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  1. 1. iStQb SoftWare teSter CertifiCation CertifiCation for the Global WorkplaCe ISTQB Certification in the U.S.A.
  2. 2. ISTQB Certification Credible. Global. Practical. Trusted. ISTQB IS credIBle, So oTherS wIll ISTQB IS gloBal, So IT can grow wITh you. reSpecT your choIce. Developed by more than 100 global experts, We freely offer the ISTQB certification syllabi and offered in more than 40 countries, and with more glossary, and let you choose your own education: a than 100,000 certified software testers worldwide, course from an accredited provider, in-house study ISTQB certification is the most widely recognized groups or seminars, or even self-study via books and fastest-growing software tester certification in and Web sites. ISTQB gives you the freedom and the world. credibility of choice. ISTQB IS pracTIcal, So IT complemenTS The way you work. Although theory is important, we recognize that you have real-world testing problems. That’s why ISTQB certification is designed to demonstrate that you have the knowledge and skills needed for your everyday testing challenges. ISTQB IS TruSTed, So you’ll feel good aBouT your choIce for yearS To come. ISTQB is the world’s only not-for-profit organization dedicated solely to providing practical, globally-accepted software tester certification. You can trust ISTQB to give you certification that is based on raising the standard of the industry – not the bottom line of a corporation. Why do teSterS What iS iStQb / aStQb? ChooSe iStQb? The ISTQB Certified Tester program is the ISTQB could make you more competitive. world leader in software tester certification. While no certification can guarantee career It is developed and maintained by the advancement, it certainly can’t hurt to hold International Software Testing Qualifications credentials from a widely recognized tester Board (ISTQB), a non-profit organization certification program. If there were two consisting of a group of highly experienced equally-qualified candidates for a position experts in software testing who volunteer their in your company, and only one had ISTQB time for the good of the testing profession. software tester certification, which candidate ASTQB is the American Board of ISTQB, a would you rather be? volunteer group of experts responsible for the ISTQB Certified Tester program in the U.S. learn more and apply for iStQb CertifiCation at
  3. 3. ISTQB Road Map ISTQB software tester certification grows with you and your career. advanced LeveL technicaL test anaLyst Foundation LeveL advanced LeveL test anaLyst advanced LeveL test Manager foundation CertifiCation Entry-level certification: 0+ years of experience AdvAnced certificAtion ISTQB CerTIf Ied TeSTer, advanced level Technical TesT analysT advanced level TesT analysT foundaTIon LeveL (CTfL) advanced level TesT ManaGer Understanding concepts for general Mid-level certification: 3+ years of experience types of applications Experience Requirement: None ISTQB CerTIf Ied TeSTer, advanCed LeveL (CTaL) Certification Prerequisite: None Understanding and tailoring of concepts for specific Goals applications Ensure a broad understanding of the Experience Requirement: 3 years of verifiable fundamental and key concepts in full-time experience in software or systems testing, software testing development, quality assurance, engineering or a related field Provide a foundation for professional growth Ethics Requirement: Must subscribe to the Code of Ethics as stated in the ISTQB Advanced Level syllabus/body of knowledGe covers Syllabus Fundamentals of testing, test Certification Prerequisite: ISTQB Certified Tester, management, testing tools, test Foundation Level (CTFL) planning approaches, and basic test case design skills Goals Optional syllabus-based training Ensure consistent understanding and execution courses are typically 3-5 days of proven practical techniques by seasoned test professionals Support on-going professional growth Lead the software testing profession syllabus/body of knowledGe covers Advanced behavioral and structural test techniques for testers and programmers, sophisticated test management concepts, test process improvement, test automation, and non-functional tests including performance and usability Optional syllabus-based training courses are You’LL f Ind The free exam SYLLaBI approximately 5 days for each of the 3 advanced certification exams and gLoSSarY aT learn more and apply for iStQb CertifiCation at
  4. 4. It’s easy to get started on the path to ISTQB tester certification advantages. uSe The educaTIonal reSourceS regISTer for The exam Take advantage of ASTQB’s educational resources ISTQB exams are offered in many locations and accredited courses. At the ASTQB Web site, throughout the U.S. at convenient times., you’ll find the free exam syllabi and Proctored exams are offered at the end of glossary, plus a list of reference publications. accredited courses and in an online version at select test centers. ASTQB has certified independent, accredited training providers and educational courses. These Choose from: courses are specifically based on the ISTQB elecTronIc examS aT SelecT TeST cenTerS syllabi, ensuring their relevancy. Learn more at ASTQB has partnered to provide proctored electronic exams at a variety of test centers around the country. Scheduled puBlIc examS A public exam schedule is found at Many of these follow a training class, but anyone may register for just the exam. onSITe company examS If you have four or more examinees for any level of exam, you may have ASTQB come to your site to administer the exam. geT anSwerS If you have questions about ISTQB software tester certification, please visit our Web site at, or contact us at 813.319.0890 or The ASTQB staff is always happy to help. ISTQB Certification in the U.S.A. ameriCan SoftWare teStinG QualifiCationS board, inC. (aStQb) 13153 N Dale Mabry Hwy, Suite 105 | Tampa, FL 33618 USA Phone 813.319.0890 | Fax 813.968.3597 | learn more and apply for iStQb CertifiCation at Rev 0409