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Sum t casestudy_highpoint

  1. 1. Success Profile SumTotal Helps North Carolina’s “International City” Support City of High Point High Point, NC USA Citizens 24/7“As a partner, SumTotal has delivered on all of BUSINESS CHALLENGES our expectations and more. Beyond providing ■ Unpredictable and uncontrollable situations influence staffing schedules us with a state-of-the-art technology solution, ■ Staffing schedules vary greatly due to variety of different job requirements they have demonstrated a high level of ■ Complex calculations including split shift and settle up calculations commitment in helping us reach our goals to proactively manage and deploy our workforce, ensure accurate payroll information and SOLUTION enhance the productivity of our workforce.” ■ Implemented SumTotal Workforce Management solution— Tom Spencer to 1,300 employees Systems Project Administrator City of High Point RESULTS ■ Schedules and rosters for employee groups can be changed quickly Fast Facts ■ Internal costs were reduced and met government regulations by staff- ing appropriately Industry: City Government ■ Reactive workforce management processes became proactive improving Region: North America service levels Users: 1,300+ Solution: SumTotal Workforce North Carolina’s City of High Point is committed to providing the highest caliber Management of services to its residents. With a large and diversified workforce and known as the “International City”, the City recognizes its responsibility to continually make process improvements. With a watchful eye on addressing how it manages its workforce as well as reducing costs, the City of High Point sought to replace its legacy workforce management system with a solution from SumTotal, a leading global provider of workforce management and expense management solutions. By automating its time and labor management, employee scheduling, and leave management processes, and integrating them with the municipality’s ERP system, the City of High Point is better able to contain costs and ensure that the right workers are available where and when needed, while also complying with government regulations.
  2. 2. “Implementing the SumTotal Workforce Man- High Point provides a wide range of services, including fire, police, 911 communi- agement solution has enabled us to better cations, parks and recreation, water treatment and distribution, wastewater collec- manage our workforce, reduce costs and tion and treatment, and sanitation to its 102,000 residents. While many municipali- empower City employees to be more ties operate water and wastewater treatment facilities, the City of High Point also productive. We can forecast staffing issues, operates its own electric utility. track by shift, uncover trends, and take a pro- Additionally, the City of High Point delivers services typically provided at the county active approach in managing our workforce level, such as 911 responders and library services. As such, the City manages a – all of which contributes to maintaining and workforce that has fluctuating and numerous work schedules and rosters as well improving service levels for the residents of as unique pay and leave work rules for employee groups. High Point.” —Tom Spencer THE CHALLENGE OF SCHEDULING Systems Project Administrator AND MANAGING EMPLOYEES City of High Point Based on seasonal fluctuations, the City of High Point employs a diverse workforce that ranges from 1,300 to 1,500 individuals. Each employee is scheduled to work in a manner that contributes to the City’s stellar reputation for providing reliable, quality service. Work schedules also need to allow for unpredictable situations such as variable weather patterns that disrupt activity and require staffing adjustments. The City had used a legacy mainframe-based system to manage its workforce, which included a mix of manual and automated solutions that were developed in-house to address time and attendance requirements. Because of the complex business rules and labor policies the solution was heavily customized and limited in its ability to provide an accurate view of workforce needs. It also lacked the decision support tools and metrics needed to quickly change schedules and rosters for employee groups. “We pride ourselves on providing top-quality service to our residents and it became clear that we needed a more sophisticated and cost-effective way of managing our workforce payroll and time and attendance requirements. We wanted an innovative solution that would integrate with our ERP solution, enable us to optimize our payroll and time and attendance requirements for our workforce and support our unique business rules,” said Tom Spencer, systems project administrator for the City of High Point. PROPER ABSENCE MANAGEMENT AND PAYROLL ACCURACY CONTRIBUTE TO COST SAVINGS After conducting a review of workforce management software vendors, the City selected SumTotal’s Workforce Management system based on the solution’s ability to deliver dynamic scheduling capabilities and absence management while ensuring payroll accuracy for their workforce operations. Easily managing both blue and white collar workers, SumTotal Workforce Management delivers a fully integrated solution that encompasses every aspect of the City’s workforceess Whitepaper: The Future needs. The fully integrated applications for time and labor management, employee, of Strategic Mobile Workforce scheduling, and leave management ensures payroll accuracy and enables the City & Expense Management to reduce internal costs and meet external government regulations. With its 100 percent Web-based capabilities, SumTotal Workforce Management Whitepaper: Applying Lean was integrated with the City of High Point’s Lawson S3 Human Capital Management Manufacturing Initiatives to Workforce & Expense Management and Payroll system to be the “book of record” driving payroll processing for leave accruals, time and attendance and scheduling for workers. Data, once entered manually, was transitioned online through SumTotal Workforce Management,LL,al, which automated all payroll calculations against business rules for vacation, sick,Go
  3. 3. About SumTotal holiday, overtime and Fair Labor Standards Act (FSLA) work periods, increasing efficiency and accuracy. Because SumTotal is able to handle split shift and settle-SumTotal Systems, Inc. is the global leader up calculations for workers such as police and firefighters, its functionality is ablestrategic Human Capital Management to help the City control overtime and pay fairly and accurately.(HCM) solutions that provide organizationswith a new level of visibility to help make “In addition to improving our payroll and scheduling processes, we wanted amore informed business decisions and solution that was intuitive,” added Spencer. “SumTotal was able to deliver on thoseaccelerate growth. Recognized by indus- expectations and more. Not only are we able to correctly define our schedules, buttry analysts as the most complete solution, we are able to run our payroll accurately with one integrated solution.”SumTotal provides full employee lifecyclemanagement, including a core system of EFFECTIVE AND PROACTIVE MANAGEMENTrecord, from a single provider for improved OF COMPLEX FMLA REQUIREMENTSbusiness intelligence. The company offers Other benefits of implementing SumTotal’s Workforce Management includecustomers of all sizes and industries the additional leave management features, online exception time entry, online absencemost flexibility and choice with multiple requests and approval, and more robust reports. For example, users can tailor thepurchase, configuration, and deployment solution to add data fields for exception situations such as working overtime duringoptions. We have increased the perfor- a hurricane or other natural emergency. Managers can view absence data tomance of the world’s largest organizations uncover trends such as a spike in requests for time off prior to a holiday weekendincluding Sony Electronics (NYSE: SNE), or proactively adjust schedules to avoid unnecessary overtime.AstraZeneca (NYSE: AZN [ADR]; London: The solution also enables accurate forecasting and time capture. In the policeAZN), Amway (KUL:AMWAY), Seagate department, certain members of the force, such as detectives working undercover,(NYSE: STX), Dell (NASDAQ:DELL), and may not release their official time schedules due to security constraints. As anGoogle (NASDAQ:GOOG). For more added benefit, the SumTotal solution automatically adjusts to track and settleinformation, or to request a demo, please payroll and overtime accruals based on true hours worked, ensuring that timecall +1 (800) 881-2546 (US / Canada), and payment, are never overlooked. SumTotal Workforce Management also+1 (508) 358-1072 (international) or visit enables the City to effectively and proactively manage and stay on top of complex Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) requirements and improve the administration of overall employee leave programs. Without a workforceAbout City of High management system in place, organizations are challenged to adhere to changing regulatory requirements and efficiently and effectively administer and managePoint, North Carolina planned and unplanned absences. High Point is a city located in the Piedmont The City of High Point tracks up to eight protected codes under FMLA. With the Triad region of North Carolina. As of 2010 SumTotal solution, adjustments and additions can be made quickly and easily. the city had a total population of 115,000, Absences that can be administered include mandated federal, state and municipal according to the US Census Bureau. family medical leave, jury duty, military leave, parental leave, bereavement, High Point is currently the eighth-largest sabbaticals, and other organization-sponsored leave types. municipality in North Carolina. High Point is known for its furniture, textiles, and bus The system also ensures that the City is up-to-date in complying with new FMLA manufacturing. The city is regarded as the regulations pertaining to military leave. SumTotal enables the City of High Point“Furniture Capital of the World” and it is called to facilitate compliance and maintain an audit trail while enabling managers to“North Carolina’s International City” due to the forecast and meet scheduling needs. Through improved FMLA administration, the semi-annual High Point Market that attracts City of High Point has been able to more accurately track balances in a shared 100,000 exhibitors and buyers from around leave program. For example, employees can donate vacation and sick leave to the world. High Point is North Carolina’s coworkers in need. only city that extends into four counties. “Implementing the SumTotal Workforce Management solution has enabled us to Learn more at better manage our workforce, reduce costs and empower City employees to be more productive,” concluded Spencer. “We can forecast staffing issues, track by shift, uncover trends, and take a proactive approach in managing our workforce – all of which contributes to maintaining and improving service levels for the residents of High Point.”www.sumtotalsystems.comCorporate Headquarters EMEA APACSumTotal Systems, Inc. SumTotal Systems, UK SumTotal Systems India Pvt. Ltd. © 2011 SumTotal Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. SumTotal, and the2850 NW 43rd Street 59-60 Thames Street 7th Floor Maximus Towers SumTotal logo, are registered trademarks or trademarks of SumTotalSuite #200 Windsor, Berkshire Building 2B, Mind Space Systems, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the United States and/or otherGainesville, FL 32606 USA United Kingdom, SL4 1TX Raheja IT Park, Cyberabad countries. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.Phone: +1 352 264 2800 Phone: +44 (0) 1753 211 900 Hyderabad, AP- 500081, India 11_0727LSFax: +1 352 264 2801 Fax: +44 (0) 1753 211 901 Phone: +91 (0) 40 6695 0000 Fax: +91 (0) 40 2311 2727