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Software Advice IndustryView: Best Practices for Travel Videos

Most travelers today view online hotel videos before making a decision about where to stay. Creating multiple snack-sized videos about your hotel can be a strategic way to draw guests.

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Software Advice IndustryView: Best Practices for Travel Videos

  1. 1. Software Advice IndustryView: Best Practices for Travel Videos
  2. 2. Driving Bookings With Online Hotel Videos The amount of information available to travelers who are planning a business trip or a vacation today is astounding. Hospitality organizations must diversify their marketing content to cut through the competition and draw the most attention to their brand. ! One method that is growing in popularity is the use of online promotional videos. The statistics are compelling: 51 percent of leisure travelers, 69 percent of business travelers and 55 percent of affluent travelers watch online travel videos, all of which represent increases from the previous year. ! Producing travel videos may seem like a daunting task to some, but it can be a relatively inexpensive way for hotels to create content that grabs the attention of potential guests and, ultimately, drives direct bookings. To find out more, we surveyed consumers on their preferences for online videos, including on content and style. Below are the results.
  3. 3. Half of Guests Prefer to View Videos on Hotel's Website Half of respondents say they would prefer to view a hotel’s travel videos on the hotel website. Another 34 would prefer YouTube.
  4. 4. Preferred Website for Viewing Hotel's Videos, by Age When looking at different age, we found that those who prefer Instagram are 47 percent of 18- to 24-year-olds, and 25 percent of those 65 and older.
  5. 5. Most Want Information on Amenities in Hotel Videos Sixty-eight percent would be most encouraged to book after seeing its amenities, compared to 32 percent who would prefer information about nearby activities.
  6. 6. Over Half Prefer Videos Showcasing Rooms and Suites Fifty-seven percent want to see the rooms, suites and common areas—such as the lobby—in hotel videos. The spa, pool or gym ranked second, with 20 percent.
  7. 7. Dining, Outdoor Activities Most Preferred Local Content Travelers most want information on local dining and bar options, at 28 percent. Not far behind was content on outdoor activities (21 percent).
  8. 8. Informational Videos Are Most Preferred Type Fifty-seven percent of respondents want an informational video that provides important details about the hotel, such as on its rooms and location.
  9. 9. Most Want Hotel Guests (or No One at All) to Narrate Video Most respondents (37 percent) would prefer an actual hotel guest—but 31 percent would rather a video not have a narrator at all.
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