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Bug Huntress

  1. 1. BugHuntress QA Engineering & Software Testing services
  2. 2. BugHuntress QA Lab Basics Expert-level testing Established in 2001 Own tools for automated testing of mobile 70+ accomplished projects software, Add-Ins to off-the-shelf tools Know-how, special techniques for testing wireless and Web applications Main services Deep knowledge of usability standards for mobile and WAP software Automated and manual software testing Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V) Dedicated Testing Teams leasing Consulting in the field of testing Offshore software testing services in Ukraine
  3. 3. Testing Experience Mobile Wireless Embedded Mobile applications WiFi Device drivers m-Commerce GPRS Security WAP portals IrDA PDA Games (stand-alone, Bluetooth Telecom multiplayer online) GPS Audio/Video players Web e-Business Web 2.0 functionality e-Shops Load testing e-Payment gateways Performance testing e-Billings Usability testing e-Auctions Offshore software testing services in Ukraine
  4. 4. Testing Types Testing techniques System testing Manual testing Functional Automated testing Regression Black / Gray / White Box Performance / Load / Stress Exploratory testing Localization Scripted testing Usability Unit testing Acceptance testing Static analysis Installation Code style testing Configuration Dynamic analysis Compatibility Unit testing Independent validation & verification Offshore software testing services in Ukraine
  5. 5. Platforms / OS / DBMS Desktop Mobile Windows 2003/XP/Vista Symbian Linux BREW Unix Windows Mobile / WinCE Mac OS J2me Palm DBMS Languages MS SQL Server SQL Oracle C++, C#, Java, VB, Object Pascal mySQL HTML, XML MS Access PHP, Python, Javascript Offshore software testing services in Ukraine
  6. 6. Test Automation Functional testing Success Highlight AutomatedQA TestComplete Selenium Trigenix (acquired by Qualcomm) has asked us Mercury QTP to optimize testing process for Symbian UI editing application. Thorough research gave an idea that WinRunner time effort can be reduced by establishing automated testing using Symbian remote control and Rational Robot test tool. Performance testing Load Runner Already in 2 months the Trigenix testing costs were 150% less and bugs detectability was about Performance Tester 20% higher. Own-developed tools BREW Test Unit Symbian Test Unit Offshore software testing services in Ukraine
  7. 7. Embedded Systems Testing BugHuntress offers testing of embedded systems using a variety of hardware configurations on a range of platforms. Success Highlight Testing focus An American company has challenged BugHuntress Product stability to undertake testing of a hardware-software complex Product usability that was unstable in its work. Product performance User-view testing After functionality, performance, usability, integration and acceptance testing we have found a few serious errors. Specialists on the customer's side performed Products range bug fixing according to our documented list of errors and as a result stable work of the hardware-software Multimedia complex was achieved. Security Home Automation Offshore software testing services in Ukraine
  8. 8. Beneficial Cooperation Customer’s opinion Reliable partnership “Thank you guys, you did a great job for Trigenix! Close communication We really appreciated the efforts that you put into Flexible adjusting to your practice the many test projects that you completed for us. Customer's comprehensive control You went far beyond the contribution that we would Strict adherence to your privacy normally expect from an outsourcing company.” On time and on budget delivery Stephen Ives Taptu Ltd., UK Business models Customer’s opinion Fixed cost “Our cooperation with BugHuntress team has a long Pilot projects history, multiple projects since early 2005. Time & Material Compared to other companies, BugHuntress team provides top notch quality of testing services.” Dedicated testing teams Konstantin Martynenko Off-site Testing Center (OTC) Simple Devices / Universal Electronics, USA Offshore software testing services in Ukraine
  9. 9. Success Stories Offshore software testing services in Ukraine
  10. 10. Mobile Web Mobile Community Testing Client US-based mobile content provider Type of software / Consumer-facing portal that allows users to obtain, store, system tested forward, and manage content for mobile phones - logos, ringtones, java-games, address book, reminder, etc. Among implemented features there is an ability to manage account, blogs and content via SMS. Type of testing Functionality, stress, load, usability, compatibility. completed Challenge Necessity to test application through a wide range of devices. Tough requirements to GPRS connection were set. Solution GPRS connection with the required capacity was emulated within the QA Lab. Specific devices were purchased. Effort Over 1500 man/hours Team 1 Sr. test engineer, 2 testers, 1 Project Manager Result The portal was successfully tested and launched into mobile market. Customer was provided with: Test Plan, Test Cases, Bug Report and usability suggestions, Acceptance test cases. Offshore software testing services in Ukraine
  11. 11. Embedded High-Tech Music Box Testing Client US-based company Type of software / WinCE Embedded Media player under Java platform system tested for playing, storing and recording audio tracks. Type of testing Functionality, Integration, Performance, Acceptance, completed Manual black-box, Usability and ad-hoc testing Challenge No initial specification was provided Solution Creating knowledge base that included all available documentation and specific hardware Effort Over 8000 man/hours Team 2 Sr. test engineers 3 testers 1 Project manager Result Stable work of hardware-software complex. Test Plan, Test Cases, Acceptance Test Cases, Bug Report and suggestions, Project specification. Offshore software testing services in Ukraine
  12. 12. Web 2.0 Online Community Testing Client Australian entertainment company Type of software / A large-scale community site with wide system tested functionality, including the opportunity for users to make advertisements, sell products, unit in groups, etc. Business rules suppose both paid and free membership. Payments can be executed using credit card or PayPal system. Type of testing Functionality, Stress, Load, Configuration, Usability completed and Regression testing Challenge Since the application is intended to face wide user audience, its usability and stability are the key to success. Careful and professional usability and stress testing were customer’s main requirements. Solution BugHuntress team has worked out sophisticated approaches for testing the system beyond specified functionality and emulating abnormal user actions with emphasized attention to payment functionality and security issues. A usability expert from QArea web development team was involved in usability testing process. Effort ~ 400 man/hours Team 1 Sr. test engineer, 1 tester, 1 Project manager Result After several testing iterations system has been launched to commercial use successfully. By present moment number of permanent users keeps growing. Offshore software testing services in Ukraine
  13. 13. Cross-Platform Mobile Games Testing Client US-based mobile applications provider Type of software / Logic and dynamic Palm games system tested Type of testing Manual black-box. Usability, configuration, completed functionality and integration testing. Challenge Multiplatform testing. Variety of supported devices. Solution Purchase of devices which belong to different groups. In addition to them emulators and simulators were used. Effort Over 500 man/hours Team 2 testers Result Correct work of all games. Test Plan, Test Cases, Bug Report Offshore software testing services in Ukraine
  14. 14. Contact Us Headquarters Otakara Yarosha Str., 25-A, 3rd floor Kharkiv 61072 Ukraine USA office 180W 20th Str., Apt. 5g New York NY 10011 USA info@bughuntress.com www.BugHuntress.com Offshore software testing services in Ukraine