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Opticon - Integrated Solution for Construction Enterprises

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Opticon brochure

  1. 1. Integrated Solution forConstruction EnterprisesAccelerate your Construction Business
  2. 2. PRODUCT OVERVIEWOPTICON is a comprehensive ERP solution for Construction, Real Estate and Infrastructure businesses. OPTICON is a userfriendly and ready-to-implement tool specifically designed by industry experts and Information Technology Solution Designers.The product has been independently assessed by various domain and IT experts as to the suitability and appropriateness for theneeds and requirements of the business.OPTICON has built-in best practices that address the financial, functional, performance and compliance requirements of theconstruction industry globally. The solution enables process optimization through system configuration, integrates alerts andmessages, tracks task states and monitor the productivity of staff in the organization.INDUSTRY SPECIFIC MODULAR COMPLETEOPTICON is a ready-to-use ERP OPTICON is organized OPTICON completely maps allfor the construction industry around four outcome areas the vital processes specific toengineered by experts from the viz. Projects, Materials, your construction business. Itindustry. Sales and Finance - Four enables, integrates and key functional modules of accelerates the most vital OPTICON that really make all aspects of your organization at the difference. one place.In each functional area OPTICON helps your organization to optimize the business processes by eliminating redundant activities,improving staff accountability through work assignment and time tracking, performance reporting, alerts and messages, andactivity tracking. The solution implements a single view for all information that a construction enterprise requires for planning andmonitoring its business activities. It easily adapts to the business process changes that you can do through system configurationwithin few minutes. No programming knowledge is required for managing and maintaining.Once deployed, OPTICON connects construction sites,branch offices and corporate office through internet making ita centralized enterprise solution, provides up-to-dateinformation and agility on all areas of your operations. Nomore spreadsheets, no hard copy documents, no isolatedlegacy applications for managing your projects, tracking yoursales progress, optimizing your material inventory, andboosting your sales. The solution will do everything for yourbusiness.OPTICON enables, accelerates, and integrates all aspects ofyour construction business in a single solution.Additionally, the solution can be accessed from any location, with any type of mobile device, including iPhones, iPads, andAndroid phones for capturing and managing project information, from the field to the back office. Being web-based, OPTICONcan be used on both Mac and Windows computers.
  3. 3. OUTCOME AREASPROJECTS MATERIALS SALES FINANCEFrom tendering to Materials constitute There is no room for Business performanceestimation, from planning almost 60 -65% of total missed enquiries, monitoring has to be into execution including project costs. Having delayed payments or ill- real time. That is onlysubcontracting, uniform procurement managed societies. possible when yourOPTICON can help your processes and visibility projects, materials andorganization in They are the key levers of its consumption and sales are in sync withsuccessful of your business health. replenishment is the key your finance.implementation of the OPTICON tracks all to superior business OPTICONs financialprojects within time line missed actions, alerts performance. OPTICON module has extensiveand budget. the users. gives you the projections. coverage. PROJECT MATERIALS SALES FINANCE Bid Material Enquiry Financial Management Procurement Management Accounting Project cost Inventory Sales Payroll Management Management Management Management Project schedule Management Subcontractor Management Project monitoring & control Client sales billing Plant & machinery
  4. 4. FUNCTIONAL OVERVIEW• A centralized solution for the key business functions and processes of a construction enterprise.• Cost estimation and subsequent mapping of material and resource quantities to project schedule and rates.• Activity scheduling, resource planning and cash flow projections.• Complete project lifecycle monitoring and control from start to end.• Procurement and inventory integrated with financial data.• Integrated Process and Document Management features through inbuilt process and content engine, and also through third- party component such as IBM FileNet P8, MS SharePoint, Documentum, and many other industry-standard tools.• Includes Enquiry-Sales-Society Management processes.• Provides extensive reporting features and analytics for management staff.OPTICON seamlessly covers the key aspects of the Engineer-Construct-Contract-Sell-Operate lifecycle and therefore caters to mostof Engineering, Contracting and Realty companies. It addresses the four key outcome areas of Projects, Materials, Sales andFinance.OUTCOME AREA # 1: PROJECTSBid ManagementThe bid Management module enables successful bidding against tendersfloated by client organizations. Quick preparation of bids and quickerrefinements of the same based on negotiations is an important feature of thismodule. Bid management module determines the price and profit marginsthe organization charges from its client for executing the project. The rateanalysis for preparing bids provides clarity on profitability levels, which helpsthe organization find common ground with the client.Some of the key features are:• Maintains all details of tender at single point for bid submission.• Import BOQ from excel sheet.• Links BOQ items rate to required Schedule of Rate (SOR) or rate analysis generated as per requirement.• Provisions to keep Escalation and wastage factors for resources.• Tender price cost finalization by applying Profit and/or Discount factors at various levels of BOQ.• Awarded tenders are linked to execution and sub contracting modules for further process.• Enables linking of BOQ with item of standard library (SOR) for costing.• Facility to generate estimate through rate analysis as per requirement.Project Cost ManagementThe Project Cost Management module helps define the cost of the project for planning, and controlling the project internal to theorganization. Project Cost Management involves cost estimation and managing the cost dimension of the project from initiationthrough to its closure.• Supports multiple project, sectors (phases), building units.• Generates BOQ floor wise as per process of construction.• Facility to select Schedule of Rate (SOR) and generation of BOQ.• Facility to revise estimate for addition of items, deletion of items, quantity revision, rate revision.• Facility to copy estimate from one building to the other and from one floor to another.• Measurements detailing of Items in systematic way supported with copy paste facility and trigonometric formulae
  5. 5. Project Schedule Management Subcontractor ManagementThe Project Schedule Management module involves In Subcontractor Management module, subcontractors aremanaging the time dimension of a project from initiation identified for executing specific project activities at time,though closure. In Project Schedule Management, the cost, and quality constraints defined by the organization.timescale relations between various project activities are Operational processes like work order generation,identified at different levels of detailing, and then logically advance, and retention are seamlessly woven into theproject the schedule of the project through a network diagram. modules process sequenceThe module uses a built-in charting tool which displays theGantt chart as well as the schedule information. • Generation of various types of work orders, amendment to work orders, Request For Quotations(RFO),Some of the key features are: engineering analysis of quotations, measurement books• Integrated scheduling and networking tool that eliminates for bills, certificate of payment with respect to financial Primavera or Microsoft Project (MSP). year.• Scheduling of activities in project WBS and defining • Provision for creating interim or final certificate of dependencies. payment.• Updated progress reflected in MIS. • Payment tracking at site level.• Calculation of float and critical path. • Supports various types of contracts like Item rate basis,• MIS reports on schedule variance and delays. built-up area basis, lump sum with or excluding material contracts or labor contract.• Integrated to Primavera & Microsoft ProjectProject Monitoring and Control Client Sales BillingThe Project Monitoring and Control module involves capturing The Client Sales Billing module involves tracking theproject execution and progress, proceeding with business projects executed for external clients and billing them basedtransactions, as well as identifying problems. Work progress is on mutually agreed contracts. Also, the payments fromcaptured in Measurement Book (MB) which forms the basis client are tracked to make sure that projects working capitalfor analyzing progress, certifying work completion, detecting requirements are being met as planned.actual and impending cost & time slippage, etc. Some of the key features are:Some of the key features are: • Project Status: values of billed, pending to bill, approved• Project schedule at micro level can be prepared phase invoices, and receipts. wise, building wise and floorwise. • Provision creating interim or final invoice.• Project progress can be monitored on day basis, item wise • Invoice tracking. & from resource consumption. • Supports various (all) types of Bills; Advance;• Forecasting budgets on week, month, building, phase mobilization, ad-hoc, on account (Advance against entire project. work done).• Material requisitions-resource wise, item wise, floor wise, • Work done bills linked with Measurement Book (MB). building wise can be generated. • Automatic calculation of retention money and• Tracks resource consumption by item, floor, building, management of advance adjustments. project. • Integrated with execution and finance modulesPlant & MachineryThe P & M module enables the organization to Purchase, Utilize, Maintain and Track their Plants & Machineries. This modulecovers the processes of Purchasing/ Hiring to Scrapping / Cannibalization of Plant & Machinery. This enables the organization totrack the movement of Machineries, their usage, cost of running, maintenance etc. It also provides project-wise Plant andMachinery Cost.Some of the key features are: • Maintaining purchase details of Plants and Machineries• Allotment of Plant and Machinery to Projects as per the • Maintaining details of Equipment-on-Hire requests from Projects Department The module generates following important reports• Monitoring of Plant & Machinery Utilization • Resource Utilization Report• Tracking and availability of P & M • Resource Allocation Report• Maintenance of Plant & Machinery • Project-wise Plant & Machinery Consumption Report• Monitoring Consumption of Spare Parts, Oil and Lubricants • Project-wise Plant & Machinery Expense Report• Monitoring of Maintenance costs
  6. 6. OUTCOME AREA # 2: MATERIALSMaterials ProcurementThe Materials Procurement module deals with procuringthe materials required for executing the project as perrequirement from site offices. The material requirementsthus obtained are verified against the pre-defined projectcost estimate, and made sure that only planned materialsand quantities are purchased at the planned time. Themodule manages entire procurement process chain fromintend through purchase order.Some of the key features are:• Facility to add different taxes (VAT as required in lndia) and other charges and advances.• Advance payment certificate and purchase certificate along with advance adjustments.• Facility to generate transporter purchase order and purchase certificate.• Purchase Order (PO) can be direct for sundry purchases or based on purchase requisition (from inventory).• Supports central procurement - for sites, from site to central stores, delivery schedule linked to Material Receipt Note (MRN).Inventory ManagementThe Inventory Management module involves managing the materials received through procurement, and transfer. The mainbusiness objective here is to make sure that project does not get delayed due to lack of material. And at the same time, limit theconsumption of material to what is practically required, and control wastage of material.• Purchase requisition (Indent), Material Receipt (MRN), Goods Receipt Note (GRN), stock transfer, stock tracking and adjustment and material issues, site return.• Warehouses at central store and site.• Online and browser based stock in hand , stock register and stock valuation.• Online and browser based stock valuation by FIFO/LIFO.• Web interfaces for Material Requisition, MRN, GRN, issues and site return from remote sites.• Site return for reusable or scrap
  7. 7. OUTCOME AREA # 3: SALESEnquiry ManagementIn the Enquiry Management module, pre-salesprocesses in real estate development till propertybooking are managed. Enquiries received from varioussources are compiled and systematic followup isfacilitated to maximize the conversion to sales.Some of the key features are:• Processes enquiries, follow ups, booking, possession, cancellation, transfer, payment and maintenance receipts, and interest calculation.• Generates dwelling units and parking details rates, payment plans.• Parking can be attached to unit or sold separately.Sales ManagementThe Sales Management module manages the post-sales processes after booking till offering possession of the property to thecustomer. Receivables collection is streamlined and absolute visibility is available on account position for each sale transaction.Some of the key features are:• Supports cash and installment plans.• Generates status and demand letters and supports payment plan based on milestones.• Maintain additional heads and their management: electricity, one time maintenance, stamp duty/registration and extra work.• Maintains history and manages: payment receipts, payment status, payment schedule, loan details, joint-owners, nominees, etc.
  8. 8. OUTCOME AREA # 4: FINANCEFinancial AccountingThe Financial Accounting module involves keeping the accountbooks inline with project activities , while managing the regularpayables, receivables , banking, and taxation management.Some of the key features are:• Contractor / purchase payment certificate bookings, adjustment / bookings• Journal vouchers..• Multi-entry bank and cash vouchers against contractor/purchase payment certificate, journal vouchers or direct.• Manages Letter of Credit (LC) for Import purchases.• Multi-currency and site level accounting.• TDS/VAT and service tax calculation and automatic cheque generation.• Default and user defined cost centers, and Job cost accounting.• Integrated to 3rd Party Financial Accounting packages like Tally.Payroll ManagementThe Payroll Management module manages the salary and payroll activities for the organization . The employee and paymentdetails are integrated with finance and other modules.Some of the key features are:• Processes: attendance, salary processing, print slips and reports.• Definable grades, level, configurable Job types, earnings, and deductions.• Supports definable payroll period and overtime ,bonuses, appreciations and alerts.• Manages leaves and loans and is integrated with attendance.• Supports; Monthly, daily payroll and regular and contract employment.• Supports carried-forward/lapsing reimbursements.• Support to Indian PF, ESI, and professional tax (PT) calculation.Reporting and AnalyticsOpticon provides extensive Reporting & Analytics capabilities which span all functional modulesIt enables organizations to• Obtain summarized as well as granular information on dashboards • Deliver the following capabilities:• Drill down data reports to leaf level • Ad hoc query, • Managed Reporting,• Anticipate issues and problems based on patterns emerging in functional areas e.g. consumption of material, cost and time over runs • Dash-boarding, and working capital consumption patterns • Alerting.• Allow role based views of ReportsThese functionalities can be further enhanced through integration to 3rd Party special-purpose analytics software viz. IBMCognos BI 10, SAP Business Objects or Microsoft Analytics
  9. 9. The7 Accelerators of OpticonOPTICON Accelerator is powered by a number of engines and accelerators that helps in quick implementation of yourbusiness activities and processes.Process Engine:We believe that no two organizations are alike. Therefore hard coded workflows cannot give you the agility that you need.OPTICON has an in-built process engine that drives business processes of construction engineering. Business processes arethe most essential driving force behind completion of any task because the job needs to be assigned to staff, needs reviews andapproval for its completion. OPTICON enables quick implementation of business processes through simple configuration nomatter how complex they are. It takes a moment to configure the processes. Beyond its inbuilt process engine the solution can beintegrated to other recognized workflow orchestration engines (BPM) such as IBM FileNet P8BPM,TIBCO, EMC, etc.Document EngineOPTICON also provides an in built content engine for essential document management features. There are several documentswhich are generated while performing your business process during planning and execution of construction projects. Theseinclude tender documents, work orders, drawings, permits, agreements, plans, survey reports, etc. Also there are documentsthat are created internally as part of planning, operation and production work that need to be referred to from time to time.OPTICON content engine stores the documents in an appropriate manner so that the documents can be searched and used inbusiness application.Documents can be easily imported and uploaded in the system for the purpose of reference. With the help of inbuilt engine itprovides document versioning, search and archival capabilities. Advances document management features such as annotation,redaction, and text highlight can be done through industry standard content engines such as IBM FileNet P8 CM, MicrosoftSharePoint 2007/201 0, EMC Documentum, and Autonomy.Configuration EngineOPTICON provides the robust configuration engine that has been enhanced and empowered over a decade. The coverage of theconfiguration engine includes all system components that provide the required business functions together. Throughconfiguration you can take the advantage of scalability of the solution . As an example , you can add any number of users andsystem resources horizontally, and add new modules and system functions vertically. You can create and integrate a newprocess in the event the rules of your business have changed. You only have to reconfigure the components responsible fordriving the process. Hence , it greatly reduces the system maintenance and enhancement cost. You can configure OPTICON forbusiness processes, role entitlement, search , reports , document search , look and feel, audit and many other useful features.The unique configuration engine keeps OPTICON ahead of other solutions.Project StructureYoucan create a project structure in few minutes with the help of project structure templates or creating of your own. The initialstructure is useful in arriving at initial project cost and defining a salable unit cost.
  10. 10. Project CostEstimation EngineThe OPTICON project cost estimation engine is a powerful tool that derives complex estimation from BOQ (Bill of Quantities),which comes as part of the tender document. It also generates estimation from structural and architectural drawings forconstruction projects. You can also create a preliminary estimation with or without creating a project structure for your project.This helps in creating budget for the project.The detailed estimation is done through a detailed project structure with Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) defined. You can useavailable temples for creating a project WBS that comes from the similar past projects. OPTICON suggests an appropriateproject WBS that can be copied and modified instead of creating a new one. This saves a lot of time for creating an all new projectWBS with thousands of line items. You can also create a project WBS without using the templates. The WBS items are thenmapped to the available item rate library or Schedule of rates (SOR) for using the rate information for each item. You can defineyour items for direct and indirect cost or use the available values from the template. There are several parameters and factors thatyou may consider to tune your estimationsIntelligent TemplatesThere are templates available in OPTICON that you can use to perform your task. As an example you can select a template that isappropriate for your initial project structure or project WBS. You can also use a template that best suits your unit selling plan. Thetemplates are the ready reference information designed by the experienced construction engineering professionals for savingyour time and providing accuracy. You can also save your work as a template by answering few keywords. OPTICON intelligentlysuggests you few appropriate templates considering your need and preferences.The Item Rate LibraryIn real life, it is almost impossible for an estimation engineer or estimation head to remember the rate of thousands of items thatkeeps fluctuating frequently. OPTICON provides a comprehensive item rate library (also known as Schedule of Rates) that youcan use for cost estimation. The late library also provides cost of "grouped items" that can be directly used instead of costing themindividually. The list can be updated as and when required.KEY BENEFITSOpticon enables construction enterprises to:Leverage informationView data from a single source of truth in context of a business situation and leverage informationIntegrate resourcesCoordinate resources and functions and manage planned as well as unplanned activitiesAnticipate risksAnalyze cross functional events , visualize patterns and current work status to anticipate risksAdditionally it:• Covers all construction business processes comprehensively.• Provides tight integration between modules leading to increased efficiency.• Provides variety of MIS reports that enable closer monitoring of business.• Enables Improved operational efficiency and faster decision making.• Improves bottom-line through cost and schedule management, precise planning, and resource utilization .• Offers built-in industry best practices that address all the financial and operational requirements .• Connects sites and head office through internet and thus provides up-to-date data information system.• Provides a proven solution implemented at 15+ clients in India , Middle East Asia ,and North Africa.• Designed by construction professionals, exclusively for construction business.
  11. 11. Customer SpeakOPTICON has enhanced the efficiency and effectiveness of ourSOPs through the integration and automation offered by thesoftware. Its a well designed system that addresses themanagement cycle of construction projects skillfully. The SoftTechteam did a superb job throughout the training and implementationprocesses. SoftTech indeed has a unique approach to attending totheir customers business needs, which is a key to the success of anyservice business. Dr. Samar DahamHatoum, General Manager AI Hikma Building Cont. (L.L.C)SoftTech people know the construction business well. The producthelped in interconnecting our various project sites, departments, andoffices - which made MIS consolidation across organization quicker.Being a value-for-money proposition, we were able to generate aclear Rol on OPTICON implementation. Anil Bakeri Chairman & Managing Director Bakeri Engineering and Infrastructure Ltd.Key Customers MARUTI GROUP Note: All logos depicted above belong to the respective corporations
  12. 12. About SoftTechISO 9001:2008 accredited, Headquartered in Pune, India, SoftTech Engineers Pvt. Ltd. is a leading software product company withfocus on the Architecture-Engineering-Construction (AEC) vertical.Since its inception in 1996, SoftTech has put forth an impressive array of innovative software products in architecture, engineering andconstruction to enable government as well as private enterprises. They help these organizations to plan, approve, procure, manage andmaintain a range of infrastructure assets. Our solutions for the government have enabled effective e-governance for urban local bodies,development authorities and works organizations for which it has won several awards & recognitions. SoftTech Engineers Private Limited. The Pentagon-5A, 5th Floor, Shahu College Road, Pune - 411 009 Tel : +91 20 2421 7676 / 8747 | Fax : +91 20 2421 8747 Mail : opticon@softtech-engr.com Website : www.softtech-engr.com