outsourcing your software testing allows you to per- form a thorough review of your code, by professionals skilled in the exact tools and technologies needed, while also enabling you to deliver your product/ application ahead of schedule and under cost, in many cases. The Advantages of Outsourcing Software Testing to Goldstone Technologies: § Unbiased and Independent assessment § Fully compliant with ISO and CMM standards § Expertise using a variety of testing tools § Effective Testing Methodologies § Professional Testing § Experienced Testers and Managers § Reduced Development Time § Reduced Development Costs
  3. 3. Expertise Testing Process The most important future of testing is that it is done properly. A test plan must be developed and executed Goldstone will customize its testing process to meet perfectly in order to be assured that a product/ the needs of our project. Our standard testing meth- application is reliable. Goldstone has a wide range of odology includes: expertise in developing applications from web-based application to mainframe applications. Our teams are • Performing Risk Analysis made up of professionals who have a number of • Defining the Test Objectives/Requirements years experience in the field and are up to par with • Designing the Test Cases the latest tools and technologies available. • Executing Unit and Integration Testing • Executing Validation Testing • Executing System Test • Executing Load/Performance Testing • Analyzing and Reporting Test Results Testing Tools and Technologies • Implementing Regression Testing • Analyzing and Reporting Regression Test Re- • Rational Suite sults • CompuWare • Mercury • RAS' etest suite • Microsoft Testing Services We provide Test plan design and Implementation ser- vices. We use automated testing tools and develop tests specific to your needs. • Acceptance Testing • Capability Testing • Compatibility Testing • Functionality Testing • Integration Testing • Performance Testing • Regression Testing • Reliability Testing • System Usability Testing • Documentation Testing
  4. 4. Goldstone Technologies has established a reputation for the highest quality of workmanship and excellent client relations. By maintaining this integrity in our work we expect to continue growing at the exceptional rate we have experienced in the past and continue paying dividends to our shareholders. Goldstone Technologies 39159, Paseo Padre Pkwy, Suite 304 Fremont, California, 94538 Tel: 510-796-7989 Fax: 510-796-7992 Email: URL: Providing Software Services and Solutions to Leading Organizations Around the World Goldstone Technologies Limited provides Goldstone is managed by a team with IT consulting and software services and global experience and understanding. Our solutions to many of the world’s most Headquarters are in Hyderabad India, and successful organizations. Our offerings we have regional offices in the United range from Professional Services to Cus- States, the United Kingdom, Germany, In- tom Software Development and solutions dia, and Japan.. We have development in eBusiness Integration, Mobile Solu- centers in India and the United States, and tions, to Quality Assurance and Testing. are constantly improving our development capabilities adding people and infrastruc- Goldstone has successfully implemented ture daily. services and solutions to clients in verti- cal segments, healthcare, insurance, In- formation Technology, and Banking and Retail. Goldstone remains committed to its clients realizing that our success relies on your satisfaction. In many instances clients who have come to us with a spe- cific need in one area often utilize other services we offer which is our best meas- The Goldstone Software Park - Hyderabad, India ure of the success of a job.