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Design and implementation contratins Software Engineering


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Design and implementation contratins Software Engineering

  1. 1. Design and Implementation Constraints Requirements in Software Engineering Subscribe Us /SoftwareEngineeringYT @imSoftwareEng
  2. 2. Design & Implementation constraints • These are the requirements, or we can say these are the constraints we implement on the development process. • What can be the reason of putting these constraints? • There can be lots of reason. • May be the constraint is coming from the domain requirements. • May be the constraints is coming from the organizational requirements. • May be from some other place.
  3. 3. Examples of Design Constraints • For example you are making a website for any organization, Now you are a complete software development company and you have lots of options to develop a website you may chose php, Asp.NET, Python or any other language. • But the company impose a constraints on you that you must make a website using Php because they have lots of other tools and website working on the same platform so it will be easy for them to integrate it with other. • These are the design constraints; You may get these from any kind of requirements e.g. Domain Requirements or may be Inverse requirements etc.
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