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How to Create Effective Email Marketing Campaign?


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Newsletters are a very effective, direct way to send out promotions, releases, announcements, & greeting to a mass number of audiences...Learn more about email marketing, and how to create powerful email marketing campaign.

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How to Create Effective Email Marketing Campaign?

  1. 1. Outline  What Is Email Marketing?  Email Marketing vs. The Traditional Advertising  Facts about Email Marketing and Internet  Why Email Marketing?  Softex E- Campaign
  2. 2. What is Email Marketing & Newsletter?  Email marketing is one of electronic marketing tools that contains a commercial message to a group of people using email.  As for Email Newsletter, it is type of email marketing sent out on regular basis.
  3. 3. Email Marketing vs. Traditional Tools TVSMSEmail Limited by the duration of your Ad •Limited max. 160 characters •Intensively precise •Unlimited •integrate website and social mediaContent Reach wide scale of audience but most of them are not the targeted customers • Targeted • Hard to track •Targeted •measureable •interactivity Target If we are going to compare between these marketing tactics E- mail campaign is the lowest and the TV Ads is the highest cost. Cost effective
  4. 4. According to this 16% 18% 25% 35% 41% 57% 65% Public Relations Evevts Advertising Mobile SEO Social Media Email Marketing In 2011 business executive worldwide plan increase the spending on Marketing tactics
  5. 5. Some Figures About Internet Usage  In 2012, the number of Internet users worldwide has reached 2.27 billion.  Africa has gone from 34 million to 140 million, in the past five years.
  6. 6. Internet Usage in Egypt  In Egypt, there are nearly 22 million internet users.  Egypt is ranked as the second-largest country of internet usage among the African continent
  7. 7. Facts About Email Marketing  72% of respondents to an E- Consultancy survey in early 2011 described email's ROI as excellent or good.
  8. 8. Facts About Email Marketing  A survey ,by Forbes Media, revealed that email marketing are the second- most effective tool for generating conversations, just behind SEO.
  9. 9. Why Email Marketing  Affordable, effective and does not take much from your marketing budget.  Works effectively in favor of branding  Provides you analysis on the effectiveness of your marketing message
  10. 10. Why E-mail Marketing Contd.  Build stronger relationships with customers  Increasing traffic on your website  Provide interaction with customers and their feedback
  11. 11. How to Realize Your Email Marketing Campaign
  12. 12. To deliver the ideal version of Newsletter, you need to pay great attention to the Four phase process How to Do It Right
  13. 13. Newsletter Four Phases Target Content Delivery Metrics
  14. 14. Target (reaching the right customers is the first step in success) With Softex:  Target a specific category of your customers.  Able to handle millions of emails  Import flexibly customers’ emails from different sources.
  15. 15. E-Campaign Solution (emailsdirectory)
  16. 16. Content ( by which you will capture your customer , or lose him forever) With Softex :  Get the job done for you with ready- made templates.  Create your own design with smart toolbox  Don’t worry about the image quality as HTML code adjusts and slices it for a smoother delivery.
  17. 17. E-campaign Design & Toolbox
  18. 18. Delivery (acquiring an efficient mechanism is must; no need to lose all of your efforts) With Softex:  Keeping your emails out of spamming is guaranteed  No need to keep your laptop or pc working with valid internet connection. Just shoot and go  Unsubscribe option is very smooth with just two clicks away!
  19. 19. E-Campaign Main Panel
  20. 20. With Softex: Providing Instant reports on: Metrics (last but not least, measuring and analyzing the effectiveness of your campaign)
  21. 21. oftex S O L U T I O N
  22. 22. Events Campaigns (these campaigns are composed by Softex E-Campaign)
  23. 23. Softex Weekly Newsletter (composed by Softex E-Campaign)
  24. 24. …and this how it will appear in inbox
  25. 25. For Pricing &Further Information We will be glad to contact us on:    Tel & Fax: (+202) 24529717 24513434 24513438  Address : 18 Wali st., Kobry El Kobba, Cairo, Egypt
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