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Android Training In Pune -*MindScripts*


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MindScripts Technology Training Solutions,

2nd Floor, Siddharth Hall,Near Ranka Jewellers,Behind HP Petrol Pump,Karve Rd, Pune 411004

C8, Sant Tukaram Complex,Pradhikaran, NR Nigdi Bus Stop,Mumbai Pune Highway, Nigdi, Pune - 411044 Mobile : +91-97674 27924 +91-97674 27924

MindScripts provides training and job placements in Pune.Mindscripts gives 100% Job Placement for Software testing, Android, Iphone, Cloud Computing. It has ties ups with several MNC courses for software testing training,QTP training ,Salesforce,android development training.

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Android Training In Pune -*MindScripts*

  1. 1. Software Testing JAVA-J2EE Android Cloud Computing E-mail: 88056 74210 97645 60238 97674 27924 98813 71828
  2. 2. Call - 020-25451198 or 8805674210 E-mail: 2013 Android Training Institutes In Pune Introduction For more details Objective Graduates / Post Graduates from Computer Science background Knowledge of Core Java programming language To be able develop applications on Android platform To find a job in the huge job market available in Android technology Eligibility Explore the huge job potential in the android market today with the help of Mindscripts one of the best Android training institutes in Pune. Developed by Google Inc Android has become one of the most dominant and the most used tools in the mobile systems today. The main focus of this course is to help students understand the prospective of android, Mindscripts Android Training Center in Pune also gives Students a good working knowledge of tools. Target of Android Training Course at Mindscripts is to make you autonomous in developing applications using Android.
  3. 3. The Course consists of the following modules which include theory and practical sessions Course Overview Core Java Introduction of Java A First Java Program Compiling and Interpreting Applications The JDK Directory Structure Data types and Variables Primitive Datatypes ,Declarations Variable Names String,String Literals Arrays,Non-Primitive Datatypes Operators and Expressions Expressions Assignment Operator Arithmetic Operators Methods Defining Methods Scope Method Parameters Control Flow Statements Statements Conditional (if) Statements Adding an else if Object-Oriented Programming Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming Classes and Objects Fields and Methods Objects and Classes Defining a Class Creating an Object Instance Data and Class Data Methods Constructors Access Modifiers Inheritance in Java Inheritance Inheritance in Java Exception Handling Exceptions Overview Catching Exceptions Collection Framework The Collections Framework Packages The import Statement CLASSPATH and Import Defining Packages Introduction to Threads Creating Threads Thread States Runnable Threads Interfaces and Abstract Classes Separating Interface Defining Interfaces Abstract Classes
  4. 4. Android History of Android Evolution of Android Where Android scores over others Android Architecture Overview Linux kernel Native libraries Dalvik App framewor SDK Overview Platforms Tools Versions Emulator Your First Program Creating your first project The manifest file Layout resource Running your app on Emulator SDK Building Blocks Activities Activity lifecycle Intents Services Content Providers Broadcast Receivers Android User Interface Specification Dip's and Sip's Views and layouts Common UI components Handling user events Android system Overview File System Preferences Notifications Security model Advanced UI Adapters Complex UI components Menus and Dialogs Graphics & animations Multimedia in Android Multimedia Supported audio formats Simple media playback Supported video formats Simple video playback SQL Database Introducing SQLite Working with cursors Inserts, updates, and deletes Basic Content Providers Content provider MIME types Searching for content Adding, changing, and removing content Working with content files
  5. 5. Advanced AndroidAdvanced Android Custom Content Providers Why Content Providers Where the content comes from Implementing the API Supporting content files Location Based Services and Google Maps Using Loction Based Services Working with Google Maps Services Overview of services in Android Implementing a Service Service lifecycle Inter Process Communication (AIDL Services) Broadcast Receivers What are Broadcast Receivers Implementing broadcast receiver System broadcasts and how to use them Intent Filters Role of filters Intent-matching rules Filters in your manifest Filters in dynamic Broadcast Receivers Sensors How Sensors work Lig to Sensor readings Best practices for performance WiFi Monitoring and managing Internet connectivity Managing active connections Managing WiFi Telephony Making calls Monitoring data connectivity and activity Accessing phone properties and status Controlling the phone Camera Taking pictures Rendering previews Bluetooth Controlling local Bluetooth device Discovering and bonding with Bluetooth devices Managing Bluetooth connections Communicating with Bluetooth XML Parsing Consuming Web Services HTTP Request Response Model XML Parsing Android Application Deployment Android Application Deployment on device with Linux and Windows Android Application Deployment on Android Market
  6. 6. Counsellor: Karve Road - Nigdi - 9767427924 E-mail: 8805674210 9764560238 9881371828 For More Details Contact