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Cloud Computing Jobs / Companies In Pune


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MindScripts Technology Training Solutions,
1st Floor,, Butte Bhavan, Above Carpet House, Near Nul Stop, Karve Rd, Pune 411 004

C8, Sant Tukaram Complex, Pradhikaran, NR Nigdi Bus Stop, Mumbai Pune Highway, Nigdi, Pune - 411044

MindScripts provides training and job placements in Pune.Mindscripts gives 100% Job Placement for Java-Android and Software testing. It has ties ups with several MNC courses for software testing training,QTP training ,cloud computing ,android development training

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Cloud Computing Jobs / Companies In Pune

  1. 1. Software Testing JAVA-J2EEAndroid Cloud Computingwww.mindscripts.comE-mail: 7421097674 27924
  2. 2. Call - 020-25451198 or 8805674210E-mail: info@mindscripts.comwww.mindscripts.comCloud Computing Training Institutes In PuneIntroductionFor more detailsObjectiveAny Science Graduates / Post-GraduatesTo become a Cloud Computing ProfessionWork with our MNC partners in Cloud ComputingEligibilityCloud Computing is the latest in Technology with huge Job prospects with MNCs.The term Cloud theoretically signifies abstraction of technology, resources and its locationthat are very vital in building integrated computing infrastructure (including networks,systems and applications). All Cloud Computing models rely heavily on sharing of resourcesto achieve coherence and economies of scale similar to a utility (like the electricity grid) overa network (typically the Internet).Salesforce Certification
  3. 3. The Course consists of the following modules which includetheory and practical sessionsCourse OverviewCore JavaChapter 1: Introducing PlatformThe Basics of an Apps UserInterfaceThe Benefits of a Force.comPlatform AppThe Technologies behind a Platform AppChapter 2: About the SampleRecruiting AppAbout Universal ContainersConsiderations for the RecruitingAppBuilding the App: Our DesignChapter 3: Reviewing DatabaseConceptsWhats a Database?Whats in a Database?Whats a Relational Database?Summary of Database ConceptsChapter 4:Building a Simple AppBecoming Familiar with the SetupAreaIntroducing AppsIntroducing ObjectsIntroducing TabsBecoming Familiar with SetupDetail Pages and Related ListsIntroducing FieldsChapter 5: Enhancing the AppAdding Advanced FieldsIntroducing Validation RulesIntroducing Page LayoutsChapter 6: Expanding the SimpleApp Using RelationshipsIntroducing RelationshipsIntroducing Relationship CustomFieldsAdding Candidates to the MixBringing Candidates and PositionsTogether with Job ApplicationsIntroducing Search LayoutsManaging Review AssessmentsCreating aMany-to-ManyRelationshipPutting it All TogetherChapter 8: Collaborating withChatterIntroducing ChatterTracking Fields on Your ObjectsFollowing RecordsStarting a Group or TwoChapter 7: Securing and SharingDataControlling Access to Data in Our AppData Access ConceptsControlling Access to ObjectsControlling Access to FieldsControlling Access to RecordsDisplaying Field Values and PageLayouts According to ProfilesPutting It All TogetherDelegating Data Administration
  4. 4. Chapter 9: Using Custom Work-flow and Approval ProcessesIntroducing WorkflowWorkflow in Our Recruiting AppCreating Workflow Rules ThatAssign TasksCreating a Workflow Rule ThatUpdates FieldsCreating a Workflow Rule ThatSends Email AlertsIntroducing ApprovalsChapter 10: Analyzing Data withReports and DashboardsIntroducing ReportsIntroducing DashboardsIntroducing Custom Report TypesChapter 11:VisualForce DevelopmentIntroducing Visualforce DevelopmentModeImplementing the Candidate MapCreating a Visualforce PageVisualforce MarkupCreating a Custom List ButtonTaking Your App Public with SitesIntroducing SitesIntroducing Domain NamesCreating a SiteTesting Your SiteProject Details - Job Portal ManagementIn the project, students will be creating an app, helping them get a hold ofthe technology in its complete form. Some custom pages will be created inthe project like Candidate information, Job Application details & interlinkthem. It will work as small job portal. The students will need to implementthe project under the careful guidance of the faculty.
  5. 5. Counsellor: Karve Road - 020-254511988805674210Nigdi - 9767427924E-mail: info@mindscripts.comwww.mindscripts.comFor More Details Contact