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Success Profile                                                   Award-Winning Expense Benco Dental                      ...
BUSINESS CHALLENGES                        “We wanted to be able to be our own administrator so we could make changes■ Enf...
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Sum t casestudy_benco_dental

  1. 1. Success Profile Award-Winning Expense Benco Dental Management Solution Provides Pittston, PA USA Benco Dental Better Cost Control“SumTotal Expense Management enables us Benco Dental is the largest privately owned, full-service dental distributor in to put the policy in place and have guidelines the United States. In addition to providing supply and equipment options to for the travelers so they know what is expected dental professionals, the company also offers a comprehensive suite of services of them.” including office design, equipment repair, practice coaching, financing and real— Linda Tregea estate planning, wealth management, and dental-specific technology solutions. Accounts Payable Manager With more than 30,000 customers in 40 states, the company relies on more than Benco Dental 340 professionally trained sales representatives and 265 factory-trained service technicians to meet customer needs and convert prospects into buyers. While on the road, most of the company’s sales and service professionals may Fast Facts incur expenses such as airfare, mileage, meals, lodging and office supplies. Industry: Healthcare Although company travelers have limits on how much they are able to spend each Region: North America day or each month, Benco Dental’s legacy expense management system made it hard to enforce policies, ensure employees adhere to dollar threshold limitations Users: 700+ and accurately allocate expenses to the correct account category. Solution: SumTotal Expense Management With their current expense management system at the end of its life, the company decided to replace it with an automated expense management solution from SumTotal, a global leader in expense and workforce management software and services. THE CHALLENGE OF CONTROLLING EMPLOYEE TRAVEL EXPENSES “We wanted a system that was going to allow us to enforce our expense policies and automatically communicate the guidelines to company travelers,” said Linda Tregea, accounts payable manager for Benco Dental. “We also were not getting an accurate view of expenses as they were incurred and knew that deploying a system that would be able to categorize them the right way would be extremely beneficial.” After a comprehensive review of several expense management systems, the company selected SumTotal Expense Management based on its functionality and ease of use. SumTotal Expense Management is a web-based application that streamlines the entire process of employee business expenses from submission to reimbursement to analysis and reporting. Benco Dental also chose SumTotal based on the ease of ongoing system administration, ability to automate and enforce expense policies, and ability to reduce costs.
  2. 2. BUSINESS CHALLENGES “We wanted to be able to be our own administrator so we could make changes■ Enforce expense policies as we needed, rather than having to call a help desk and wait for them to put and communicate guidelines the changes in,” said Tregea. “With SumTotal, we are able to control the way to company travelers information flows through the system.”■ Categorize business expenses For example, when Benco Dental hosts special events, with SumTotal Expense Management they can automatically create a rule that charges all related■ Automate compliance expenses to a specific general ledger account. If they need to create an exceptionSOLUTION to a capacity limit, for instance, when a sales representative entertains a client versus having a single meal during travel, they can easily make that rule change■ Implemented SumTotal in the system and see it reflected immediately. Expense Management solution to 700+ employees “The SumTotal system does exactly what it is tasked to do,” said a Benco executive assistant. “It is very user-friendly and captures expenses in all categories that we need.RESULTS By keeping the category-allowed expenses in check, it helps control overall costs.”■ Improved instant visibility TECHNOLOGY ENABLES BETTER COMMUNICATIONS into expenses AND COMPLIANCE■ Automatically enforce Whitepapers While the technology transition was easy, changing user expectations and or create policies Executive Guide: Improving Business Whitepaper: The Future Talent Management■ Audit expenses for accuracy Performance throughharder. Teams, perceptions was Sales The former system had of Strategic Mobile Workforce been in place for several years, Compensation Management and and Customers not enforce things like dollar& Expensefor certain expenses, Partners, because it could thresholds Management or fraud detection and reconcile business travelers needed to adjust to heightened levels of accountability. Performance Management expenses Management (LMS) in a timely manner Learning ”T&E expenses are where a large part of the company’s money is spent, therefore■ Reporting identifies Extended Enterprise we wanted to hold our travelers accountable to their daily expenses and provide opportunities to Planning Succession save money Whitepaper Whitepaper: Applying Lean Building a Business Case: managers,” said Tregea. “By moving to SumTotal, we were information quickly to Manufacturing Initiatives to■ Expenses can be Management Hiring & Recruiting approved E-Learning for External Audiences get a tighter grip Workforce &expenses and use able to put our policies in place, around travel Expense Management using smartphone technology the reporting features to determine where we can save and where our money is Go being spent.” Benco Dental backed the change management initiative with training and Case Studies: Orbitz, Cabela’s, DELL, International Rectifier, help users understand how the system worked as well as communication to LPL Financial, Next Steps understand new company policies and policy enforcement. One new policy change Pharmacy Systems, Inc. was regarding cell phone reimbursement. Realizing the company was paying less +1-352-264-2800 for company-issued phones and more for personal cell phones, they implemented Contact Us on the Web a policy that would reimburse employees for all phones, but only up to the value of Submit an RFP the company-issued phone. By making that change and being able to enforce the Downloadthe company FREE policy, Additional was able to take advantage of significant cost savings. Visit the Resource Center Go Resources from SumTotal Management in place, Benco Dental is able to enforce With SumTotal Expense policies, have automatic compliance and improved control, and better management of their employee expenses. Employees are no longer able to manipulate the system or create a work around to override company policies. Using the system, Benco Dental’s auditor and administrator are able to easily audit expense reports and drive compliance. Another benefit of SumTotal Expense Management is the ability to support digital imaging of receipts. Because receipts can be faxed or emailed into the system, they are available almost instantaneously. With their old system, business travelers needed to physically mail receipts to accounts payable, where they might have gotten lost or misplaced, and they were not readily visible online. “For our users, being able to electronically submit receipts is better because it simplifies the process,” said Tregea. “From an audit perspective, it is terrific. We can go through expense reports and if there is something that is suspect, we quickly go back to the receipt and validate the legitimacy of the expense.”
  3. 3. About SumTotal SumTotal Expense Management also sends electronic files directly to American Express for payment of corporate credit cards based on expense reports. ThisSumTotal Systems, Inc. is the global leader shortens the cycle time and ensures timely payment to American Express and as astrategic Human Capital Management result, is beneficial to the employee. Tregea notes that the biggest benefit is having(HCM) solutions that provide organizations the receipts attached to the expense reports prior to approval – ensuring money iswith a new level of visibility to help make not going out without due diligence behind it.more informed business decisions andaccelerate growth. Recognized by indus- “SumTotal Expense Management enables us to put the policy in place and havetry analysts as the most complete solution, guidelines for the travelers so they know what is expected of them,” she said. “As aSumTotal provides full employee lifecycle result, we have been able to get a tighter rein on our expenses. We also get a dualmanagement, including a core system of benefit from the system because the cost to run SumTotal Expense Managementrecord, from a single provider for improved is more efficient than with our previous system.”business intelligence. The company offerscustomers of all sizes and industries the THE FUTURE: SOMETHING TO SMILE ABOUTmost flexibility and choice with multiple Moving forward, Benco Dental plans on offering the SumTotal Expense Managementpurchase, configuration, and deployment mobile application to company users. This enables travelers to submit and approveoptions. We have increased the perfor- expense reports from a handheld device such as a Blackberry® smartphone.mance of the world’s largest organizations “There is a lot of downtime for some of these travelers whether they are in anincluding Sony Electronics (NYSE: SNE), airport or sitting in a hotel room waiting for meetings or for overnight travel,” saidAstraZeneca (NYSE: AZN [ADR]; London: Tregea. “Using their Blackberry, they can go into the system and approve or reviewAZN), Amway (KUL:AMWAY), Seagate expenses as they come in.(NYSE: STX), Dell (NASDAQ:DELL), and “From an approval standpoint, it is especially beneficial,” she continued. “Many ofGoogle (NASDAQ:GOOG). For more our sales directors and managers travel 40-50 weeks out of the year. It is veryinformation, or to request a demo, please hard if the only way they can go in and approve expenses is by logging into thecall +1 (800) 881-2546 (US / Canada), computer and Internet. By offering the mobile application, it alleviates that delay+1 (508) 358-1072 (international) or visit in processing.” Considering the company processes approximately 748 expense reports each month with an average value of $611.70, eliminating bottlenecks in the accountsAbout Benco Dental payable department is critical. The system alleviates the burden of administrativeBenco Dental provides more supply and intervention and makes auditing expense reports easy. Cautionary flags warn usersequipment options than any other full-service if they are going to exceed a dollar threshold before the expense is incurred anddental distributor, an offering enhanced by a auditors and administrators receive automatic alerts for certain policy requirements,comprehensive suite of services, including such as reviewing air fare expenses that exceed a certain dollar design, equipment repair, practice “The partnership with SumTotal has been very beneficial for us,” said Tregea. “Thecoaching, financing and real estate planning, bottom line is it comes down to the bottom line. We want to make sure we arewealth management, and dental-specific spending wisely and SumTotal’s expense management solution does that for us.”technology solutions. These services are By implementing an expense management solution with advanced functionality,supported by over 420 professionally trained the entire expense management process improved at Benco Dental. Employeessales representatives and 290 factory-trained are adhering to company policies and being reimbursed in a timely manner. Theservice technicians. Put it all together, and business is able to gain insight into employee spending patterns and implementBenco Dental offers all the tools to enable policies that help control costs. With tighter control on expenses and more rigorousdental professionals to achieve their desired compliance, SumTotal Expense Management has given Benco Dental somethinggoals for success. For more information, visit to smile or call 1.800.GO.BENCOwww.sumtotalsystems.comCorporate Headquarters EMEA APACSumTotal Systems, Inc. SumTotal Systems, UK SumTotal Systems India Pvt. Ltd. © 2011 SumTotal Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. SumTotal, and the2850 NW 43rd Street 59-60 Thames Street 7th Floor Maximus Towers SumTotal logo, are registered trademarks or trademarks of SumTotalSuite #200 Windsor, Berkshire Building 2B, Mind Space Systems, Inc. and/or its affiliates in the United States and/or otherGainesville, FL 32606 USA United Kingdom, SL4 1TX Raheja IT Park, Cyberabad countries. Other names may be trademarks of their respective owners.Phone: +1 352 264 2800 Phone: +44 (0) 1753 211 900 Hyderabad, AP- 500081, India 11_0727LSFax: +1 352 264 2801 Fax: +44 (0) 1753 211 901 Phone: +91 (0) 40 6695 0000 Fax: +91 (0) 40 2311 2727