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Oracle soa 11g training in bangalore


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Welcome to Softgen Infotech
Softgen Infotech is a Bangalore based Training & Recruitment company. Softgen is the best Training & Recruitment company in Bangalore. Softgen offering various I.T courses like Testing, Data warehousing, SAP, websphere, Tibco, Java, Linux, Unix(AIX, HP-Ux and Solaris), SQL server & Oracle . We are providing excellent Class room/online trainings as per the trainee requirement. We also provide Corporate Training courses that are designed to meet the specific needs of your business and that will reduce your time in day to day work environment. Our customised training programs will fulfil your training requirements. We provide corporate trainings by efficient and well experienced trainers. We offer the most competitive and cost effective training programs

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Oracle soa 11g training in bangalore

  1. 1. Oracle SOA 11g Training TopicsCovered:– XML, XSD, XPATH,WSDL, SOAP,Webservices,FusionMiddleware Installation,BPEL, Mediator,FTPAdapter,File Adapter,DBAdapter,JMSAdapter,EDN,HumanWork Flow,BusinessRules & Error Handling, Domain Value Mapping,SOA DesignandBuildStandards,SOA AdministrationBasics, Database and FTP Tools,WebserviceTestingTools,Real TimeScenarios,Case Study. DetailedSyllabus Introductiontothe Course and Course Contents Describe Service-OrientedArchitecture(SOA) concepts Detailsaboutwhatto downloadandfromwhere forSOA 11g Installation Technical andBusinessBenefitsof SOA Discussiononmarketvalue andprerequisites Demo Service-OrientedArchitectureConcepts Identifystandardsthatenable SOA –XML, XSD, XPATH,XSL,WSDL& SOAP ReviewServiceComponentArchitecture (SCA)
  2. 2. Describe Oracle SOA Suite 11g components Practice Install SOA Suite 11g and configure JDeveloper Basic ConceptsandWeblogicServer11g - Domains,Servers,Homes OverviewWeblogicDomainsandManagedServers OrchestratingServiceswithBPEL Define acomposite application Describe SOA Composite Editor ExplainBPELComponentsactivitiesandpartnerLinks Practice UnderstandBPEL designer(JDeveloper) andactivities BPEL PM DesignerLayout - the IntegrationPerspective ApplicationsandProjects(Composites) CreatingyourfirstBPEL Process - HelloWorld XPathExpressionBuilder Deployingthe BPELProcess
  3. 3. Managing Deployments/Un-DeploymentswithEnterprise Manager 11g SynchronousandAsynchronousBPELProcesses OrchestratingServiceswithBPEL What doessynchronousmean What doesasynchronousmean. Overviewof PartnerLink. Practice Create a synchronousprocess Create an asynchronousprocess UsingsoapUI for callingandtestingwebservices Parallel processingandConditional branching Practice Create an applicationtoillustratethe use of parallel processingandconditional branching
  4. 4. AdvancedBPELConcepts Describe ExceptionHandlinginComposite Applications Describe the FaultManagementFrameworkanditslimitations. Describe CompensationhandlingwithinaBPELprocess Describe Correlationconcepts UsingSensors UsingDVMs Practice Throwingsimple faultsandfaultswithvariable Returningfaultstoclientbyaddingfaultmessage toWSDL How to use FaultFramework(FaultPolicyandFaultBinding) Bestpracticesfor faulthandling Human Workflow
  5. 5. Describe HumanWorkflowConcepts,FeaturesandArchitecture DesignHumanTasks andServices Invoke aHuman Task froma BPEL process Practice Simple Approval usingHumanWorkflow. BusinessRules Explainbusinessrulesconcepts Describe the Oracle BusinessRulesarchitecture Describe Oracle RulesEngine Create a rule withthe JdeveloperRules Designer Integrate a simple rule withaBPELProcess EmbeddingJavainBPEL process Practice
  6. 6. Use Javaembeddingtoset/getBPELvariables,forlogging IntroductiontoAdapters Describe adapterconceptsandframework Describe Technologyadapters:File,Database,JMS,etc Describe ApplicationsAdaptersEbizsuite etc Practice Readand write a file usingfileadapter Publishandsubscribe messagesusingJMSAdapter More AdaptersConcepts DynamicPartnerlinks ExternalizingpropertiesusingEndpointproperties Practice
  7. 7. Retrievingrecordsfromatable usingDB adapter. Insertdata intoJMS queue usingJMSadapter WorkingwithMediatorComponents Explainthe Mediatorcomponentanditsfeatures Define businesseventsand the EventDeliveryNetwork(EDN) Create and configure aMediatorservice component Practice Create MediatorRoutingRules Create and configure aMediatorservice component MonitoringandmanagingSOA 11g Deployment Describe DeployandUn-deploySOA Composite application Describe Managementof SOA Composite applicationusingthe Enterprise Manager Practice
  8. 8. DeployingapplicationsusingEnterprise ManagerConsole Database and FTP ClientTools DescribesHowtouse Database andFTP Toolsin a productionenvironment SOA 11G DesignandBuildStandards Describesthe designstandardsandimplementationbestpracticesadoptedbyvariousIT Major Organizationsfortheirintegrationprojects.Thisdefinesdesignandbuildstandard towhichdesigners and developersshouldadhere towhendesigningandbuildingOracle FMWcomponents.The standards provide consistencywithinthe integrationlayer,andwill alsoassistlessexperienceddesignersand developersonhowtoeffectivelyuse the toolswithinOracle SOA. The standardshelpinsure highquality,extensibility,consistentapproachtointegration,ease of maintenance,andcompatibilitywithchanges.Customizations,modifications,orextensionsto integrationprocessesmustalsofollowstrictstandardsformanyof the same reasons.
  9. 9. Overviewof SOA/WebServices SOA (Service OrientedArchitecture) Overview WebServicesOverview/RelationshiptoSOA WebservicesArchitecture SOAPand WSDL Overview IntroductiontoJavaWeb Services Overviewof JavaWebServices JAX-WSandJSR-181 Service definitionwith@WebService Creatinga WebService withJAX-WS WSDL - Web ServicesDescriptionLanguage Introduction
  10. 10. XML Namespace andXML SchemaOverview WSDL Structure and Elements A WSDL Document Definition,Types,Messages,PortTypes,andOperations Bindings,Ports,andServices SOAP1.1 BindingforWSDL SOAP - Simple ObjectAccessProtocol Overview Message syntax Envelope/Header/Body DetailedSoapmessage structure SOAP Faults,Attachments SOAPMessagingandHTTP Binding
  11. 11. SOAPStylesandEncoding JSR-181 Overview @WebService,Modifyingthe GeneratedService OtherAnnotations(@WebMethod,@SOAPBinding) The SEI (Service EndpointInterface JAX-WSCapabilities Overview WSDL to Java Mapping Capabilities(XMLMessaging,Handlers,SOAP/HTTP,ClientProgramming JAX-WSClients ProgrammingModel,GeneratingClassesfromWSDL
  12. 12. Writinga JAX-WSClient DynamicClients SOAPHandlers OverviewandProcessing Logical and Protocol Handlers Writing/ConfiguringaSOAPProtocol Handler Writing/ConfiguringaLogical Handler JAXB- Java Architecture forXML Binding OverviewandArchitecture JAXBand WSDL JAXBAnnotations Start From WSDL / Start fromWSDL & Java StartingFrom WSDL
  13. 13. BindingCustomizations StartingFrom WSDL and Java Bare XML Web Services XML MessagingOverview JAX-WSProviders A SOAPProviderandSource Provider XML ClientswithDispatch XML/HTTP MessagingwithProvider Security Java EE Security/ Role BasedSecurity SecuringWebServiceswithBASICAuthentication EJB-BasedWebServices
  14. 14. EJB Overview ProgrammingEJB Creating/ConfiguringEJB-BasedWebServices PLSQL WebService Procedure overview ProgrammingJavawithProcedure Creating/ConfiguringPL/SQLWebServices. UDDI – Universal Description,Discovery,andIntegration UDDI OverviewandCapabilities JAXR- Java APIforXML Registries JAXRInfomodel andArchitecture Usingthe JAXRAPI WS-* Overview
  15. 15. WS-Interoperability(WS-I) The WS-I BasicProfile WS-Addressing Ways of creatingwebservice Bottomup approach Top-downApproach Conclusion Oracle Service Bus Perquisite
  16. 16. 1)WebService,xpath,xquery,xml 2)XPATH 3)XQUERY 4)XML 5)Cor Introductionto Oracle Service Bus Advantage of Oracle Service Bus ComparisonbetweenWebService and ESB Comparisonof ALSB/OSBandESB Difference betweenBPM,OSB,BPEL IntroductiontoSOA,WebServicesandRole of a Service Bus Typical ProblemAreas
  17. 17. How SOA Helps BreakingSOA Misconceptions Why Service Busisneeded IntroductiontoXML(LooselyCoupledlanguage) How to create XSD,XML What issimple type ,complextype What isXPATH What isXquery What isXSLT IntroductiontoOSB andOSB Architecture UnderstandOSB& WeblogicConsole,Eclipse OSB KeyArchitecture Concepts BindingLayer TransportLayer ProxyandBusinessServices
  18. 18. OSB KeyConcepts Message Context Message Flows UnderstandOSB& WeblogicConsole,Eclipse OSB Message Patterns OSB DesignTime Components Developmentof ProxyService usingEclipse/Weblogicconsole What isproxy What isBusinessService What isMessage Flow What all the differentcall out What isprotocol Mediation What isbranchesin proxy Activitiesinvolvedinproxy What isassign
  19. 19. What isreplace What isinsert What isdelete Andmore Call out involvedinproxy Exceptionhandling Differentwaysof exception How to catch run time exceptions Java callout How to use XQueryandXPath inProxy Performance technique inOSB SPLIT-JOIN
  20. 20. AdaptersinOSB IntroductiontoJCA DB Adatper FILE Adapter ReportingtechniqueinOSB Log Alert Report How to handle securityinOSB What isprivate proxy What isOWSM How to handle message withsecurity How to configure the securityforproxy