How to Use Pinterest Place Pins to Target Specific Traveler Segments


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Using Pinterest Place Pins, hotel can create maps to target specific traveler types with locations that interest them, opening up powerful marketing potential with the platforms millions of daily users.

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How to Use Pinterest Place Pins to Target Specific Traveler Segments

  1. 1. 5 Ways Hotels Can Use Pinterest Place Pins to Target Traveler Segments
  2. 2. Pinterest Helps Hotels Target Traveler Segments Hotels are learning that Pinterest, now the fastest-growing social media channel, is a great place to perform strategic marketing for travelers. In fact, more than 750 million travel pins exist on the platform today. Pinterest Place Pins give hotels the ability to create maps of their city and pin locations or businesses relevant to a specific type of traveler—wedding parties, families, couples, foodies and adventurers, for example. This is an opportunity for hotel marketers to get creative, and a chance to lead potential customers toward the hotel’s website to drive more direct bookings. We’ve created some examples of Place Pins hotels could recreate, and some tips for building them to grab the attention of certain travelers and increase direct bookings.
  3. 3. Wedding Parties: Create a Keyword-Rich Planning Guide Pack the title and description of the map with keywords that are commonly used when searching for wedding ideas, family activities or other trips details.
  4. 4. Families: Create Detailed Descriptions of Family Attractions Place as much detail about a location as possible in its description to keep users on the map, with the goal of driving them to your direct booking page.
  5. 5. Couples: Craft a Landing Page That Encourages Bookings Create a landing page that users will reach upon clicking your booking page link. Include relevant information and offers to encourage direct booking.
  6. 6. Foodies: Use Employees to Gather Local Recommendations Give your employees access to a foodie map and encourage them to post their favorite restaurants to give guests a local-approved list of top spots.
  7. 7. Adventurers: Optimize Maps for Mobile Use Place your maps at the top of the Pinterest account so they are displayed first for mobile use, which makes up 70 percent of Pinterest activity.
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